PR Software Built For The Next Decade

Build targeted lists in minutes

PressRush is a journalist search engine. It's like searching on Google, but instead of getting web pages as results, you get journalists.

PressRush continuously monitors media outlets and updates reporter profiles as they publish new stories. As a result, PressRush always has the very latest information.

Your media lists, automatically up to date

Today, journalists move between media outlets and beats more than ever, which means that those email lists you keep in Excel get outdated faster than ever, too.

Kiss goodbye to outdated media lists—as people on your list move around, and their email addresses change, PressRush automatically updates the contact information your media list.

Get more results with better pitches

Each journalist profile in PressRush has all the information you need to make informed, relevant, well-timed pitches. Check through recent articles, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook accounts, and more.

Email research done for you

Tired of going to a separate database only to find out that there's is no email address or it's outdated? Then wasting hours on Google trying to find an email address?

We do email research for you. If the PressRush database does not have an email address yet, you can request our staff to find it for you – for no extra cost.

Get alerts on new press opportunities

Receive email notifications as soon as new stories matching your search terms are published. It's the perfect companion tool for drafting and newsjacking.

The difference to Google Alerts? PressRush finds journalists, Google Alerts finds web pages. PressRush is fast; alerts land in your inbox minutes (even seconds) after the article is first published. Google Alerts can take several days to report the news, and by that time it's often too late.