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Discover and connect with journalists targeted for your story.

  • Discover relevant journalists in minutes
  • Stop wasting time with email research
  • Know when your emails are read
  • Get alerts on new press opportunities
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“We've been using PressRush to reach out to journalists about our SmartMat IndieGoGo launch – it's an amazing platform, the response has been incredible. Much more effective than regular email. I can credit PressRush with landing us on TechCrunch,,, Fortune magazine and more!”
Leanne Beesley PR for SmartMat

Contact journalists

“I need to contact a journalist…”
Getting in touch with journalists is exactly what PressRush is for. We do email research for you, so you can save the time and energy for something more productive.

Keyword searches

“Great, but I don't know who exactly I should contact.”
That's okay. You can find the most relevant journalists using keyword searches.

Journalist search engine

“No, you don't understand. I've bought media databases before, and they're just out-of-date lists of categorized journalists.”
PressRush is different. Searches look at the actual articles published by each journalist. The database is updated over a thousand times per hour on average, and it's always up to date.

In other words, PressRush is not a media list, but a journalist search engine with powerful search capabilities.

Journalist profiles

“Interesting. What kind of data do you have for each journalist?”
The journalist profile pages list recent articles, topics, and social media accounts. You'll have all the information you need at your fingertips to craft personal, relevant pitches.

Not for PR spam

“Did I mention I need email addresses?”
I see. To protect the journalists from PR spam, we won't sell you a big email list. We could, but we choose not to. If you're looking to buy lots of email addresses, please don't sign up for PressRush.

If, however, you're looking to send relevant personal messages, you've come to the right place. With the PressRush Pro plan, you can also get direct email addresses.

Open tracking

“Fair enough. I found a journalist and sent him a message. Will he actually read it?”
PressRush pitches have a 100% delivery rate and a 78.5% open rate. That means we deliver every single message to the correct inbox, and that almost four out of five of the pitches are being opened.

Also, PressRush has built-in open tracking so you'll know when the messages have been opened. The rest depends on how relevant and timely your pitch is.

Media coverage monitoring

“Rad! How can I send more timely pitches, then?”
Set up PressRush to run searches for you! PressRush Alerts will tip you off to new stories very early so you can engage with the journalists in real time.

It's the perfect companion tool for drafting and newsjacking.

Real time alerts

“Sweet, but how exactly is that different from Google Alerts?”
PressRush Alerts finds journalists you can contact right away. Google Alerts finds just web pages, and figuring out the contact information is up to you.

Also, PressRush Alerts are real time: alerts land in your inbox just minutes after the article is first published. Google Alerts takes hours, often even several days, to deliver results.

Pays back in weeks

“Cool. One more thing… Is PressRush very expensive?”
Not at all – plans start at $49 per month. That's about the price of two hours of PR assistant work. Other PR software typically costs thousands of dollars per year, billed upfront, so our monthly plans are a bargain in comparison.

Furthermore, PressRush is free to try for 14 days, so there is no risk.