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Past articles by Marianne:

The US is sending $1 billion every year to Russia's nuclear program, despite pledging to cripple its economy with sanctions

US companies are paying billions for enriched uranium to subsidiaries of Rosatom, Russia's state-owned nuclear agency, according to The New York Times. β†’ Read More

Healthy Mice Created From 2 Fathers in Radical Gene-Editing Breakthrough

Scientists claim they have created mice with two fathers in a breakthrough that could someday be replicated in humans. β†’ Read More

Dolphins on The Hunt Have Something Weirdly in Common With Kim Kardashian's Voice

One of Kim Kardashian's trademarks is her vocal fry, a creaky voice affectation that studies have suggested is deeply polarizing for humans. β†’ Read More

A Billion-Dollar Biotech Company Plans to Bring The Dodo Back to Life

Billion-dollar startup Colossal Biosciences claims it has come a step closer to reviving the dodo, a flightless bird that has been extinct since the 17th century. β†’ Read More

Stunning Green Comet Will Be Closest to Earth Today, at Peak Brightness

A green comet called C/2022 E3 (ZTF), or Comet ZTF for short, is nearing its closest approach to Earth for the first time since the ice age. β†’ Read More

10 things about ancient Egypt that movies and TV got wrong, according to an expert

TV and movies shape how we look at history, but did they get it right? Here are 10 ancient-Egypt facts from "Moon Knight", "The Mummy," and others. β†’ Read More

NASA spotted a rock formation on Mars that looks just like a giant bear face

A volcano or mudslide likely caused the rock formation. It's the latest in a string of amusing images spotted by NASA spacecraft on Mars. β†’ Read More

Scans of Mummified 'Golden Boy' Reveal He Was Covered in Magical Protections

A teen boy whose mummy had been stored in a museum since 1916 was covered in precious amulets, a study published Tuesday found. β†’ Read More

Dozens in 7,000 Year Old Mass Grave Were Carefully Decapitated After Death

Archaeologists have discovered a 7,000-year-old mass grave in Slovakia containing 38 skeletons, with all but one decapitated. β†’ Read More

Ancient Roman concrete was incredibly strong β€” scientists may have just figured out why

How ancient Roman concrete β€” used to build famous sites like the Pantheon β€” has survived over the millennia has baffled scientists for a long time. β†’ Read More

9 things about sharks you saw in movies that are actually wrong, according to an expert

Movies have shaped the ways we think about sharks.But they often get even the basics wrong, from what they eat to how they act. Movies have a way of influencing β†’ Read More

We May Have Been All Wrong About Ancient Egyptian Mummies, Scholars Argue

Mummification may never have been intended to preserve the bodies of ancient Egyptians after death, experts say, a sharp contrast to the popular understanding of the practice. β†’ Read More

Snot Comes in Many Colors, And It Can Tell You About Your Health

Very few people talk about these things, but let's break that taboo. β†’ Read More

We Could Be Living And Working on The Moon by 2030, Says NASA

Humans are on track to live and work on the Moon by 2030, a NASA official has said. β†’ Read More

Humans to live and work on the moon within the decade, NASA official said

NASA successfully launched its powerful new rocket last week, the first step in returning humans to the moon after more than 50 years. β†’ Read More

Man who had COVID-19 for 400 days finally cured after getting treated with antibodies, study says

The man, who had a weakened immune system, carried the same strain of COVID-19 since December 2020 and was finally cured in February 2022. β†’ Read More

Brain Zaps Helped These Two Patients Get on Top of Their Binge Eating

Electric shocks to the brain took away the cravings of two patients with binge eating disorder for at least six months, a small study said. β†’ Read More

Random Corpses in Portugal Are Becoming Mummies, And It's Become a Real Problem

A spate of human bodies mysteriously not decomposing after burial is causing a crisis in Portugal, where bodies have been observed naturally mummifying after being buried. β†’ Read More

Expert Explains Why Seoul's Tragic Crowd Surge Turned So Deadly

Crowd surging – the deadly phenomenon that claimed more than 150 lives in South Korea – is explained by simple physics, an expert told Insider. β†’ Read More

One of the most popular ways of telling if you're a healthy weight is bogus β€” here's what you should do instead

The Body Mass Index, or BMI chart, was invented in the 1800s, and it's a pretty imperfect scale. A leading obesity researcher explains why. β†’ Read More