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Past articles by Steve:

Steve Chapman: Will Americans heed Biden’s plea to defend democracy?

If U.S. democracy is going to survive, Americans will have to save it — or else be remembered for our failure. → Read More

Steve Chapman: Is corporal punishment in schools making a comeback?

Whacking kids’ bottoms with a wooden paddle may sound like an artifact of the 1950s, but in some places, it’s as familiar as Walmart. → Read More

Steve Chapman: Taking the Fifth is part of Trump’s habit of hiding the truth

Trump can blather nonstop against the FBI, the Justice Department, state law enforcement officials and the Jan. 6 committee. But it’s his silence that tells the real story. → Read More

Steve Chapman: Trump’s threat of suing CNN for defamation is bunk

Donald Trump has good reasons for rarely backing up his words with legal action. → Read More

Steve Chapman: Democratic ad strategy aimed at helping favored GOP challengers could backfire horribly

One of the hazards of helping far-right candidates? They could win, particularly in an election that could be a Republican romp. → Read More

Steve Chapman: Even with this Supreme Court, same-sex marriage is probably safe

U.S. House members are right to fear that the Supreme Court has it in for same-sex marriage. But even conservative justices sometimes realize the wisdom of leaving well enough alone. → Read More

Steve Chapman: Democrats should push for a federal abortion rights law

After the Supreme Court abolished the right to abortion, the president pointed out that federal legislation could restore it. This is a pivotal change of heart, and one Democrats should build on. → Read More

Steve Chapman: Soon-to-be octogenarian Biden should step aside for another Democrat in 2024

Advanced age carries consequences that no one escapes. That’s why Biden would be doing us a favor to forgo a reelection bid and let other Democrats compete to replace him at the top of the ticket. → Read More

Steve Chapman: The Supreme Court has abandoned religious neutrality

The First Amendment was supposed to ensure official neutrality on matters of faith. This Supreme Court, however, is happy to see the government doing work that should be left to pastors. → Read More

Steve Chapman: Trump in the grip of desperation

The testimony of former aide Cassidy Hutchinson exposed Donald Trump as a terrified wretch lashing out wildly at every turn. → Read More

Steve Chapman: Supreme Court’s Second Amendment decision is no cause for panic

The Supreme Court decision merely requires New York state to do what 43 other states have done: Set up a system for law-abiding citizens to get permits to carry concealed handguns. → Read More

Steve Chapman: Sensible Republicans are invaluable to saving democracy. All have to step up.

The House committee hearings on the Jan. 6 Capitol attack have made it plain that the critical divide in this country is between Republicans and Republicans. → Read More

Steve Chapman: Trump didn’t succeed in his attempted coup. But the danger hasn’t passed.

It’s easy to take for granted familiar traditions like the peaceful transfer of power in our nation. Only when they are violated do their fragility and their priceless value become apparent. → Read More

Steve Chapman: Will Trump’s voters ever get tired of his lies?

No presidential candidate has ever been so transparent or relentless in trying to deceive. None has ever been so successful at fooling his followers and profiting from their gullibility. → Read More

Steve Chapman: The Second Amendment doesn’t rule out new gun restrictions

The right to keep and bear arms is not absolute. It is subject to limits defined by the Supreme Court, and that simple fact matters to the current debate over guns. → Read More

Steve Chapman: Jan. 6 hearings may not be enough to save democracy in a numbed-out America

It can be hard to filter out the noise to isolate the truly important events. Failure to do so can be catastrophic, and we are at risk of just such a failure when it comes to Jan. 6. → Read More

Steve Chapman: The release of John Hinckley shows the system works

Unlike most mentally ill offenders, John Hinckley got plenty of treatment — and it worked. → Read More

Steve Chapman: Biden shows resolve and the proper restraint in response to Ukraine

American policy in Ukraine is being set by Joe Biden, who has a sober understanding of the perils of overreach. → Read More

Steve Chapman: The baby formula crisis is one of Washington’s own making

Companies all over the world produce baby formula. But almost none of it is consumed by American babies because our trade policy is ingeniously designed to keep it out. → Read More

Steve Chapman: A setback for the right’s attack on Twitter and Facebook

A social media company, like any other media entity, may make its own rules for access. A federal appeals court recognized that when it struck down a Florida law imposing heavy-handed restrictions on these communication platforms. → Read More