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Past articles by Karen:

The Undersummers Shortlette Are The Comfy, Cute Addition Your Wardrobe Needs This Summer

This is a pretty fantastic product for people who love wearing skirts, but don’t like accidentally giving their neighborhood a “show.” (Because as it turns out, it’s equally as embarrassing for full-fledged adults.) → Read More

You've Got To See How Genius These 50 Weird, Wildly Popular Things Are On Amazon

It’s fairly easy to get lost on Amazon. You start clicking around looking for one thing, and then suddenly notice something else you need. If you’ve got a Prime membership, that free shipping also makes it more than easy to stock up on supplies. For moms everything, it’s been quite a lifesaver when it comes to restocking on diapers, formula, and other childhood necessities. But, it’s also a… → Read More

Your Home Could Seem So Much More Expensive With Any Of These 50 products under $30

I have to admit something — I’m addicted to shopping on Amazon. Everything from fancy apparel to housewares has arrived to my home straight from the Amazon warehouse. And, I’ve been impressed with almost everything I’ve gotten. It may seem strange to remodel your home with Amazon products. But once you start, you’re bound to become a believer. In fact, Amazon can make you look like you have a… → Read More

South Dakota Nurse Says That Even People Dying Of COVID-19 Still Don’t Believe It’s Real

The pandemic is still going on, with positive coronavirus tests rapidly increasing all over the nation. However, even though we’ve been facing this crisis for the majority of this year, some people still aren’t taking COVID-19 seriously. For many of us, this is a situation like no other we’ve seen before. So many of us... → Read More

Jane Seymour Reveals Her Husband Had Left Her In Massive Debt Before ‘Dr. Quinn’ Role

It’s very rare for celebrities to open up about their lives before they hit it big, or during their darker times behind the scenes. For example, you might never know that actress Jane Seymour was in a rough spot before booking the lead role on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. The popular show, which aired between... → Read More

10 Gifts For The Cat-Lover In Your Life

Cat-lovers are special in so many ways. You know that there’s literally nothing better than a sleepy cat lounging on your lap while you’re trying to read — especially during the colder winter months. Cat merchandise can also bring a lot of comfort to a cat-lover. And lucky for cat fans, there’s a lot of cool... → Read More

Kellyanne Conway’s Daughter Claudia Tried Out For ‘American Idol,’ Katy Perry Reveals

American Idol has churned out a decent amount of stars since debuting in 2002. Without the reality show, we might never have met Kelly Clarkson or Clay Aiken. We also might not have had series like The Voice, which adopted the general concept of American Idol yet added a completely unique twist. Despite a hiatus... → Read More

A Beekeeper Explains That Without Bees, Our Grocery Store Trips Would Look A Lot Different

As a child, you likely ran away the second you saw a bee. And that’s because most of what kids know about bees is that they’re attracted to flowers — and they sting. But bees are essential in our world, and their population has often been under threat. Most scientists think that the bee population... → Read More

Goldie Hawn Is Set To Become A Grandmother Again As Family Celebrates Wyatt Russell’s First Baby

Despite the uncertainty of this year, plenty of people are still having babies. And, it’s always a good reminder that there’s still plenty of positivity in the world. The most recent announcement was Wyatt Russell, otherwise known as the brother of Kate Hudson. Born in 1986 to Hollywood It-Couple Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, Wyatt... → Read More

Doctors Now Believe Postpartum Depression Can Start Up To Three Years After Someone Gives Birth

Postpartum depression is a serious concern that all new parents should be worried about. While it’s normal to go through many changes and fears after your baby is born, postpartum depression can often prevent you from being the healthiest version of yourself. Now, new research proves that it can even set in up to three... → Read More

An Adventurous Kitten Somehow Got Stuck Behind A Wall But Luckily Rescuers Were Ready For Her

Cats seem to get into a lot of trouble. For example, you rarely hear about a firefighter rescuing a dog from a tall tree. Cats, on the other hand, are far more daring. While they’re often successful, they still do depend on humans to help out every now and then. Take this one cat who... → Read More

No One Knows Why JFK’S Mistress Mary Meyer Was Killed In 1964 But Some Think She ‘Knew Too Much’

John F. Kennedy was one of our nation’s most beloved presidents. According to polls taken at the time, 63% of Americans felt as if it were possible for the West to have a peaceful relationship with Russia. John F. Kennedy, known best as JFK, also had a high popularity rating before his untimely death on November... → Read More

People Are Still Finding Out That Maury Povich And Connie Chung Have Been Married For 42 Years

Maury Povich and Connie Chung have been married for 42 years — yet, a lot of people have no idea. It’s probably because these two famous staples of television haven’t openly talked about their relationship, aside from a few select interviews. They’re not at a level where tabloids are picking up information about their relationship... → Read More

12 Of The Best Etsy Finds Any Mom Will Absolutely Adore This Holiday Season

Looking to gift something handmade, but don’t have the time? Or, talent? (Okay, that sounds mean — but I can relate, as I’ve dreamed of making homemade scarves for years, and still don’t know how.) Regardless of what you’re looking for, Etsy is likely the best place for it. If you’re unfamiliar with Etsy, just... → Read More

A Teacher Is Under Investigation For Attending A Virtual Class Naked

As a teacher, there are a few things you should have learned during college. For one, children are our future — and it’s important to equip them with the skills they need to flourish. And two, never attend a class naked. The last one likely wasn’t part of any higher education curriculum, because it’s straight-up... → Read More

Ballet Dancer With Alzheimer’s Remembers Every Move To ‘Swan Lake’ When She Hears The Music

Marta C González was a popular ballerina back in the 1960s. She reportedly danced with the New York Ballet, and performed numbers such as Swan Lake — one of the most popular ballet performances of our time. Unfortunately, Marta passed away due to complications with Alzheimer’s Disease. Alzheimer’s Disease is one of the most devastating... → Read More

Jason Momoa Says He Was Completely Broke After Getting Killed Off ‘Game Of Thrones’

Jason Momoa is currently one of the biggest movie stars around. But, that wasn’t always the case. Despite officially starting his career in 1999, he only started truly gaining notoriety after appearing on the hit HBO show Game of Thrones. Jason played Khal Drogo, the husband of Emilia Clarke’s character Daenerys. While a monumental role for... → Read More

Patrick Schwarzenegger Opens Up About Following In His Father’s Footsteps: ‘It’s Pretty Surreal’

Ever think about what it must be like to have a celebrity parent? And, not just any celebrity — but a celebrity like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold managed to do the impossible — he went from entertainer to politician. And unlike most others who’ve made that jump, he was actually successful. Born in 1947, Arnold started his... → Read More

51-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To Her Own Granddaughter And She’s Perfectly Healthy

I gave birth to my daughter at the age of 33. In my head, I felt like I was mostly safe since I was under the “35 year” mark. At the age of 35, many women see their pregnancies labeled as “geriatric pregnancies.” The term itself is a little outdated, and many doctors don’t like... → Read More

7 Unique Ways To Tell Your Kids You Love Them Daily

I have ritual that I do every day (or at least, most days) with my daughter since she was born. I give her a kiss from me, along with all of the other people in her life who love her. In my heart, it feels like the perfect way to teach her the names of... → Read More