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Past articles by Lucy:

Coco Chanel Unbuttoned review – extraordinary woman, shame about the Nazis

Was she a feminist icon? Or incapable of having political opinions that differed from her Nazi lover? This documentary can’t make up its mind – but it definitely thinks she made lovely clothes → Read More

Wilderness review – Jenna Coleman craves murder in a fun, fun, fun revenge thriller

The actor is as terrific as ever in this twisty treat of a series about a wife taking revenge on her cheating husband – during the trip of a lifetime → Read More

​​Painkiller review – Matthew Broderick’s character is just evil

The actor’s role as the head of the company behind the opioid crisis isn’t the most rewarding, but this drama is furious, unflinching TV. Its horrifying story should be heard again and again → Read More

Strange Planet review – never has the phrase ‘too much of a good thing’ been more appropriate

This charming animated series – adapted from the popular web comic – has the potential to be wonderful. Sadly, the 25-minute episodes are full of gimmicky characters and repetitive takes → Read More

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart review – Sigourney Weaver is on blazing form

This thickly portentous novel adaptation is gorgeously shot, and perfectly captures the threat of violence that men can represent to women. Shame it has the odd teeth-itching moment … → Read More

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story review – a ravishing, romp-packed prequel

Shonda Rhimes’s gorgeous triumph of a spin-off follows Queen Charlotte across two timelines. It’s a comic, emotive pleasure – with plenty of sex → Read More

Jewish Matchmaking review – proof that if you want a date, you should ask your mum

Netflix’s new series shows how Jewish culture has its own cultural rules when it comes to dating – but that the same universal ones still apply → Read More

Andrew: The Problem Prince review – a deliciously vicious reminder of the dire state of the monarchy

This gripping documentary unpacks the dodgy truth about the king’s paedophile-affiliated brother. Is this really the sort of thing you want to pledge allegiance to? → Read More

Citadel review – this absurdly fun spy thriller is televisual crack

Prime Video paid $250m for this spy caper. Is it worth it? You betcha. It’s Mission: Impossible meets The Bourne Identity - with twists, turns and Stanley Tucci. What addictive bliss → Read More

Evicted review – no room is worth the extortionate rent these young people are being charged

As landlords charge up to 66% price increases, young people are being left with no home. This emotive documentary follows the victims of the UK’s broken rental market → Read More

Malpractice review – a beautifully written drama about the NHS’s hidden dangers

When a patient’s family accuse a doctor of negligence, we end up on a rollercoaster ride. Who is to blame? Is hospital work even bearable any more? And is the public making it worse? → Read More

Big Beasts review – nothing on Earth is more compelling than this tiger footage

Tom Hiddleston narrates this awe-inspiring nature documentary about gigantic creatures. Your breath will be taken away by the likes of blue whales and terrifying cobras → Read More

Dead Ringers review – Rachel Weisz has wicked fun as terrifying, sex-swapped twins

This reworking of David Cronenberg’s creepy 80s movie is fast, fierce, funny and properly feminist. Weisz’s turns as a pair of gynaecologist siblings are absolutely knockout → Read More

The Diplomat review – this political drama’s star is as great as Martin Sheen in The West Wing

The Americans actor Keri Russell is pitch perfect as a US ambassador to the UK. Her turn in this series is so deft you wish she had the job in real life – much like a certain onscreen president → Read More

Obsession review – the actors in this erotic thriller all seem to need the toilet

Presumably the odd facial expressions in this woeful drama are meant to say ‘barely controllable lust’. They actually say: ‘really regretting that bad oyster’ → Read More

The Power review – Toni Collette rules in this sparky sci-fi about superpowered women

This adaptation of a brilliant novel – about women who can create electricity – sticks to the original like glue. As a TV show, it doesn’t work quite as well → Read More

Unstable review – this Rob Lowe nepo-sitcom is staggeringly joke-free

The actor stars alongside his son (playing his son) in a nauseatingly schmaltzy, second-tier comedy. It’s utterly unfunny, but at least its lead is as charming as ever → Read More

The Big Door Prize review – Chris O’Dowd’s comic timing is immaculate in this beautifully light sci-fi

This funny, friendly series about a machine that reveals people’s true life potential will charm you into deep thinking. It’s like Ted Lasso, with the softest of fantasy twists → Read More

Waco: American Apocalypse review – gunfights, dying FBI agents

This three-part Netflix documentary tells the tale of the infamous 51-day siege pitting the FBI against a self-proclaimed messiah. Sadly, it settles for spectacle over insight → Read More

Succession season four review – even diehard fans will be glad the end is nigh

TV’s most agonising, pulverising drama is back for its final season, and ‘the rats’ are having one last stab at patricide. Will any of us survive battle Roy-al? → Read More