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Recent articles by Robert:

The Trumpiness of the GOP’s Future: Five Key Questions

Going forward, the question is how to put together a better winning coalition — and how much that coalition will look like and build on you-know-who’s. → Read More

Forgiving Student Debt Is (Still) a Dumb Idea

Bad policy, bad law, bad politics. → Read More

The COVID Roller Coaster Climbs Again

A third wave is building momentum, President-elect Joe Biden promises a more aggressive federal approach to the virus, a Biden adviser has endorsed a national lockdown, and a vaccine looks to be on the horizon. → Read More

A Gun Study with Something for Everyone

Using state-level data from the former Confederacy all the way back to 1913, a new study checks to see if trends in black gun ownership correlate with trends in lynchings and homicides. → Read More

Obamacare Will Not Be Struck Down

Both Roberts and Kavanaugh clearly appear willing to "sever" the individual mandate from the rest of Obamacare, and not strike down the whole law. → Read More

A Theory on Why the Polls Were So Wrong

Trump voters aren't "shy" and lying about their voting intentions; they're just not answering polls at all. → Read More

Biden Gears Up for Another Round of Executive-Order Ping-Pong

The former vice president will enter the White House with a plan to kill or reverse numerous Trump policies on Day One. → Read More

Did Trump Deliver on Deregulation?

Trump reduced the rate at which regulations are growing, but he didn’t thoroughly demolish the regulatory state. For good or ill, he leaves us with fewer regulations than Hillary Clinton would have — though not many fewer regulations than we had before. → Read More

States Need to Process Mail-in Ballots Early

The delay in Pennsylvania is a national embarrassment. → Read More

Don’t Believe The Economist’s Estimate of Trump’s Chances

A statistician who worked on it says "I don’t fully believe our numbers either." → Read More

The COVID-19 Fatality Rate (for Businesses)

COVID-19 and the related fear and lockdowns punched a massive hole in many industries’ revenue. → Read More

Daylight Savings Forever

We should stop changing our clocks — and consign “Standard Time” to the dustbin of history where it belongs. → Read More

Borat Can’t Recapture His Mid-2000s Magic

Cohen’s attempt at a sequel certainly has some laughs in it — but it comes nowhere near the comedic heights of its predecessor. → Read More

COVID: Stop Pretending There’s a Coherent National Policy We Can Change

Our current state-by-state, locality-by-locality approach is both inevitable and rational. → Read More

Don’t Send Unsolicited Ballots If You Can’t Avoid Sending Them to Dead People

The fact-checkers always run wild when Trump talks about mail-in ballots, and it doesn’t help that he tosses in over-the-top allegations of fraud. → Read More

If the Democrats Win Everything

They really could sweep. And if they do, prepare for a miserable and acrimonious couple of years. → Read More

Five Assaults on Big Tech

The hits just keep on coming for the beleaguered industry. → Read More

Why Republicans Zeroed Out the Individual-Mandate Penalty

A reconciliation bill can't be filibustered in the Senate, but every change it makes must affect the budget. It was an effort to comply with Senate rules. → Read More

Confirm ACB, and Then Let’s Fix the Process Going Forward

A constitutional amendment won’t happen this year or next and the process is growing more dysfunctional with each nomination, but an amendment could help. → Read More

What’s Gone Wrong with the Supreme Court — and How to Fix It

Ilya Shapiro’s "Supreme Disorder" reviews the history of political jockeying over the Supreme Court and the various proposals for the Court's reform. → Read More