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New York, NY, United States

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Past articles by Colin:

Instagram’s Favorite New Yorker Cartoons in 2022

This year, The New Yorker has teamed up with Santa Claus to recognize those who hit Like on the cartoons we’ve posted online. → Read More

What the Turkey Is Getting Pardoned For

Obscene pecking, gobbling under the influence, and a conspiracy to make all eyes in the world beady, among other crimes of nature. → Read More

Things Parents Have to Watch Out for This Halloween

Anyone dressed in an unusual way, or who looks like they may be wearing some sort of disguise. → Read More

Things Other Than a Bouquet to Toss Over Your Shoulder at a Wedding and What They Mean for Whoever Catches Them

Meatball: Next person to have a nice little snack. → Read More

Ways to Instantly End Conversations with Other Dog Owners

I hate to see your dog go, but I love to watch him leave. → Read More

Other Things They Should Make Green for St. Patrick’s Day Besides Beer

Jason Adam Katzenstein and Colin Stokes offer a humorous list of modest proposals for making St. Patrick’s Day even greener than it already is. → Read More

Hangover Cures for New Year’s Day

Ella Quittner and Colin Stokes humorously imagine a list of potential cures for your hangover on New Year’s Day. → Read More

Instagram’s Favorite New Yorker Cartoons of 2021

As the year winds down, I’m noticing that I encountered several topics that we touched upon in our most popular cartoons. This is all quite suspicious. → Read More

Understanding Your Dog’s Body Language

Colin Stokes humorously decodes the gestures of pet dogs, with illustrations by Laura Chautin. → Read More

Dog Halloween Costumes That Dogs Would Find Scary

Fireworks, a vacuum cleaner, and other outlandish getups that would scare the living daylights out of any dog. → Read More

Icebreakers for Elevator Rides

“Tell me how attractive you think I am using only the floor buttons.” → Read More

When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Thing and What That Is

When the moon hits your eye like a calzone, that’s a comfortable relationship, but sadly one that is ultimately suffocating and not very healthy for you. → Read More

Instagram’s Favorite New Yorker Cartoons of 2020

If you, like me, need a fun-filled break from the past twelve pretty uneventful months, feast your eyes on these cartoons. → Read More

Twelve Surprising Ways to Use Cauliflower

Toss it in the trash. Just for two seconds, to teach it a lesson. Then simply remove, rinse off any coffee grounds, and proceed with your recipe as written. → Read More

Things I Don’t Want to See in My Rearview Mirror on Halloween

Hannibal Lecter, the guy from “Saw,” Freddy Krueger, and other creepy characters closing in. → Read More

What I Like to Imagine the Construction Noise Next Door Actually Is

The sounds of an opera singer who was injured in a tragic sword-swallowing accident, two tweens tap-dancing with cement blocks on their feet, and more. → Read More

Style Rules You Must Never Break

Shouts & Murmurs by Colin Stokes: Dress for the job you want, not the job you have, assuming that the job you want is not one in which you get to lounge around naked. → Read More

Instagram’s Favorite New Yorker Cartoons of 2019

In the future, or the Dark Ages, as they will be known, lists like this one will be the only way in which you can get information on how many likes things got. → Read More

New Slogans for Biden’s Bus

Colin Stokes and Jason Adam Katzenstein illustrate a humorous set of new slogans for Joe Biden’s Presidential-campaign bus. → Read More

The Headless Horseman Tries Out Some Halloween Looks

Someone has put way too much effort into something that will rot. → Read More