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Recent articles by T.:

Kerth: Welcome to the world of 'wonderful wonderments'

I don’t go to Hobby Lobby very often, but I did this week – twice. → Read More

Kerth: In praise of a deity that really delivers

It must have been rough for those ancient Greeks when they really, really needed something and they had to turn to their gods for divine intervention to get it. After all, those ancient Greeks had so many deities cavorting around Mount Olympus that they made summit day at Mount Everest look like a lonely day in the park. → Read More

Kerth: A memory of a hunt when the birds evened the odds

As January eases into February and the days inch longer into night, I sit with a drink in my hand and remember winters (and loved ones) past, and last night a winter memory of Dad brought a smile to my face. → Read More

Kerth: A Christmas Eve tale of changing tides

The greatest gift of any holiday may be to remind us how far we have traveled down the road since the last time that holiday rolled around – or even over the past half-century or so of holidays. → Read More

Kerth: All roads lead to Rome – or something like that

Like most Americans, whenever I feel a bit anxious and lost, I trust my faith in a higher power: my car’s navigational system. She always seems to get me back on track. → Read More

Kerth: Searching for footprints from past that last forever

A couple of months ago, while a friend and I drove through western Illinois, I realized that we only were a short drive from Macomb, where I had gone to college at Western Illinois University in the late 1960s. → Read More

The View From Planet Kerth: Farewell to Planet Kerth as it sails off into the void

Now I know how Pluto felt. You remember Pluto, don’t you? That planet was discovered in 1930, and it circled happily along with all the other planets. → Read More

The View From Planet Kerth: The bro-moment that shows how to be a real man

I had a real “bro-moment” the other day, the kind of thing that happens when two guys meet. → Read More

The View From Planet Kerth: Thank you turtles, beetles and crows (oh my!)

Several weeks ago in this space, I suggested that we should all say “Thank you for your service” to teacherse. → Read More

The View From Planet Kerth: Seeing the ‘season’ through a single, perfect leaf

“Ugh,” you sigh, as you sit behind that Lexus with the Ohio plates, or stand behind that elderly couple at Publix. → Read More

The View From Planet Kerth: ‘There once was a Luddite from Limerick

Go ahead, call me a Luddite. It’s not true. Or… well… it’s not completely true. Not anymore. → Read More

The View From Planet Kerth: Just one more priceless piece of junk

“Hand-made guitar, Italian. A hundred years old. Thirty bucks,” he said. → Read More

The View From Planet Kerth: Finding peace in bed with an old enemy

The war is over! It’s been 12 long years, but now at last we can put the carnage behind us. → Read More

The View From Planet Kerth: Getting jolted by a lightning bolt (or two)

You would think that almost being struck by lightning in the morning would be the most exciting part of your day, wouldn’t you? → Read More

The View From Planet Kerth: The lingering memory of the girl on the dock

It’s been a few weeks now, but I still can’t get that little girl on the dock out of my mind. → Read More

The View From Planet Kerth: In praise of free-range animal crackers

I was happy when I read that animal crackers were changing their packaging in a significant way. → Read More

The View From Planet Kerth: The Craftsman ’hammerhawk’ lesson that will outlive Sears

But then one day I broke Dad’s hammer, and I couldn’t find a way to “let someone else break it.” → Read More

The View From Planet Kerth: 'Thanks for your service' – Another view

Like me, Dave taught high school for 35 years before retiring, so he has earned every right to speak on issues concerning teachers. → Read More

The View From Planet Kerth: Tracing the ‘enemy of the people’ to its true source

Just today, I heard a CNN journalist compare America’s current president to Hitler and Stalin. → Read More

The View From Planet Kerth: Alexa, can you hear me now? Alexa

I don’t have an Alexa living in my house, but I know several people who do, and whenever I visit them I always come away feeling a bit uncomfortable. → Read More