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Recent articles by Joe:

Young voters flee Biden — but who is the alternative?

Time is not on Biden’s side. But time is the one thing Democrats have. The question is whether a viable alternative to Biden will emerge in the next two years. → Read More

Why national pride is evaporating in America

Americans are known for their optimism, but things feel different lately, and for good reason. → Read More

Matthew McConaughey: The moderate voice of reason America craves

Unlike most of our leaders on the left, who vilify gun owners and the NRA after every school shooting, McConaughey took a different approach. → Read More

Can CNN really pivot to the center under Chris Licht?

If Licht were to clean house, there won’t exactly be too many loyal viewers upset with the development. → Read More

Hidin’ Biden: The 16 long weeks since Biden’s last TV interview

The president’s handlers simply are too afraid, too cautious, too controlling to allow the commander in chief to answer crucial questions. → Read More

Georgia voting explosion marks beginning of the end for Stacey Abrams

Voting rights will no longer be an important issue come the November midterms. Because as Georgia shows us, it’s not really an issue at all. → Read More

The unforgiving pitfalls of student loan debt forgiveness

This is obviously an effort to energize the Democratic Party’s liberal base ahead of the midterms 180 days from now. → Read More

Joe Manchin: 2024 Democratic savior?

Don’t dismiss Manchin as a viable candidate and as the savior of the Democratic Party in two years. → Read More

Hispanics are abandoning Biden in droves. Here’s why

The Latino community is leading the exodus from Biden — a prospect the Democratic Party could not have imagined 15 months ago. → Read More

Made-for-TV UN Security Council is officially worthless

he U.N. is your made-for-TV body now — soaring speeches given by serious-looking leaders portraying themselves as collaborators seeking solutions through unity and strength. → Read More

Elon Musk, free-speech absolutist, may be Trump’s Twitter ticket

Money talks — and given that Musk has more of it than just about anybody on the planet, the safe bet is that whatever Musk wants on Twitter, Musk ultimately will get. → Read More

Jen Psaki must resign — immediately

Psaki should not stay on as White House press secretary one moment longer if she’s planning to go to a news organization that covers the administration. → Read More

The death of Hollywood?

After Will Smith slapped Chris Rock and was able to sit back down and stay for the entire rest of the show as if nothing happened, Hollywood officially jumped its own shark. → Read More

Rhetorical cleanups pile up for an emotionally undisciplined Biden

The president’s words have consequences. And not just with our allies and adversaries, but also politically back home. → Read More

Rhetorical cleanups pile up for an emotionally undisciplined Biden

The president's words have consequences. And not just with our allies and adversaries, but also politically back home. → Read More

Ron DeSantis is winning the culture wars

What makes the governor popular among his supporters is that he doesn't appear to give a damn about what the Florida press or the national political media think about how he's leading his state. → Read More

Hunter Biden, the protected third rail of journalism

We heard a lot about collusion during the Trump era, but the real collusion happened between broadcast, print and social media all working together to either squash or dismiss the Hunter Biden laptop story. → Read More

CNN's 'Red Wedding' continues

The part of the legal filing against CNN that really stands out is Chris Cuomo taking direct aim at Don Lemon, whose show followed “Cuomo Prime Time.” → Read More

Team Biden is 'gaslighting' on gas prices with #PutinPriceHike

Everything is everyone else's fault, and this administration and president are just victims of circumstances beyond their control. → Read More

Voters believe Putin wouldn't have invaded Ukraine under Trump. Logic agrees

Here we are, almost 14 months since Trump was in the Oval Office, and he’s still living rent-free in the minds of those who get paid to talk about world affairs on TV. → Read More