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Past articles by Gabby:

Eggs are expensive. Try these 6 dietitian-approved protein swaps instead.

As eggs get more expensive, a dietitian recommends eating cheap, easy protein sources like Greek yogurt, beans, and seeds that you can buy in bulk. → Read More

Just 1 minute of exercise a few times per day may help you live longer, a new study suggests

New evidence suggests very short, intense movements like power walking or climbing stairs can reduce your risk of dying from cancer and heart disease. → Read More

How to find your way around a weight room as a beginner, according to a personal trainer

Weights like dumbbells and barbells can help you build strength and muscle. Gym newbies can navigate weights with simple rules for safety and success. → Read More

How to start building muscle as a beginner, according to personal trainers

Start building muscle as a gym beginner with strength training, using the right exercises, equipment, and techniques recommended by personal trainers. → Read More

How many steps you need each day to prevent weight gain, according to a new study

Walking can lower the risk of diseases, keep off pounds, and help maintain weight loss. Scientists identified the optimal number of steps you need. → Read More

A 'revolutionary' eye implant made of pigskin restored sight in 14 blind people

Researchers used pig tissue to create a material to thicken and protect the cornea, restoring vision for blind patients who have keratoconus. → Read More

A cancer doctor shares 4 easy-to-miss signs of endometrial cancer you should know

Endometrial cancer can be misdiagnosed with vague symptoms like bloating and nausea or irregular bleeding you shouldn't ignore, according to a doctor. → Read More

Extra exercise could extend your lifespan and protect you from early death, study suggests

Getting more than five hours a week of exercise like walking could stave off serious health risks, according to a study of more than 100,000 people. → Read More

Brisk walking may shave 16 years off your biological age by midlife, researchers say

New evidence suggests signs of aging might be slowed down by routinely walking at a brisk pace of more than three miles per hour. → Read More

Keto diet may ease symptoms of multiple sclerosis, boosting mood and energy, study suggests

A low carb keto diet may help people with multiple sclerosis improve energy, boost mood, and do daily tasks like walking more easily, study suggests. → Read More

Vegetarians and people who eat less meat have a lower risk of cancer compared to heavy meat-eaters, study suggests

A study suggests eating meat 5 days a week is linked to cancer, especially for men. You don't have to go vegan, but cutting down may be a good idea. → Read More

6 high-protein, plant-based foods the longest-living people on the planet eat

Joff Lee/Getty ImagesPlant-based diets are common in Blue Zones, regions where people live long, healthy lives. For protein, many Blue Zone cuisines rely on carb-rich staples like legumes and whole grains. If you want to eat like some of the healthiest people on the planet, consider swapping out that steak for a plate of beans and rice. Eating high-carb diets rich in plant protein is a defining… → Read More

Some yoga pants contain toxic chemicals linked to cancer, report says

Activewear made by brands like Old Navy and Lululemon tested positive for toxic chemicals called PFAS which are linked to cancer. → Read More

NEW YEAR, NEW GAINS: A guide to conquering your 2022 fitness resolutions

Get fit even if you're new to exercise. Learn how to lift weights, do pull-ups, planks, and target each muscle group with Insider's guide. → Read More

6 warning signs you're working out too much, and what to do about it

Working out too much can delay fitness progress or even undermine strength and muscle gains. Persistent fatigue, moodiness, or immobility are signs to slow → Read More

Chris Hemsworth's trainer says intermittent fasting is 'crazy' effective for weight loss

Chris Hemsworth built huge muscles to play Thor with the help of Luke Zocchi, his personal trainer.But one of his most challenging roles required him to lose → Read More

A Harvard researcher says working out with friends is the best way to meet your goals

If you want to stay motivated to exercise, find a workout buddy, according to a Harvard expert. Exercising with another person can help provide positive reinforcement → Read More

Trainer's time-lapse video shows a nearly 30-pound weight loss over 6 months

A TikTok personal trainer recently shared her 28 pound weight loss over six months in a time-lapse video. She told TODAY she had previously struggled with → Read More

Putting kids on a vegan diet may stunt their growth, a small study suggests

Vegan kids tend to have better heart health but lower bone density and mineral content, a study suggests. Supplementing calcium and B and D vitamins could → Read More

How to eat a vegan diet with nut allergies

Nuts are often staples of plant-based diets, commonly found in vegan dairy and protein. But you can still be vegan with a nut allergy by relying on swaps like → Read More