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Past articles by Naveed:

Camorra’s Involvement in Poaching Date Mussels

Italian police has found out that there are criminal syndicates, mainly the Camorra, involved in illegally hunting of date mussels in Naples, which is tearing down the reefs of Naples, mainly along the Amalfi coast and around the island of Capri. After three year long probe including wire taps, surveillance, and nearly hundred suspects, the police eventually cracked down with[Read More...] → Read More

India’s Connect Central Asia policy

Narendra Modi, like his predecessors, P.V Narasimha Rao and others, visited the central Asian countries in July 2015. Although, he became the first Indian prime minister to visit all five of them. Back then in 2015, Modi signed memoranda of understanding (MOUs) and agreements related to defence and military technical cooperation with Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan. In the future,… → Read More

US has been Spying on Major European Powers

There have been reports that Denmark’s military agency has helped the United States to spy, on leading European politicians, including Angela Merkel. The European Union is now demanding answers. Danmarks Radio, a Danish public broadcaster, said that US National Security Agency (NSA), whose alleged tapping of Merkel’s phone was made known by Edward Snowden in 2013, also used Danish Defense[Read… → Read More

Suez Canal Blockade & Global Trade Troubles

Global economy was on its knees, as trade ramifications from Suez Canal started to appear when the trade artery in Egypt was blocked, almost for a week, after a giant container ship, called Evergreen, owned by the Taiwanese company, Evergreen Marine ran around on the bank, of the canal, after apparently being deviated by high winds, on 23 March 2021.[Read More...] → Read More

Will the real Bernie Sanders please stand up?

Bernie Sanders was not so favoured and fashionable at the international stage, until he ran for the Democratic presidential election nomination in 2016. The 2016 election was also remarkable in terms of the opposition he gained. However, his overly left wing political assertiveness struck a chord with the Democratic American youth, and other disenchanted voters, who believed that America… → Read More

US Recognises West Bank Settlements – Countercurrents

To flare up more tensions in the Middle East, United States has said that West Bank settlements are not inconsistent with international law. In November 2019, Mike Pompeo told reporters that the Trump administration believes any legal questions about settlements should be settled by Israeli courts, and that declaring them as an infringement of international law, hinders a negotiation for… → Read More

Syria's Northeast Camps – Countercurrents

Tens of thousands of Syrian and non-Syrian families, who are affiliated with the members of the Islamic State, pose a daunting challenge for the Syria’s northeast. These families live in camps, such as al-Houl and Ain Essa, which have evolved from a few tents in a muddy field into a sprawling grid of shops, cafeterias, falafel stands, schools, clinics, mosques,[Read More...] → Read More

Sahel's Desert War – Countercurrents

The black flag of the Islamic State is flying on the frontlines of Sahel, on the southern bounds of the Sahara. It has been over seven years since international forces of France, United Nations, United States, and G5 Sahel Joint Force have tried to stop the Jihadism spreading. So far they have failed in their efforts, as the allies are[Read More...] → Read More

War That Has Divided Yemen – Countercurrents

As Southern Transitional Council has declared self rule in the southeast part of the country, a north – south regional divide once again has come to the forefront. Now, it seems likely that there will be new conflicts emerging, not only within warring sections in the country, but also involving Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Iran, signaling a proxy[Read More...] → Read More

Libya’s War Heading Towards More Uncertainty – Countercurrents

April 2020 marks one year since Khalifa Haftar launched an offensive towards Tripoli to expel its Government of National Accord (GNA). Seen as the next Gaddafi, by many, it was believed that he launched the campaign last year in desperation, as not doing so could have brought his political and military demise. The offensive left more than thousand fighters dead[Read More...] → Read More

Taliban Peace Talks – Countercurrents

In February 2020, the United States signed a peace deal with Taliban in Qatar, and set to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan, in following fourteen months, provided Taliban upheld the conditions of the agreement, including distancing itself from Al-Qaeda. The U.S. said that it was also committed to close its five military bases, within one hundred thirty five days, and[Read More...] → Read More

Global Arms Race – Countercurrents

In mid April 2020, a report issued by the United States State Department called “Adherence to and Compliance with Arms Control, Nonproliferation, and Disarmament Agreements and Commitments (Compliance Report)” raised concerns that China might be conducting nuclear tests with low yields at its Lop Nur site, in violation of its Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) undertakings. The U.S.… → Read More

Rising Piracy in Gulf of Guinea – Countercurrents

Gulf of Guinea continues to be world’s most dangerous route for international shipping trade. Called as ‘world piracy hotspot’, it has now eclipsed the troubled waters off Somalia in the Horn of Africa, by becoming a new epicenter for piracy, looting and kidnappings. According to International Maritime Bureau, almost eighty two percent of maritime kidnappings in the world occurred in[Read… → Read More

Black Sea Pollution – Countercurrents

The Black Sea is dying. Under the current bad environmental conditions, more than one hundred sixty million people in Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russian Federation, Romania and Turkey are exposed to danger. The amount of marine litter in the Black Sea is twice as high as in the Mediterranean Sea. The concentration of some toxins exceed their threshold value, according to results[Read More...] → Read More

Child Soldiers in War – Countercurrents

Hearing about the trend of recruiting child soldiers for war, in and around us, is not unusual. Scholars such as Vera Achvarina and Simon Reich ascertain that since 1975, Africa has had largest concentration of conflicts and child soldiers. Mark Drumbl further states that about forty percent of child soldiers in the world are present in Africa. Child soldiers mostly[Read More...] → Read More

Japan- South Korea Economic War – Countercurrents

In August 2019, as world watched the China-US trade war play out, another tit for tat spat occurred between South Korea and Japan, as it threatened the world’s tech supply chain and made the global economy more uncertain. It came at an unfavourable time when Brexit was also looming, and putting businesses under an onslaught. The dispute involves historical grievances[Read More...] → Read More

Amazon's Wildfires and its Deforestation – Countercurrents

2019 Amazon wildfires, that lit up in August, led to an international concern about the fate of the rainforests, responsible for world’s twenty percent oxygen, often called as the ‘lungs of the world’. The country’s National Institute for Space Research reported that there were more than eighty thousand fires, the most that it had ever recorded. It was nearly an eighty percent[Read More...] → Read More

India's Historic Drought by Naveed Qazi – Countercurrents

Since 2015, India is facing widespread drought conditions, with around six hundred million Indians facing extreme drought stress. The Indian government has accepted this fact in its own report ‘Composite Water Management Index: A Tool For Water Management’, published in June 2018. The repercussions are such that farmers, hit by crop failures, are struggling to stay prosperous. Droughts have… → Read More

Zimbabwe's Food Crises – Countercurrents

Zimbabwe’s food security poses a serious threat to national security, as it can cause civil unrest and general insecurity in the country. Zimbabwe is facing the worst food shortage in recent memory. Once known as the breadbasket of the continent, the country is now facing its most serious crises. It has resulted in a lot of fear and loss of[Read More...] → Read More

US-China Trade War – Countercurrents

The conflict between the US and China is not simply economic — it has political, cultural and military dimensions. For quite a while, world’s two largest economies, or superpowers, as a matter of fact, have been locked in a trade war. The result has been imposition of tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of each other’s goods.[Read More...] → Read More