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Recent articles by Daniel:

Biden's rumored choice for secretary of defense may make history, but she won't do Biden any favors

Opinion: Biden's Pentagon chief should be someone who recognizes the world we live in today is different than the one we inherited after the Cold War. → Read More

Defending Iraq Needs To Be Iraq's Job, Not The United States's

The Pentagon's spokeswoman says the U.S. is committed 'to ensuring the enduring defeat of ISIS and supporting Iraq’s long-term security...and prosperity.' → Read More

The US Cannot Afford to Risk Another Endless War by Exerting Max Pressure on Iran

The reality is that Iran, at best, is a middling power with an aging military checked by other regional powers. → Read More

Should the United States Go to War with China if Taiwan is Attacked?

America has no formal treaty obligations to Taiwan, and conflict would result in significant casualties. Are we ready for that? → Read More

America's Military Should Not Be Used as an Auxiliary Force to Defend Berlin

"The conditions that existed at the height of the Cold War are now to be found only in history books." → Read More

American Recovery Depends on Getting Out of Afghanistan

Trump is right to push the military to withdraw—so why don't they? → Read More

Surprise! The Army is Now Using ISIS as an Excuse to Stay in Africa

The Pentagon makes one sane proposal to shift troops off the continent and the brass roils with resistance. → Read More

Daniel Davis: Killing of U.S. military members in Iraq should be followed by withdrawal of American forces

President Trump should order U.S. military forces out of Iraq. They have already accomplished all that could possibly be accomplished there. → Read More

Daniel Davis: All US troops should leave Syria – we shouldn’t get sucked into war

Washington should immediately withdraw all U.S. troops from Syria before any mishaps occur or any Americans are killed. There is nothing to gain from US involvement in the Syrian civil war. → Read More

8 Years Ago I Warned the Government Lied About Afghanistan—Will Anyone Listen Now?

It is time for U.S. troops to come home. → Read More

Chaotic, Bloody, and Tragic: America’s Catastrophic Entry into the Korean War

A retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. explains how this war began. → Read More

Pence Assures West Point Grads: ‘You Will Fight On A Battlefield’

This war veteran finds the vice president's statements and underlying mentality 'disturbing.' → Read More

McMaster Uses Worn Vietnam Trope to Accuse Americans of Defeatism

After nearly 18 years in Afghanistan, the people know the war is lost. When will Washington elites let go? → Read More

It’s Time to Bring the Troops Home from Afghanistan. All of Them.

Daniel L. Davis: It is painfully obvious that the war in Afghanistan has .05/10/2019 21:26:40PM EST. → Read More

Should America Go to War in Venezuela? Let's Study that Time America Invaded Cuba

The Bay of Pigs fiasco should teach us some important lessons. → Read More

I’ve Been to War But I Cannot Imagine the Hell That Was Stalingrad

World War II's most terrifying tale. → Read More

To Keep Russia At Bay, We Need Good Diplomacy, Not Threats Of War

The tiny Russian contingent that deployed to Caracas doesn’t threaten the United States, but blundering our way into great power conflict does. → Read More

The Government Shutdown Won’t Solve the Immigration Crisis

While Trump and the Democrats play politics, the American people get shafted again. → Read More

Why Donald Trump Needs a Realist Secretary of Defense

The president needs help uprooting a Washington foreign-policy establishment that has mindlessly kept the U.S. military involved in unnecessary wars across the globe. The next top military leader must share this goal. → Read More

Trump Came This Close to Getting Afghanistan Right

The president's instincts were correct. Then the establishment intervened. → Read More