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Recent articles by Lucas:

Workplace digital assistant startup Capacity raises $13.2M from Midwestern VCs –

Solving information scatter inside enterprises seems to be the founding idea behind dozens of enterprise software startups. Capacity, which recently rebranded from, is raising new cash to tackle the issue with its corporate data search platform. The company just closed a $13.2 million Series B was funded entirely by Midwestern private investors and angels. […] → Read More

Our 12 favorite startups from Y Combinator’s S19 Demo Day 2 –

After two days of founders tirelessly pitching, we’ve reached the end of YC’s Summer 2019 Demo Days. TechCrunch witnessed more than 160 on-the-record startup pitches coming out of Y Combinator, spanning healthcare, B2B services, augmented reality and life-extending. The full list is worth a gander, you can read about the 84 startups from Day 1 […] → Read More

Here are the 82 startups from day 2 of Y Combinator’s S19 Demo Days –

Team TechCrunch was back for Day 2 of Y Combinator’s Summer 2019 Demo Days where we heard from another massive chunk of startups that are taking disruption very seriously, even if they’re aiming to upend companies that only launched in Y Combinator a few classes ago. The total class of on-record Demo Days launches came […] → Read More

The 11 best startups from Y Combinator’s S19 Demo Day 1 –

Y Combinator, the genesis for many of the companies that have shaped Silicon Valley including Airbnb, PagerDuty and Stripe, has minted another 200 some graduates. Half of those companies made their pitch to investors today during Day 1 of Y Combinator’s Summer 2019 Demo Day event and we’re here to tell you which startups are […] → Read More

All 84 startups from Y Combinator’s S19 Demo Day 1 –

It’s that time of year, Silicon Valley’s investor technocrati and advice-giving Twitter celebrities descended upon Pier 48 in San Francisco to judge the latest summer batch of Y Combinator startups. TechCrunch was there as well and we were tapping away feverishly as co-founders pitched away to woo investors. There are 197 companies in total in […] → Read More

YC’s latest VR bet is a team building a cyberpunk anime MMO –

There are niche startups and then there are VR companies going after fans of the “cyberpunk fantasy anime aesthetic.” Ramen VR is one of only a few virtual reality startups that Y Combinator has bet on in the past few years and is only one of two in the company’s most recent batch of bets. […] → Read More

Week in Review: Snapchat beats a dead horse –

Hey. This is Week-in-Review, where I give a heavy amount of analysis and/or rambling thoughts on one story while scouring the rest of the hundreds of stories that emerged on TechCrunch this week to surface my favorites for your reading pleasure. Last week, I talked about how Netflix might have some rough times ahead as […] → Read More

Traces AI is building a less invasive alternative to facial recognition tracking –

With all of the progress we’ve seen in deep learning tech in the past few years, it seems pretty inevitable that security cameras become smarter and more capable in regards to tracking, but there are more options than we think in how we choose to pull this off. Traces AI is a new computer vision […] → Read More

Fantasy football startup Sleeper nabs VC funding to take on ESPN –

Sleeper is looking to take on fantasy league apps from major players like ESPN and has amassed venture funding from Silicon Valley investors to take them down. The Bay Area startup is aiming to treat a fantasy football league more like a social platform than a loose jumble of league mechanics, distinguishing itself as a […] → Read More

‘Private’ and ‘hidden’ mean different things to Facebook –

Facebook’s leadership made a pretty heavy-handed indications this year that it believes Facebook Groups are the future of the app, they announced all of this alongside their odd declaration that “The future is private.” Now, Facebook is changing the language describing the visibility of privacy of groups. As the Groups feature comes front-and-center in recent […] → Read More

Twitter exec says edit button isn’t ‘anywhere near the top of our priorities’ –

At a press event in San Francisco, Twitter Product Lead Kayvon Beykpour talked about a number of product changes coming to the company’s service, he also addressed the oft-memed user request for an edit button. Long story, short, you shouldn’t expect to see the button anytime soon. “Honestly, it’s a feature that I think we […] → Read More

Twitter tests ways for users to follow and snooze specific topics –

You may soon be able to organize Twitter’s web of hashtags and handles in a smarter way — that is, if the company can pull off its ambitious new rethinking of the app’s timelines. The company isn’t getting rid of the process of following users, but at a press event in SF, company execs announced […] → Read More

Y Combinator bets on a startup building a weed breathalyzer for cops –

Y Combinator has kept an eye on cannabis startups over the years, but it’s their latest investment that’s sure to attract the attention of both marijuana users and law enforcement. SannTek Labs, which is launching with new funding out of Y Combinator’s latest jumbo class of startups, is building a new kind of breathalyzer that […] → Read More

Facebook is losing its last Oculus co-founder –

Facebook spent billions on Oculus in 2014, and in the years since the organization has been absorbed deeper into Facebook while the startup’s co-founders have stepped back in prominence. Today, the final Oculus co-founder remaining at Facebook, Nate Mitchell, announced in an internal memo sent to employees that he was leaving the company. The news […] → Read More

Facebook’s AR dev toolkit exits closed beta on Instagram –

Not one to let Face App and Snapchat steal its spotlight, Facebook announced today that it’s opening its closed beta of Spark AR on Instagram, letting any developer build and share an augmented reality filter on the platform. The company announced this change was coming at its F8 keynote earlier this year. Phone-based AR isn’t […] → Read More

Singularity 6 raises $16.5M from Andreessen Horowitz to create a ‘virtual society’ –

When Fortnite reached stratospheric popularity early last year, there were undoubtedly an awful lot of VCs on the sidelines looking enviously at the massive platform and wondering what opportunities could be gleaned from its rapid rise. Epic Games went on to raise later that year at a nearly $15 billion valuation so some of those […] → Read More

Blade raises $4.3M from Coinbase, SV Angel to reshape cryptocurrency derivatives trading –

Exchanges like Coinbase have ballooned in size by taking the mechanics of equity markets and fitting them to cryptocurrency markets, but as the space expands in its scope and craftiness, new exchanges trading asset classes native to cryptocurrency are taking off and attracting the attention of top Silicon Valley VCs, oh, and Coinbase too. Blade […] → Read More

Light Field Lab raises $28 million to rethink the 3D TV –

3D TVs may have grabbed all of the headlines a decade ago at CES, but the tech never found a useful inroad into consumers homes. Not everyone has given up on them, though they look a bit different now. Light Field Lab, a Bay Area startup that emerged from stealth two years ago, wants to […] → Read More

Week in Review: Netflix’s big problem and Apple’s thinnest product yet –

Hey. This is Week-in-Review, where I give a heavy amount of analysis and/or rambling thoughts on one story while scouring the rest of the hundreds of stories that emerged on TechCrunch this week to surface my favorites for your reading pleasure. Last week, I talked about the Capital One breach and how Equifax taught us […] → Read More

Lyft stock surges as company reports huge revenues and huge losses –

In its second quarterly earnings release as a public company, Lyft showed it still isn’t afraid to lose money as long as that means surging revenues. The company’s stock price jumped nearly 11 percent after-hours (following a 2.7% bump in its share price before the earnings dropped). The company beat on revenue with $867 million […] → Read More