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Past articles by Yehuda:

Israel is the land of miracles, compromises and status quo

Israeli society used to rely on compromises and the status quo, however in today's media reality, the idea of winners and losers is being promoted over the idea of peaceful compromises. → Read More

Is the Coronavirus the New 10 Plagues?

e have become strangers, filled with suspicion and fear, and all because we, like Pharaoh, have become blind to the image of G-d that we all, each in our unique way, share. → Read More

Take the Miracle Shot

Take the SHOT! → Read More

Vaccinated in Israel: Jews are Saving the World Again!

These four men (ALL Jews) are for now humanity’s hope. If they succeed, the world will be a healthier place. → Read More

The Vaccine. Let’s Get Real

I got the vaccine today and did not turn into a monkey (but I still like bananas). → Read More

‘If you spot it you got it!’

One have to have a connection to be able to 'spot' it in others and when it triggers a negative response, it is because one is denying it in oneself. → Read More

A Jewish Husband? G-d Always has a Backup Plan!

His kids call her ‘Momala’: Meet the Jewish husband of Biden’s pick for VP, A successful Biden-Harris ticket would make Doug Emhoff the first-ever second gentleman and first Jewish spouse of a US president or VP As the first woman of color, first daughter of immigrants, and first Indian American to be on a major party’s presidential ticket, Harris’ election has been hopefully hailed as a… → Read More

The Mask: The loss of our smiles!

Human beings need social interaction to exist on many levels: personal relationships, including family and friends and professionals, including business and academic interactions, and so forth. A lack of physical affection can actually kill babies. But touch is even more vital than this: Babies who are not held, ... → Read More

“There’s No Place Like Home!”

There’s no place like home,” said Judy Garland as Dorothy in the 1939 classic film, “The Wizard of Oz,” as she clicked her heels and hoped for the return to the comforts of her own bed and her beloved Auntie Em and Uncle Henry. Today we call it “homesickness,” and it’s an emotion shared by children ... → Read More

The Courage to Say ‘No!’

The Torah is a GPS (G-d’s personal system) to us today in the modern world. The lessons we learn from the Torah each week are to teach us how to behave in the modern world. The first book of Bereshit has few mitzvahs, but is the basis for our ethical character so that the Book of Genesis is also known as ‘Sefer ... → Read More

A Helper Against Him

It is not good for man to be alone. G-d says so in Bereishis (2:18). It is not good that man be alone; I will make him a helper corresponding to him (in Hebrew עזר כנגדו). The word Ezer means helper, and the word kenegdo takes on various explanations, each defining the role of women in completing and per ... → Read More

Scare-Mongering Covid Deaths

Is the glass half empty or half full? I am an Israeli now. I don't follow the American headlines or problems with the same focus, even though I am still an American and have voted for Trump in the upcoming election on November 3. I follow the local stories here in Israel and the headline in the Jerusalem Post toda ... → Read More

Which Jewish Holiday is Celebrated Twice a Year?

Yom HaAliyah features twice on the Israeli calendar? Unfortunately, olim (or every natural born Israeli) don't get the day off work either day but the contribution made by olim is clearly significant. Yom HaAliyah (Aliyah Day) (Hebrew: יום העלייה‎) is an Israeli national holiday celebrated annually ac ... → Read More

Acts of Compassion for the Victims of Lockdowns that Do Not Work

Divorced from facts, reality, and reason, compassion can lead to actions that do more harm than good. Harming people through lockdown measures, even if done in the name of compassion, is still harming people. → Read More

How the Grinch stole Yom Kippur and Sukkot

Anybody in their right mind tries to avoid appearing before the King and getting a judgment, but if you survive it, you get to the most joyous time of the Jewish year, Sukkot, with its party atmosphere and family time. → Read More

Are the Ten Commandments Still Relevant?

The Ten Commandments present a realistic portrayal of love and how to live harmoniously with people from all ethnic and racial backgrounds. → Read More

Is Tzom Gedaliah Canceled for 2020? — Pros and Cons

Today during our current epidemic, Doctors and Rabbis have stated that anyone over 60 is at great risk from this new flu (younger people don’t seem to be as affected). It is not much of a stretch than using common sense, that even if you are in good health, anyone over 60 should not fast, and of course, if you are not in good health, no matter what your age you should not fast. → Read More

ELUL: ‘E-veryone L-onging U-nti-L Next Year

Be good as a person, as an individual, and your part of the world will become holy. Then, if others emulate you, the world will suddenly and automatically turn beautiful and hallowed. It is Elul. → Read More

The New Holy Water

Alcohol – We have gone from drinking it to rubbing it on ourselves → Read More