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Washington, DC, United States

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Past articles by Anders:

Putin's Last Gasp?

Anders Åslund thinks the Russian president's saber-rattling against Ukraine is credible, if only because he is out of options. → Read More

How American Kleptocracy Works

Review: Casey Michel's book, “American Kleptocracy,” tells the tale of US financial secrecy via two of the world’s great kleptocrats. → Read More

The Case for Stronger Russia Sanctions by Anders Åslund

The claim that Western sanctions against Russia do not work or are unjustified does not hold water. Russia’s economy has been stagnant since Western sanctions were imposed seven years ago, and the Kremlin’s continued hybrid war against the West has made an even tighter sanctions regime an urgent priority. → Read More

The Economic Factor in Belarus by Anders Åslund

Because international investors have avoided Belarus and its authoritarian regime, the country has long suffered economic stagnation. But all the signs suggest that the rot is concentrated at the top, which implies that a change in political leadership could really change everything. → Read More

Putin’s Usual Suspects by Anders Åslund

Following Russia's sudden governmental shakeup last month, outside observers might have concluded that President Vladimir Putin has positioned his country for faster economic growth, in addition to consolidating his own hold on power. In fact, the new government will be no less corrosive to the economy than the one that preceded it. → Read More

The West’s Dirty Financial Laundry by Anders Åslund

Since revelations of Danske Bank's role in the largest-ever money-laundering scandal, the United States and the European Union have been squabbling over who is to blame for the persistence of illicit money flows in their respective economies. But rather than pointing fingers, the US and the EU should start sharing pointers. → Read More

[Opinion] Russia and money laundering in Europe

After Danske Bank, both the US and the EU need to abandon the principle in bank regulation that it is all right to be a crook as long as you are big. → Read More

Getting Serious About Russia Sanctions by Anders Åslund

The US Congress is considering new legislation that would introduce a broader and potentially more effective range of sanctions against Russia than ever before. The main question now is how President Donald Trump will react to this attack on his most important foreign supporter. → Read More

The Toll of Putin’s Wars by Anders Åslund

By intervening in Syria, annexing Crimea, and sustaining military presence in Eastern Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to have overextended himself. With an annual growth rate of just 1.5%, Russia is now expending 5.3% of its GDP on its military budget, while losing another 3-4% to legal, civilian, and other costs. → Read More

Lessons for EU from the Greek tragedy

The Greek crisis showed the euro is more robust than people thought and that profligate states can write off public debt without leaving the currency. → Read More

Will EU join new US sanctions on Russia elite?

'Oligarch clause' in new US sanctions on Russia to start life on 29 January - but to what extent will the EU and US coordinate a blacklist of Putin's cronies? → Read More

Surveying the Damage of Low Interest Rates by Anders Åslund

Few would disagree that it was necessary to slash interest rates in the immediate aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis. But after a decade of ultra-loose monetary policies across advanced economies, growth remains tepid, financial risks have proliferated, and middle-class savers have lost out. → Read More

Is Vladimir Putin Losing His Grip? by Anders Åslund

In recent decades, as President Vladimir Putin has entrenched his authority, Russia has seemed to be moving backward socially and economically. But while the Kremlin knows that it must reverse this trajectory, genuine reform would be incompatible with the kleptocratic character of Putin’s regime. → Read More

Ukraine should join central Europe trade club

With eight EU alumni, the EU integration expertise of the Balkan states, and an HQ in Brussels, the Cefta club is the perfect incubator for Ukraine's EU aspirations. → Read More

The Last Hurdle for Ukraine’s Recovery by Anders Åslund

Ukraine has made remarkable progress on reducing its fiscal deficit and public debt, positioning the economy for strong growth. But, as is so often the case in post-Soviet states, old-school clientelism could quickly smother the promise of prosperity. → Read More

The West has its eye on Vladimir Putin’s weak spot

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s authority is weaker than it seems. In fact, the bedrock of Putin’s power — the economic arrangements that he has consolidated over the past generation — has become the main threat to his political survival. The reason is simple: The lack of credible property rights under Putin’s system of crony capitalism forces senior Russian officials and oligarchs to hold… → Read More

The Achilles Heel of Putin’s Regime

Russia’s crony capitalism is weaker than it seems. In fact, President Vladimir Putin’s consolidation of power has created a major potential threat to his authority, because the lack of credible property rights forces senior Russian officials and oligarchs to hold their money abroad. → Read More

The nationalization of Russia’s elites

Under President Vladimir Putin, cronyism has replaced Russia’s once-burgeoning capitalism. If Putin lives by any motto, it is this: “To my friends, anything; for my enemies, the law.” In his 2000 “autobiography,” “First Person,” Putin reveals what “counts most” to him. “I have a lot of friends,” he tells an interviewer, “but only a few people are really close to me. They have never gone away.… → Read More

Russia’s Oligarchs-in-Waiting

Through a process of brazen nepotism, Russian President Vladimir Putin has nationalized his country's elites, and consolidated his own power. As the better-known children of Russia’s previous generation of oligarchs have steadily left the country, the offspring of Putin’s cronies have taken their place. → Read More

A magic wand for France?

Last month, Emmanuel Macron pulled the proverbial rabbit from the electoral hat. Against the odds, the independent centrist won the French presidency by a decisive margin, beating the far-right populist Marine Le Pen — and vanquishing the old guard of the French establishment along the way. Now, for his latest trick, Macron looks set to secure a huge majority in the French National Assembly. But… → Read More