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Recent articles by Mike:

Mike Lynch’s Skywatch: Orion had his own sort of fatal attraction in mythology – Twin Cities

In last week’s Skywatch, I told you about the astronomical wonders of my favorite constellation Orion the Hunter, the big guy of the winter sky! At nightfall he’s waiting for you as he… → Read More

Orion has its owner version of fatal attraction

Constellation rides high in the wintertime sky. → Read More

Mike Lynch’s Skywatch: The King of the Winter Sky, Part 1 – Twin Cities

The constellations of winter are simply the best. Nowhere else in the night sky will you see as many bright stars and bright constellations packed so closely together. The constellation Orion is th… → Read More

Mike Lynch’s Skywatch: January night skies are rich with celestial jewels – Twin Cities

I absolutely love stargazing in January. The cold nights can undoubtedly be a challenge, but with determination and bundling up, it’s worth it! Nights are long, with some of the brightest con… → Read More

January delivers a bevy of celestial gems

The New Year's stargazing kicks off with a bang — a meteor shower. → Read More

Mike Lynch’s Skywatch: First light in your Christmas gift telescope – Twin Cities

If you woke up Christmas morning and found a telescope by the tree, congratulations! You may be tempted to put off using your new telescope until it warms up a bit, but you’re making a big mistake.… → Read More

Mike Lynch’s Skywatch: We’re going to start gaining daylight again on Tuesday – Twin Cities

‘Tis the time of year for making merry, and also for changing seasons. That’s what we’ll do Tuesday morning at 9:58, the moment of the winter solstice, the first day of winter, and also the moment … → Read More

Mike Lynch’s Skywatch: This week early birds get a look at a meteor shower – Twin Cities

Early this coming week, the morning skies are definitely worth waking up and bundling up for to enjoy the annual Geminid meteor shower, one of the best in the year. It reaches its peak early Tuesda… → Read More

Mike Lynch’s Skywatch: A Christmas bull? That could be Taurus the Bull – Twin Cities

Unfortunately, there aren’t any constellations that have a real connection to the Christmas season. It’s hard to make Orion the Hunter into Santa Claus. Pegasus, the Winged Horse, is a poor excuse … → Read More

Tale of Taurus the bull isn't a typical Christmas story

In Greek mythology, Europa put Zeus out to pasture. → Read More

Mike Lynch’s Skywatch: Celebrate these heavenly holiday skies – Twin Cities

No matter what holidays you celebrate this time of year, there’s a lot to celebrate in the night sky this month. Believe it or not, there’s even a little Christmas tree in the night sky. I’ll tell … → Read More

Mike Lynch’s Skywatch: Planning to put telescopes under the tannenbaum? – Twin Cities

Throughout the year, especially around this time, I receive many emails about purchasing a telescope, either for oneself or that special someone. Every year I try to provide a telescope buying guid… → Read More

Mike Lynch’s Skywatch: November is a stargazer’s paradise – Twin Cities

November always has many things going for stargazing fans, and this year we have great added attractions, a near total lunar eclipse as well as excellent planet watching. The lunar eclipse begins j… → Read More

Mike Lynch’s Skywatch: Halloween inspires a look at favorite celestial monsters – Twin Cities

Since it’s Halloween weekend, I thought it only appropriate to tell you about my favorite monsters of the night sky — Draco the Dragon, and the head of Medusa, with a hairstyle made of … → Read More

Mike Lynch’s Skywatch: Lyra the Lyre weaves quite a tale – Twin Cities

Lyra the Lyre (or harp) is a small constellation of faint stars, with one major exception — the very bright star Vega. As soon as it gets dark enough after sunset, look for the brightest star… → Read More

Mike Lynch’s Skywatch: Wake up early to see the great winter constellations – Twin Cities

We have a nearly full moon lighting up the sky early this week, making evening stargazing a tough go. So instead, set your alarm for 5:00 to 5:30 a.m. and get an exceptional start to your day. You… → Read More

Mike Lynch’s Skywatch: The great flying horse of the sky – Twin Cities

One of the classic constellations of the night is Pegasus, the flying horse. The heavenly horsey is currently soaring in the southeastern early evening sky. The traditional interpretation of Pegasu… → Read More

Mike Lynch’s Skywatch: There are still some summer holdouts in the October night sky – Twin Cities

October evening skies have much to offer. Most of the sky is occupied by the constellations of autumn, but there are still great summer constellations lighting up the western half of the heavens. A… → Read More

Watch summer holdouts in October sky

Autumn constellations take up a lot of the sky, but look to the west to see Venus, the Summer Triangle, 'the Archer,' and the Milky Way. → Read More

Mike Lynch’s Skywatch: Galactic happenings and clear autumn skies – Twin Cities

Happy astronomical autumn! Summer switched over to autumn last Wednesday afternoon at 2:21, the moment of Autumnal Equinox. The sun’s daily arc across the sky from east to west will continue … → Read More