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Recent articles by Meghan:

New satellite views show impact of coronavirus on emissions, China's night lights

Satellites are studying the impacts on pollution and night lighting of measures taken to slow the spread of COVID-19. → Read More

NASA weighs measures to contribute to US coronavirus pandemic fight

NASA leadership updated staff about the agency's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. → Read More

Old gas blob from Uranus found in vintage Voyager 2 data

Scientists think Voyager 2 spotted a massive magnetic bubble pulling gas out of Uranus' atmosphere. → Read More

NASA asteroid probe will dodge building-size boulders to snatch sample of Bennu

NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will need to steer around boulders the size of buildings as it prepares to snatch a sample of the asteroid Bennu. → Read More

Trump's NASA budget request could spell big changes for Mars missions

NASA leadership spelled out the ways President Donald Trump's budget request could affect Mars exploration. → Read More

NASA supercomputers join fight against coronavirus

NASA's supercomputers are joining the fight against the coronavirus-spread COVID-19 pandemic. → Read More

The Thirty Meter Telescope: How a volcano in Hawaii became a battleground for astronomy

The Thirty Meter Telescope would tackle massive questions in cosmology and astronomy — if it can be built. → Read More

Is interstellar Comet Borisov breaking apart as it leaves our solar system?

According to recent observations of the interstellar comet Borisov, the object may be breaking apart as it passes through the solar system. → Read More

Vernal equinox 2020: Google doodles celebrate Earth's changing seasons

March 19, 2020, marks the earliest vernal equinox in 124 years. → Read More

Coronavirus prevention measures take their toll on astronomy

Astronomers are coming to terms with the ways measures meant to contain COVID-19 are already impacting their work and will continue to do so. → Read More

Planetary defense against asteroids joins NASA's menu for next decadal survey focus

Planetary scientists and astrobiologists are gearing up for a major survey process that will dictate NASA's priorities throughout the 2020s. → Read More

Italy's coronavirus response dramatically reduces air pollution emissions, satellites show

As the world scrambles to confront the disease caused by a novel coronavirus, Italy has been forced to take such dramatic measures that the country's emissions have changed, as seen from space. → Read More

Here's how a massive new telescope will revolutionize our view of the sun

The Inouye Solar Telescope released its first images of the sun, and they're incredible. But the telescope has much more in store. → Read More

Ancient clam fossil reveals Earth's day was shorter 70 million years ago

How fast has the moon been moving away from Earth? A fossilized clamshell offers one step toward solving that puzzle. → Read More

'They Are Already Here' author explains the spread of UFO belief: Q&A sat down with Sarah Scoles, author of 'They Are Already Here: UFO Culture and Why We See Saucers.' → Read More

What if scientists could find potentially habitable worlds just by looking at stars?

Scientists want to use the chemistry of stars as a hint for whether their planets may host life, but the data they need is very hard to get. → Read More

Star maps through the ages: A Q&A with the author of 'The Sky Atlas'

'The Sky Atlas' gathers stunning images that humans around the world have created to try to understand the universe, from prehistory to the days of planet-size telescopes. → Read More

Meet LUVOIR, which might become one of NASA's next big space telescopes

A flagship mission concept called LUVOIR could determine which 'Earth-like' planets are really like Earth, if NASA decides to build it. → Read More

R.I.P., MarCo! The world's first cubesats to Mars are gone for good

Longshot attempts to reconnect with the first interplanetary cubesats were unsuccessful, according to NASA. → Read More

NASA's VIPER moon mission to seek out lunar water slips to 2023

NASA has delayed the launch of its VIPER moon mission to map water ice until 2023. → Read More