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Recent articles by Gabrielle:

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Sexual grooming is abuse. It's carefully thought out and done gradually so neither the victim nor their loved ones will catch on. Experts break down the signs. → Read More

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The Hardgainer's Guide to Building Muscle

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How To Explore Your Sexuality, According To Sex Experts

Here's everything you need to know about how to explore your sexuality, including common sexual orientation terms and tips for coming out if/when you're ready. → Read More

Can’t Do a Chin-Up? Here’s What Your Body’s Trying to Tell You

The chin-up requires upper-body strength, core stability, shoulder mobility and technique. If you can't do a chin-up, here are six possible issues and how to fix them. → Read More

14 Best LGBTQ+ Podcasts To Listen To In 2021

Looking to add some new listening content to your daily routine? Try these 14 best LGBTQ+ podcasts from queer creators, covering gender identity to comedy: → Read More

What Is A BDSM Forced Orgasm?

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Hot Take: Fake Orgasms *Do* Have Their Place in the Bedroom

Sex educators break down the very valid reasons to fake an orgasm, plus why we all need to reframe climax as the guiding reason for sex. → Read More

Struggling With Side Planks? 6 Exercises to Help You Master Them

The side plank is a highly effective ab exercise. But you won’t reap the benefits if your form is faulty. Luckily, no matter your sticking point, there’s an exercise to help you fix it. → Read More

10 Best Warming Lubes

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If you're looking for a thrusting vibrator (or wondering how to use one!), we've got your expert guide to the best products, vibrator advice, and more. → Read More

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The Only 3 Barbell Exercises You Need for Stronger Arms

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