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Past articles by Gabrielle:

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The Five (Yes, Five) Types of Infidelity, Explained By Relationship Experts

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Dame’s New Dip Vibrator Prioritizes Affordability, Accessibility, and Pleasure Versatility

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It’s Possible To Learn How To Get Better at Dating, and These 8 Expert Tips Can Help

Dating is actually a skill you can improve. Here, experts offer eight tips for how to get better at dating, no matter your ultimate goal. → Read More

Sex Experts Say Blue Balls (or Blue Vulva) Might Be the Secret To Deeper Satisfaction

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The Pelvic Floor and Lifting—Everything You Need To Know

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The Runi Play Primer Sex Serum Includes Mushroom Extract

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How to Jump Rope With Proper Form — Plus 5 Tips to Improve Your Skills

Jumping rope offers some serious health and fitness perks. Here, learn how to jump rope with good form. Plus, five tips for getting better at jumping rope. → Read More

What is Foot Play and How To Try It in the Bedroom

Looking to incorporate feet into your pleasure practice? Here's how to give a foot job (or just dip your toe into foot play). → Read More

How to Do the 'Bring Sally Up' Fitness Challenge and Modify It to Your Ability

The "Bring Sally Up" challenge is a popular warm-up in CrossFit gyms, as well as a popular fitness challenge for other exercisers. Here, learn more about it. → Read More

Passive Aggressive Communication Screws With Relationships, But Luckily, There's A Solution

If you're dealing with someone who is passive aggressive (or that person is you), here are the signs, examples, and how to communicate better, per experts. → Read More

Can Friends With Benefits Work And Is It For You? What Experts Say

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