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Past articles by Julie:

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Studies Find Much to Measure in Dog Faces

Dog facial expressions can be measured, and there's more than one way to do it → Read More

Good (and Bad) Ways to Help a Dog Afraid of Fireworks

First, let’s get the bad out of the way: trying to help a dog afraid of fireworks by saying, "Johnny (that’s the dog) there will be fireworks tomorrow night. Don’t you go running away at the park like you did last year! That was bad, Johnny. Very bad. So this year, get ahold of yourself!" Unfortunately, monologues like this won’t make Johnny any more comfortable with this year’s fireworks. Nor… → Read More

When Dogs Hear a Growl, They Know What to Do

I have been scaring dog lovers for nearly a decade, and Tamas Farago—lead researcher behind a new study on dog growls and cross-species communication—is mostly to blame. I met Farago in 2010 when visiting his research group—the Family Dog Project at Eotvos Lorand University—to conduct my Masters research. By then, Farago was already immersed in the study of dog vocalizations—particularly their… → Read More

The Education of Will, by Patricia McConnell

An animal behavior expert’s new memoir explores recovery in two species → Read More

Behind the Scenes: How a Dog Learned Over a Thousand Words [Videos]

Does your dog know the names of her toys? How about the names of over 1,000 of her toys? No one is suggesting that 1,000 become the new normal (or that your dog have that many toys), but when a dog accomplishes this feat, it’s worth learning how she did it. If you’ve read anything about dogs in the last 5 years, you’ve surely come across Chaser the Border Collie (Facebook). Under the guidance of… → Read More

A Simple Test Unlocks the Dog's Nose

Dogs have great sniffers, but they’re not all the same → Read More

Dogs Process Language Like Us, but What Do They Understand?

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The Common Wisdom about Dog Nipples Is Wrong

Young mammals need to eat, and there’s not one way to do it → Read More

What 5 Liters of Spit Can Reveal about Dog Welfare

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Tail Docking and Ear Cropping Affect Dogs, and Not Just Physically

Study finds these elective surgeries influence perceptions of dog personality → Read More

Tail Docking and Ear Cropping Affect Dogs, and Not Just Physically

Study finds these elective surgeries influence perceptions of dog personality → Read More

Do Dogs Get the Point?

You point, (most) dogs follow. Who cares? → Read More

Cats Would Like You To Know They Are Open To Training

Cat training is on the rise, and it’s a good thing → Read More