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Recent articles by Chicago:

Letters: Nonviolent protest is our way through the darkness

I would like to answer the question that columnist Steve Chapman posed in Sunday’s Tribune about what it will take to achieve full equality for African-Americans: “If riots are not the answer, what is?” ... → Read More

Corrections and clarifications

Corrections and clarifications for Wednesday, June 3. → Read More

Letters: All white Americans are responsible for racism?

Regarding Dahleen Glanton’s column “White America, if you want to know who’s responsible for racism, look in the mirror” (June 1): Throughout her column, she uses the pronoun “you,” so I assume she was writing about me. On that basis, I reject every generalization she makes ... → Read More

Where to eat and drink outside this summer: A running list of Chicago and suburban rooftops and patio reopenings

Patios are open now in the suburbs and opening soon in the city. Below, you’ll find a running list of sortable outdoor dining options. If you are a restaurant owner with a patio or rooftop, please add your information to our list here. → Read More

Letters: We are obligated to raise our voices for justice, leadership

I recognized that my twins were precious beyond all measure. Gazing at their tiny perfection, I cherished everything about them, not yet fully comprehending the scope of the struggles they would face growing up, merely because of the color of their skin. ... → Read More

Letters: Chicago Public Schools has more to do to ensure all students can access online learning

I am the father of four children who attend school in the Austin community. Chicago Public Schools recently announced that 93% of students have “digital access.” I worry that this high number may lull us into complacency ... → Read More

Letters: Take governor to court over dine-in ban

Thousands of independent Illinois restaurants will not survive much longer unless Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s ban against dine-in service ends soon. ... → Read More

Letters: Protesting the virus of hate that has infected America

It would be bad enough if we had to deal with just one vicious virus, the COVID-19 pandemic. But in the last few years, hate has been unleashed as a second virus among us — a backlash of animosity and retaliation ... → Read More

Motormouth: ‘Cold’ tire pressure

When driven, tires flex and that causes friction which creates heat which increases the air pressure. → Read More

Man dies after being pushed in front of Red Line train at 87th Street station, police say

A man died after he was pushed in front of a Red Line train at the 87th Street station early Friday, according to Chicago police. → Read More

Letters: Illinoisans share in the credit for decline in weekly COVID-19 deaths

Let’s talk about something that is top of mind as we deal with COVID-19: the death toll. We have crossed sobering milestones as a nation and in Illinois ... → Read More

Letters: Chicago police need to preserve integrity of their beat patrols

The new Chicago police superintendent’s decision to create a special citywide unit to combat crime in the city reminded me of one of my favorite Yogi Berra witticisms: “It deja vu all over again.” ... → Read More

Letters: State lawmakers are using the pandemic as a fiscal scapegoat

Isn’t it nice that the pandemic has provided our legislators with a new scapegoat for the woeful fiscal condition of the state? ... → Read More

Letters: No law-and-order hypocrisy from protesters

I read Ted Manuel’s letter (“Hypocrisy in GOP ‘law and order’ stance,” May 21) with a bit of bemusement. In his letter, Manuel laments the fact that it is primarily conservatives who are protesting the continued lockdown in the state and wonders why they would find the orders so objectionable if they are the “law and order” party. What Manuel and others like him fail to realize is that the… → Read More

Letters: Worried about mail-in voting

Everybody is in a mad rush to expand mail-in voting. I wonder how many of them know what they’re doing, and how many of them actually do know what they’re doing. Mass mail-in voting breaks two of the most fundamental criteria in democratic elections. First, we have no idea who is voting with mail-in ballots. We have no way of knowing if every ballot reached the person intended, who actually… → Read More

Letters: On Rep. Darren Bailey and no-mask stance

If I get drunk and drive 80 mph down the highway, I will get stopped and arrested. Why? Does the state of Illinois care if I do something stupid and kill myself? No. I get arrested because I am a hazard to others. The same is true for Republican state Rep. Darren Bailey of Xenia. If he wants to go out and catch a virus and put his life at risk, fine. Why stop him? But the problem with this… → Read More

Letters: Flynn fallout: Politics and rule of law don’t mix

Former U.S. Attorney Zach Fardon has it exactly right in his May 19 Tribune op-ed, “Why the Michael Flynn case matters in the fight against Illinois corruption.”... → Read More

Motormouth: How to keep gas ‘fresh’

The fuel will be okay for six months or so, but you may want to add a stabilizer such as Sta-Bil for your peace of mind. → Read More

Letters: Advice for 2020 graduates

My high school graduation was in June of 1968, a year of turmoil... → Read More

Letters: Comparing Pritzker to Hitler always wrong

It is deeply offensive to use the swastika symbol or to caricature Pritzker or any other American political opponent with a Hitler mustache — and that Nazi analogies are used so frequently by others does not make this OK. → Read More