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Past articles by Dr.:

Recent Advancements in Treating HIV

HIV, the causative viral agent of AIDS, is a devasting and lethal disease that has caused widespread suffering worldwide for almost half a century. We still have no cure for this disease. While those infected can expect to continue treatment over the course of their lifetime, in recent times, there have been advancements in therapeutics. → Read More

What are the Current Challenges in Mental Health Disorder Diagnosis?

Mental health disorders and substance use disorders are the leading cause of disability worldwide. This article explores the current challenges in mental health disorder diagnosis as part of our coverage for World Mental Health Day 2022. → Read More

What is Pandemic Preparedness and Why is it Important?

This article considers why we need to be prepared for a future pandemic, where we are now in the preparedness stakes, and where we need to go. → Read More

Eradicating a Disease; What does it Take?

This article considers some of the factors that currently pose a challenge to the notion of disease eradication with a focus on the issues of surveillance, prospects for prophylaxis, and the concept of the patient's right to choose. → Read More

Screen Time and Mental Health

Screen time refers to the time a person spends looking at a screen on a device such as a television, smartphone, computer, or game console. Read more here about the effect of screen time on mental health. → Read More

What is the Connectome?

This article introduces the connectome, the HCP, and its historical roots, and the recent projects that have been built upon this ground-breaking work on the human brain. → Read More

What is Medical Mycology?

Medical mycology is a niche and neglected area of microbiology. This article explores the topic in detail. → Read More

Hormones vs Mental Health

There is a connection between our hormones and our mental health. → Read More

What is Mental Health First Aid?

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training teaches people to identify and be able to respond effectively to mental illness in others. → Read More

What is Emotional Dysregulation?

Emotional dysregulation refers to difficulty in managing emotions or in keeping them in check. → Read More

What are the Health Effects of Energy Drinks?

Concerns about the negative impact of energy drinks (ED’s) have arisen in recent years both in the scientific community and among the public. → Read More

Anthropogenesis and COVID-19

The destruction of the natural environment through human activity has resulted in a loss of biodiversity. As a result, deadly diseases emerge as human-animal relations are destabilized, enabling viruses to jump the species barrier. → Read More

COVID-19 and Health Supplements

Can dietary supplementations and herbal ‘medicines’ help ameliorate coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)? This article investigates more. → Read More

COVID-19 and Sexually Transmitted Infections

One area that had little thought in the COVID-19 pandemic is that of sexually transmitted infection (STI) and its associated services. → Read More

Blood Clotting and COVID-19 Vaccines

The risk of blood clotting is an extremely rare but serious side effect of vaccination against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). → Read More

How do Microplastics Affect Our Health?

This article looks at what microplastics are and considers their potential effect on human health. → Read More

Types of COVID-19 Test

Different kinds of COVID-19 tests have been developed, and each has its pros and cons- which are discussed in this article. → Read More

Herbal versus Synthetic Medicines

This article looks at the benefits and the problems of herbal and synthetic medicines. We also consider why we need to know more about herbal medicines. → Read More

Genotype Versus Phenotype

The characteristics of an organism emerge through complex interactions of its genetic make-up and the effects of the environment. This article discusses this terminological distinction –– that of the genotype versus the phenotype. → Read More

How has the COVID-19 Pandemic affected Recreational Drug Use?

This article considers how the outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 has affected recreational drug use. → Read More