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Past articles by Tom:

So this is your free-speech martyr? Gary Lineker?

His defenders do not have a leg to stand on when it comes to freedom of speech. → Read More

Ukraine: nationhood matters

Why Ukrainians’ fight for freedom continues to inspire us. → Read More

Kate Forbes’ opponents are the truly intolerant ones

Apparently, opposing gay marriage and gender self-ID makes you unfit to be Scottish first minister. → Read More

The rewriting of Roald Dahl should disturb us all

Philistines and vandals have taken over art and culture. → Read More

Nicola Sturgeon’s woke authoritarianism

There was nothing ‘progressive’ about the first minister’s reign. → Read More

Trans ideology has robbed us of our humanity

The chilling case of rapist ‘Isla Bryson’ shows us how wokeness has deranged us. → Read More

Tom Slater: Jacinda Ardern was the international poster girl for ‘kindly’ authoritarianism

Among our supposedly liberal elites it has become common sense that populations must be controlled for their own good → Read More

Good riddance to Saint Jacinda

The New Zealand PM became an international poster girl for ‘kindly’ authoritarianism. → Read More

Prince Harry and the snootiness of modern ‘anti-racism’

His self-righteous quest to rid us of ‘unconscious bias’ speaks to the elitism of woke ideology. → Read More

Our empty PM

The political class is devoid of vision and wedded to failed orthodoxies. → Read More

The great unpersoning

2022 revealed the terrifying power of Big Tech censorship. → Read More

Oh, so now you care about Big Tech censorship?

Elon Musk’s suspension of journalists has revealed the depths of liberal hypocrisy. → Read More

Will The Harry and Meghan Show get another season?

Surely, even the ‘liberal’ media are starting to realise that they have been played by a pair of royal chancers. → Read More

Ye and the grim rise of Very Online Racism

Censorship and outrage culture have helped to create these monsters. → Read More

The ghoulish exploitation of the Club Q shooting

Blaming gender-critical commentators for the atrocity in Colorado is morally repugnant. → Read More

Populism is bigger than Trump

America’s populist revolt must free itself from the mire of Trumpism. → Read More

The climate cult of youth

Why is a 20-year-old advising the UN about the environment? → Read More

Who are you calling an election denier?

The Democrats do not have the moral high ground when it comes to respecting the will of the people. → Read More

Environmentalism has become a creepy bourgeois cult

Those deranged Just Stop Oil activists reveal the dangers of apocalypticism. → Read More

How Big Tech became an arm of the state

The US security services have been colluding with Silicon Valley to censor online speech. → Read More