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Recent articles by Kathleen:

Trump will survive impeachment — and be stronger for it

No matter how much some Republicans may disagree with the president’s methods, his base cannot be budged and may expand. → Read More

On impeaching Trump, I remain unconvinced. Much to my disappointment.

Democrats have hurt their cause by struggling to give Trump’s alleged actions a name. → Read More

Kathleen Parker: Who stole Donald Trump’s body?

WASHINGTON — Watching President Trump in conversations Tuesday with French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau cause → Read More

I am thankful for one hero dog, two pardoned turkeys and ending animal cruelty

Though Trump has no pets of his own, he seems to have traded in his ringmaster’s top hat for a shepherd’s staff. → Read More

The impeachment witnesses are the silver lining to this embarrassing chapter in our history

Public servants show their good grace. → Read More

Kathleen Parker: When in doubt, blame the media

WASHINGTON — As the second week of the impeachment hearings began, Republicans re-introduced an old theme for the usual purposes: Everything is the m → Read More

It looks like Republicans are trying to impeach the media — not Trump

Making an enemy of the media has long been a feature of the GOP’s modus operandi. → Read More

Trump saw the Yovanovitch hearing and just couldn’t bear being left out

Does Trump know nothing about diplomacy? Never mind. → Read More

Nikki Haley had it all. Then she wrote a book and blew it.

The former ambassador is back with a blatantly self-serving book designed to elevate her and skewer those who dared to stand up to the president. → Read More

Trump learns that fake charities are tons of fun until you get caught

The biggest surprise is his acknowledgment of guilt. → Read More

Clarence Thomas is an American hero

In his own words, the Supreme Court justice tells his life story in a forthcoming documentary → Read More

Kathleen Parker: Putting on the dog

WASHINGTON — When you’re on your last leg, when your colleagues have turned tail, when the House of Representatives passes the rules under whic → Read More

Conan the dog is a hero. But Trump is using him for attention.

Inviting a military canine to the White House smacks of presidential desperation. → Read More

People still trust the Supreme Court. Democrats, don’t mess that up.

The importance of an independent judiciary cannot be overstated. → Read More

Kathleen Parker: Yet again, the truth outed

WASHINGTON — Shakespeare long ago wrote that “truth will out,” meaning that what’s true — by virtue of its basis in fact and → Read More

Mick Mulvaney, there may soon be a spot for you under the bus

Telling the truth — even when you don’t mean to — isn’t helpful in the sort of presidential politics being played out at the White House. → Read More

What does Erdogan have that Trump wants?

Trump wouldn’t have cut such a deal in Syria without expecting something in return. → Read More

Kathleen Parker: Trump has blood on his hands, meaning so does America

WASHINGTON — So let me get this straight: President Trump ordered the removal of American troops from northern Syria, knowing that Turkey would invad → Read More

Parker: The malevolent aura of Donald J. Trump

Many West Wingers have been reduced to such shame and infamy that departure was the only option. But for some, shameless is the better descriptor. → Read More

Lindsey Graham and Rudy Giuliani pay the price for embracing a toxic president

No one who enters the president’s orbit exits unscathed. → Read More