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Recent articles by Larry:

How to Make Your Content Marketing Strategy Work with Changing Trends

Although marketing principles remain the same, your strategies must change when consumer trends change. For example, when consumers started spending the majority of their time on social media, Facebook ads became an unavoidable marketing component. When Instagram’s popularity exploded, the platform was expanded to handle ads and eCommerce, and it’s hard to find a marketer … → Read More

5 side hustles that could turn into your new career

With COVID throwing jobs out of whack, maybe now you can explore something new and actually make a career change. Here are five side hustles to consider. → Read More

3 Reasons Landlords Should Reconsider Selling Tenant Data to Marketers

Data is for sale on just about every corner of the internet. Social media platforms have openly acknowledged selling user data and activities to marketers. That same data is freely available to marketers utilizing PPC ad campaigns. Businesses can launch ads to target the usual demographics, but they can also target users who have visited … → Read More

6 Ways Couples Stay Connected Over the Years

These new ways to connect with your partner will help keep the flame burning. → Read More

Are Remote Workers More Productive Than In-Office Workers?

Working from home has certainly risen in popularity. That raises the question: are remote workers more or less productive than in-office workers? → Read More

5 Small Business Efficiency Secrets

Small businesses don’t have the luxury of waste. That's why you should check out these top tips for increasing small business efficiency. → Read More

3 Strategies for Low Cost Marketing on Instagram

Are you looking for ways to lower your cost of marketing on Instagram? You might be surprised to learn that lowering your Instagram marketing costs is the result of how you prioritize and optimize your strategy. The cost of marketing is the cost of marketing. Sure, you can save a few bucks by hiring a … → Read More

Unlocking the Power of Better Data Science Workflows

It doesn’t matter what the project or desired outcome is, better data science workflows produce superior results. But if you’re still working with outdated methods, you need to look for ways to fully optimize your approach as you move forward. 5 Tips for Better Data Science Workflows Data science is a complex field that requires … → Read More

5 Types of Business Intelligence Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

Better business intelligence leads to smarter business decisions. Check out these 5 types of intelligence tools every business needs in the new decade. → Read More

4 Practical Ways to Keep All Your Real Estate Documents Organized

If you own multiple properties, then you may feel scatterbrained at times. Each comes with its own complicated paper trail. If organization doesn’t come naturally to you, then you’ll have to make a conscious effort to focus on it. Here are a few ways to keep everything in order. → Read More

How Big Data Has Changed the Financial Industry

The accessibility and value of consumer data has grown substantially in the past several years. These days, nearly every company bigger than a “mom and pop” shop works to gather and analyze terabytes of data from their customers, hoping to better understand and serve them while one-upping the competition. In the financial industry, these efforts … → Read More

4 Ways To Help Your Divorce Go Smoother

Try these four strategies for a more peaceful divorce process. → Read More

4 Ways to Better Accommodate Elderly Tenants in Your Rentals

There’s a lot of info online about renting to young people, but do you know what to do when it comes to older tenants? Elderly tenants are a protected class. Landlords need to do everything they can to ensure they are treated fairly and provided proper living conditions to help them remain safe and secure. → Read More

Real estate's future skills gap: data, security and analytics

Here's a look at the big picture of what big data and analytics could do for your business and our industry. → Read More

How to Choose a Domain for Your Website

Before you can build out a website and start growing it, you’ll need to choose a domain name for your website. This domain will come to identify your website, and play a role in all your future marketing and advertising strategies, so choosing a “good” domain name is important. In this guide, we’ll explore the … → Read More

5 Reasons to Hire Contractors in Other Countries

The advantages when you hire contractors in other countries make many a small business consider doing so. Here are the pros, and some cons. → Read More

How You Can Cultivate Community To Help Grow Your Business

To build a business, cultivate community. → Read More

How to Do Content Marketing Like TED

Ready to do content marketing like TED talk champions? These tips will put you on the path to creating a first-rate content marketing strategy. → Read More

4 Alternatives to Pivoting Your Small Business' Strategy

The costs of pivoting your company -- an overhaul to your company’s mission, strategy, product, and more -- can be dramatic. Try these 4 alternatives first. → Read More

5 Helpful Pointers for First-Time Business Founders

Planning to start a business this year? Increase the odds of your startup’s success by considering these five key elements of growing a new business. → Read More