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Past articles by Larry:

7 steps to announce (and celebrate) the launch of a new website

Launching a new website is an impressive milestone, and announcing it is a great PR opportunity. What are the best ways to announce and celebrate the launch? And how can you maximize exposure? → Read More

Education & Experience Don’t Guarantee Success—Attitude & Habits Do

Education and experience may be necessary to move your career forward, but these keys to success will help you achieve goals. → Read More

5 Tips for Getting a High SAT Score

The SAT remains the premier college entrance exam in the United States. It’s taken by more than one million students each year and is considered one of the most important factors in whether a student is accepted at their college of choice. In conjunction with the ACT exam, GPA, and extracurricular resume, the SAT can […] → Read More

How an IT Help Desk and Other Tools Can Reduce IT Support Tickets

It’s probably impossible to run a business without receiving at least a few support tickets. But if your firm is constantly overwhelmed by so many tickets that it feels like you’re drowning, that’s not normal. There are ways to reduce the number of IT support tickets you receive and bring them down to a normal […] → Read More

3 ways any small business can make the hiring process a breeze

The time-consuming practice of hiring often goes unnoticed once behind closed doors, while not in interviews. Here's how to ease the burden. → Read More

How Machine Learning is Used in Smart Home Automation

Smart home automation has become quite popular in recent years, moving from a luxury for the rich to a staple in many homes. The most popular smart home devices are speakers and thermostats, but a growing number of people are adopting other smart devices like door locks and security cameras. Residential smart home automation has […] → Read More

5 Types of Business Technology Every Entrepreneur Should be Using

Running a small business can be difficult; you have to do multiple things simultaneously – and sometimes it’s not enough. However, technology proves to be handy when it comes to streamlining things and helping you save money and time. In fact, most successful companies depend on technology for almost every aspect of their businesses. And […] → Read More

How to Choose the Perfect Fleet Maintenance Software for Your Business

If you want your fleet to operate in the safest and most efficient manner possible, you can’t afford to take a 100 percent manual approach. You need to automate and streamline with fleet maintenance software. The question is, how do you choose the right option? Do You Need Fleet Maintenance Software? Fleet maintenance software is […] → Read More

4 tips for making a stellar PR and marketing resume

Here are some quick tips for creating a professional resume that showcases your abilities in both PR and marketing in a way that communicates your relevant skills to potential employers. → Read More

How to Get Started as a Data Engineer

If you enjoy working with data, or if you’re just interested in a career with a lot of potential upward trajectory, you might consider a career as a data engineer. But what exactly does a data engineer do, and how can you begin your career in this niche? What Is a Data Engineer? A data […] → Read More

What Tools Do You Need To Manage Unstructured Data?

Unstructured data represents one of today’s most significant business challenges. Unlike defined data – the sort of information you’d find in spreadsheets or clearly broken down survey responses – unstructured data may be textual, video, or audio, and its production is on the rise. In fact, by some estimates, as much as 80-90% of new data […] → Read More

8 Tips to Get More Out of Your Investments

Most people recognize the appeal of investing. Given enough time and some intelligently chosen assets, even a modest initial amount of capital can blossom into a rewarding source of wealth. If you’re just getting started, however, you might feel confused, frustrated, or possibly even totally lost when you don’t see the returns you were expecting. […] → Read More

Back to School: Tips for Marketing Adult Education Services

Adult education is surging as employers demand new skills, yet many providers are struggling to find an audience. These five tips can help. → Read More

How Automation Streamlines Data Management

Managing data is a challenge. It’s not hard to collect data, but most companies collect data in disparate locations and across multiple applications that don’t talk to each other. With this model, multiple reports are required to crunch data from multiple sources. That requires manually entering data into yet another application to generate a final […] → Read More

Service Business Content: Here’s the Real Reason Why It Matters

Nowadays, a simple change in perspective could be the game-changer your service business needs to get your content strategy back on track. → Read More

NPS Content Marketing: Drawing Connections for Growth

Online reviews are of limited usefulness as they tend to skew toward extremes. NPS content marketing provides a superior customer experience. → Read More

Concerned About Keeping Customers? Invest in Content Marketing

Every business owner wants to retain customers. Not every business owner harnesses the powerful practice of content marketing to customers. → Read More

Why receiving big funding doesn’t guarantee startup success

(BUSINESS ENTREPRENEUR) You finally got that big funding check that allows you to make your dreams come true, but most startups fail because they shoot for the moon. → Read More

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Marketing Data?

These are unprecedented times for the analytics industry. Thanks to new tools, including real-time tracking capabilities, businesses had access to more information about their marketing campaigns than ever before. That’s good news, right? Well, it should be, but having access to more marketing data is only actually good news when businesses understand what to do […] → Read More

Quality Content Production Calls For Better Content Management

Digital content – from blog posts to re-worked memes and longer-form videos – is in huge demand these days in content production. → Read More