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Past articles by Mark:

2021's hit products of the year tap into Japanese consumer needs amid COVID-19 pandemic

Hit products of any given year are expected to change the direction of the market, carve out a completely new market segment or appeal to changing lifestyles with something innovative. → Read More

Can artificial intelligence be harnessed to protect the public from random assailants?

Facial recognition technology can be used to identify known criminals from a database as well as hone in on a person acting suspiciously. → Read More

October quake gives Tokyo a wake-up call

Residents of the metropolis are urged to make sure they’re fully prepared for when the dreaded “big one” strikes. → Read More

Kishida has no time to lose as stories from the faltering middle class hit the stands

Japanese magazines are filled with stories of economic hardship as Prime Minister Fumio Kishida takes the reins of the country. → Read More

The trial of a yakuza boss ends with a death sentence

An ominous warning from a crime boss as he is sentenced gets the Japanese tabloids in a real stir. → Read More

Believe it or not, ‘expensive’ Japan is actually underpriced

Tokyo’s reputation as an expensive city was debunked by Diamond’s comparisons of prices for various consumer items in different cities around the world. → Read More

All the foreign media praise aside, Japan's convenience stores are fighting a slump

While journalists trapped in an Olympic bubble wrote a lot about how Japanese convenience stores came to their aid, the companies that run the stores have taken a hit in earnings. → Read More

Olympian tattoos fail to leave their mark on the Japanese press

After Tokyo was awarded the Olympics in 2013, many thought tattoos would be a major issue during the Games. In the end, they barely scratched the surface of public attention. → Read More

Earthquakes, typhoons … and now we have to worry about heat domes?

High temperatures in Japan have reached more than 41 degrees Celsius in the past, but a heat dome in Canada has the media speculating on whether higher temperatures are ahead. → Read More

Japanese vending machines: the cutting edge of merchandising

Media reports focusing on Japan's quirky vending machine culture dive into what new items are on offer and the risk they face due to competition from convenience stores. → Read More

Magazines shed some light on the successes and failures of the vaccination rollout in Japan

With the rollout in vaccinations for those age 65 and over finally underway, magazines in Japan have taken up the topic from a variety of perspectives. As → Read More

Some food for thought amid the COVID-19 pandemic

New research warns that produce once billed as healthy can wreak havoc on the body. → Read More

Them's fightin' words: How militaristic vocabulary works its way into Olympics coverage

Militaristic language has made its way into headlines about the Olympics, but that may say more about Japan's news media than the actual situation. → Read More

‘Tokyo Junkie’: Robert Whiting recounts a lifelong addiction to his adopted city

The author and longtime Japan resident tackles his hardest writing project ever — “interviewing himself” for a memoir on his life, the changing urban landscape and, of course, baseball. → Read More

In COVID-19's wake, Japan faces a bleaker future

A "baby shock" now threatens Japan, according to one journalist. Meanwhile, older residents could be shipped off to China? → Read More

For Japanese men, perhaps money really can buy happiness?

A survey shows that men paid higher salaries (surprise, surprise) have felt less lonely during the pandemic, while a new film group plans to revisit Japan's samurai past. → Read More

Understanding why Japan's prime ministers tend to avoid staying in the official residency

The four-story structure has a somewhat dark history, with former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi reportedly arranging for a Shinto priest to come to the residence and perform an exorcism. → Read More

Corporate selloffs reflect tough times in Japan amid pandemic

Leading Japanese companies are considering selling off prestigious headquarters in central Tokyo as COVID-19 continues to reshape business operations. → Read More

Japan juggles power struggles, hotel woes and what to do with repurposed ATM spaces

The unusually cold winter this year is putting a strain on power utilities nationwide. → Read More

Japanese news outlets report from the besieged citadel of American democracy

The initial reactions in the Japanese media, which focused on the flamboyant garb of a certain individual that was part of the unruly mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. → Read More