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Past articles by Laura:

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The Top 6 Things I Learned From My Failed Marriage

People don’t walk down the aisle expecting to end up going separate ways. If they did, that would be clinically insane. With that said, sometimes things don’t go the way we planned or hoped, and that goes for marriage. We could have a billion good intentions and truly believe in our heart of hearts that this marriage will work out and then … it doesn’t. The vows have been said. Families have… → Read More

All the Stages of a New Mom's Panic Attacks

Will I ever know what the eff I'm doing? → Read More

5 Embarrassing Things That Happen to Your Body During Pregnancy

Everyone talks about all the same parts of pregnancy: feeling the baby move, morning sickness, swollen feet, ultrasound pics, gender-reveal parties or peeing in the middle of the night. But no one tells you about the embarrassing parts: the giant moles that will grow on you, the hemorrhoids, the mood-changing labia. Yup, you read that right, and no, I'm not smoking anything funny. Here are the… → Read More

7 Things I Miss About My Baby Now That She’s in Elementary School

Can I get back the days of cuddling with my only child? → Read More

6 Things Overachieving Moms Do That I Can't Be Bothered to Try

We average moms shouldn't feel bad about our poop-resembling Pinterest projects → Read More

16 Subtle Warning Signs Of Divorce Even The Smartest People Miss

Would you know the signs of divorce is they were staring you right in the face. Whether it's taking too many selfies, overworking yourself, or not spending time together, these are all indicative of a failing marriage. → Read More

How To Get Clear Skin Fast: 15 Tips For A Smooth, Acne-Free Complexion

When you struggle with acne or spots, you'll do anything to learn how to get clear skin. But whether your skin is oily, using home remedies like apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, and even egg whites can save your skin and make it smooth once again. → Read More

17 Ways To Whiten Teeth Faster For A Natural, Pearly-White Smile

If you suffer from yellow teeth, you're probably self-conscious of your smile. But by learning different methods for how to whiten your teeth (and how to whiten teeth naturally, of course!), you can start feeling good again. Try things like coconut oil pulling, apple cider vinegar, and even turmeric powder, as they are the best ways to learn how to whiten teeth. → Read More

14 Signs Your Neediness Scares Men Away (And Turns Your Relationships Toxic)

Nobody likes having a needy partner, but your clinginess may be the reason for all the conflict in your relationship. If he's asking for space, wants you to go out with friends, or you need to ask his permission, you're being way too needy. → Read More

8 Signs Your Codependent Tendencies Push Men Away (And Leave You Alone And Heartbroken)

When you're in a codependent relationship, you rely on your partner for everything. But when your relationship isn't 50/50 and your partner is making all the decisions, you're headed toward a breakup. → Read More

To the Mom Bragging About Her Sleeping Baby

STFU, would ya? → Read More

6 Things I'd Rather Do Than Be Pregnant Again

Pregnancy, for me at least, was hard and sucked. I was hospitalized, sick the majority of the time and barely ate the whole time. It was definitely nothing like the TV shows and movies told me it would be. And you know, those TV pregnancies went by in two episodes. They were quick. Sitcom labor looked like it hurt just a little—about as painful as a splinter removal or ripping off a Band-Aid.… → Read More

7 Reasons You Should Give Zero F*cks If Your Kid Isn't Potty Trained Yet

So your kid isn't potty trained yet? To hell with you! What kind of mother are you anyway? Kidding. Really, everyone learns to use the bathroom in his or her own time and we all know there are some adults that still "miss" the toilet, so is this really a tragedy? Does it really matter if your kid pees in a pull-up or in the super special Star Wars undies you bought for them? The answer to all… → Read More

7 Types of Moms You'll Meet in Mom Group

Some will be your BFF, others will just be effin' annoying → Read More

13 Signs You've DEFINITELY Met Your Sexual Soulmate

A sexual soulmate is someone who is on your same level sexually and doesn't compare to anybody else. Not sure if you've found yours? Here are 13 signs you're incredibly compatible in the bedroom. → Read More

Finding Treasure Among The Trash

My one-year divorce-aversary is coming up quickly. It’s made me stop to think about the year and overall, it’s been a rough one. Every time I... → Read More

Your Drinking Guide to Life as a Single Parent

Single parenthood is by far the hardest thing I've done in my life. Sometimes there's nothing for it but to drink a big old glass of wine → Read More

Your Drinking Guide to Life as a Single Parent

Single parenthood is by far the hardest thing I've done in my life. Sometimes there's nothing for it but to drink a big old glass of wine → Read More

How to Please Your Bartender

There’s one thing you should never do, and that’s piss of your bartender. After all, a bartender is not just a drink slinger. → Read More