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Recent articles by Dennis:

Glenn Close has been making her own costumed fun during her Montana quarantine

This pandemic has been tough on everyone, especially those of us who’ve actually taken this generational health crisis seriously enough to self-isolate (and, for example, not trail our suspect COVID breath back to mom’s house for Thanksgiving). On Monday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert noted how he’s had to ask video-calling guests where in the world they are these days, with first guest Glenn… → Read More

President Obama talks Trump, the daughter he's scared of, and surprises a fan

Look, no President is perfect. No one who navigates the muck of United States politics all the way through to the presidency is going to emerge squeaky clean. But considering the bloviating buffoon we’ve just endured for four years—and who we’ve collectively kicked back out into the cold, eager prosecutor- and creditor-filled world—sitting down with former President Barack Obama for 20 minutes… → Read More

Alex Winter tells former boss Jimmy Kimmel about losing Mr. T, finding Frank Zappa porn

Sure, he’s not anchoring his own super-assassin action trilogy, but the Bill half of the Bill & Ted series hasn’t exactly been napping. Alex Winter, in addition to reprising the role of Bill S. Preston, Esq. alongside longtime pal Keanu Reeves in this year’s amiably improbable, 30-years-later three-quel, Bill & Ted Face The Music, has crafted a more-than-respectable career as a director. Apart… → Read More

Jimmy Kimmel unwraps this year's COVID-protected Sexiest Man Alive, live

People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive turns 35 this year. That’s the age of the famous person handsomeness pageant itself, not the actual winner of the fluffy celebrity publication’s 2020 award in male objectification, as said sexy individual only emerged (in a proto-sexy form) on this Earth some 33 years ago. And, yes, that’s a hint, as Jimmy Kimmel got to unveil this year’s Mr. Sexy (a much… → Read More

John Oliver spends his last show of the season still raging from Trump purgatory

Addressing the fact that he and his HBO skeleton crew have remained in responsible studio lockdown since the pandemic hit us like a frozen freight train full of medical waste, John Oliver assessed his blank, audience-free void, speculating, “I don’t think [it’s] Purgatory, but I can’t prove otherwise.” We can dig it, as, in this, the last Last Week Tonight of the season, Oliver once more was… → Read More

On Late Night, Dan Aykroyd pitches everything from booze to Belushi stories to COVID safety

Dan Aykroyd was never better in his role as one of the original Not Ready For Prime Time Players than when he was rattling off rapid-fire pitches for weird stuff. Whether all-you-can-eat toad restaurants, the ill-fated decimal system takeover of the alphabet, or a creamy glass of bass, the young Aykroyd had a maniacal capitalist gleam in his eyes that implied a little bit about the soul of… → Read More

Election daddy John King tells Jimmy Kimmel about finding joy in a week-long nightmare

Putting the democracy-damaging spectacle of a rashy toddler throwing a tantrum because it’s time to go home—and the attendant worries of a complicit Republican anti-democratic coup—aside, a weary nation is warily allowing itself to accept that the 2020 elections are over. (Oh wait, there are two absolutely vital Senate runoffs in Georgia coming up. Dammit!) Still, one of Americans’ great… → Read More

The Crown's Gillian Anderson is only so-so at X-Files trivia

It was the middle of the night where she was, so keep that in mind, but Gillian Anderson is pretty lousy at X-Files trivia. Not that she hasn’t been busy since her long-ago (and recently—if somewhat regrettably—relived) time as FBI Agent Dana Scully on our TV screens, but just don’t pick Anderson for your X-Files trivia night pub team, is what we’re saying. Appearing very remotely from her home… → Read More

John Oliver’s farewell to Trump makes space for 30 seconds of uncut joy

Last Week Tonight gave a characteristically complex and nuanced analysis of the 2020 presidential election, but John Oliver also provided half a minute for viewers to celebrate Trump's defeat. → Read More

A relieved and breezy post-election SNL coasts after Dave Chappelle drops some wisdom

“Pretty incredible day.” “I’m not an actor, I’m a [town-saving stand-up and unremunerated streaming] star!!” Booking Dave Chappelle for the first Saturday Night Live after a presidential election involving Donald Trump will never be a thing again, but still that was some serious optimism, Lorne. We remember last time. Chappelle’s first time hosting wound up as go-to television not just for the… → Read More

A sleep-deprived George Stephanopoulos tells Jimmy Kimmel why nobody can go to bed yet

Appearing for some intra-network election talk, former political strategist and current disheveled political reporter and host George Stephanopoulos took some time out from his schedule of telling everybody “it’s too close to call” by telling Jimmy Kimmel on Friday that—it’s too close to call. Granted, the Jimmy Kimmel Live chat happened on Friday afternoon, the pandemic has made for… → Read More

Leslie Jones and Seth Meyers reunite to talk election shenanigans and pick their next binge-watch

Sure, Seth Meyers has become one of the most-watched late-night hosts for cogently funny takes on the news since taking over Late Night. And there’s certainly plenty of news, what with a sitting president mounting multiple, contradictory legal challenges to stop (or restart) the voting in states where he is ahead (or behind). (A strategy based on the legal principle, “I’m rich and white and I… → Read More

An election Night Stephen Colbert urged patience and hope—before Trump's attempted coup, to be fair

Perhaps learning from his own 2016 hubris in filming a live Election Night Late Show special, Stephen Colbert—hosted a live Election Night special. Moving over to Showtime for the night, Colbert was the first to acknowledge how soul-crushing it was to have, back then, come into a live election broadcast pre-packed with goofy celebrity bits and the usual Donald Trump one-liners, only to have to… → Read More

It's Election Day, so here's John Mulaney and Seth Meyers being funny and sweet for 20 minutes

Deep, steadying breath, everyone. It’s Election Day in America. And not just Election Day, but the biggest, scariest, most potentially disastrous and republic-ending Election Day since—nope, this is it. This is the one. And late-night hosts, who’ve spent the last four-plus years finding ways to be funny while soul-vomiting at the daily reality of a Donald Trump presidency, spent their last… → Read More

John Oliver gives one last pre-election reminder of Trump's murderously incompetent COVID response

John Oliver and his Last Week Tonight team, sensing the all-or-nothing stakes of Tuesday’s election, went big on Sunday, with a longer-than-usual episode featuring not one, but two main stories. And since we’re all exhausted at this point, here’s a brief rundown of the second one. Attorney General Bill Barr is a lifelong ass-kiss to authority figures everywhere whose dream to put any elected… → Read More

John Mulaney brings more Broadway to SNL with the crabby glories of "Souvenir Shop"

Every time former Saturday Night Live writer, current stand-up star, and comedy-musical theater impresario John Mulaney hosts (and Saturday was his fourth time in three years), he’s haunted by the ghost of a lobster. That’s “Diner Lobster” to you, as the weirdo musical sketch about a forlorn, Les Misérables-singing crustacean from his first hosting stint became an instant classic, setting the… → Read More

John Mulaney delivers a solid SNL, for the fourth time

“Do you applaud for things that you don’t think are a good idea?” → Read More

Jon Stewart concedes that Stephen Colbert won their whole sanity versus fear contest

“Yeah, you, uh, you won,” was Jon Stewart’s concession speech to former employee, network-mate, and pal Stephen Colbert on Thursday’s Late Show. Stewart was referring to it being the tenth anniversary of the then-Comedy Central stars’ 2010 Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear, the pair’s cheeky, massively attended riposte to former Fox News conspiracy loon and current bug-eyed apocalyptic… → Read More

RZA tells Desus and Mero floods have plagued him all the way from Staten Island to Cut Throat City

Desus and Mero can be forgiven for fanning out hard on their guest on Thursday’s show. Multi-hyphenate Wu-Tang Clan legend RZA even gave back a little of the pair’s old school Bobby Digital beeps and boops in greeting, as the hosts greeted fellow New Yorker and their childhood idol with unbridled enthusiasm. (The fact that RZA paused before signing off their extended interview to tell the… → Read More

Elvis Costello reads superfan Stephen Colbert his lyrics for the perfect Trump rally anthem

When Elvis Costello put out the raucous “No Flag” back in June of this benighted year of 2020, its rip-snorting yowl of alienation, disillusionment, and defiance was perhaps understandably pegged as an anti-Trump anthem. Appearing virtually (complete with shifting Zoom background) on Wednesday’s Late Show, the indefatigable rock and roll legend told unabashed number one fan Stephen Colbert that,… → Read More