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Past articles by Amanda:

Why It's Time to Stop Casually Calling People 'Schizophrenic' and 'Bipolar'

Experts point out how offensive and harmful this can be to those who actually live with the conditions. → Read More

9 HIIT Treadmill Workouts Will Make Your Indoor Running Way More Fun

Running on the treadmill can be boring, but these HIIT treadmill workouts will add some variety to your indoor running routine while challenging your body. → Read More

The 12 Best Weighted Blankets for Anxiety—and Why You Might Want to Buy One

Research suggests the evenly distributed pressure of a weighted blanket can help with anxiety and insomnia. Here, the weighted blanket benefits for adults, and the 12 best weighted blankets for anxiety, according to customer reviews. → Read More

Can a Straight Woman Really Become a Lesbian Later in Life? The Truth About Sexual Fluidity

Sexual orientation can change throughout a person's life, and sexual fluidity is more common for women than men, according to new research. → Read More

Why Herpes Isn't as Bad as You Think (and a Lot More Common)

Genital herpes has a scary reputation, but it's not as bad as you think—and a lot more common. → Read More

Fetal Tissue Research Facts and Why It's so Controversial

The Trump Administration banned NIH research using fetal tissue from abortions. Get the facts about fetal tissue research and why it’s controversial. → Read More

All Five Stages of Melanoma—Explained by a Dermatologist

Melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer, is divided into 5 stages. → Read More

New York City Is Going to Fine People Who Don't Get the Measles Shot. Is It Ever OK Not to Be Vaccinated?

Is it ever OK not to get vaccinated against measles? Learn more about the legitimate medical contraindications that mean someone should not get the me → Read More

Is Lyme Disease Curable?

The tick-borne illness can be treated with antibiotics, and most people make a full recovery within weeks or months. Learn more about how long Lyme disease lasts and if there's a cure for Lyme. → Read More

Yes, You Can Get Psoriasis on Your Vagina—and It's Ruining People's Relationships

It's possible to have psoriasis around your genitals, including on the vulva, penis, and scrotum. → Read More

11 Things to Know About Pot and Your Health

Research shows that cannabis can be helpful in treating a variety of conditions, from pain to epilepsy to opioid addiction. Learn more about the risks and benefits of using marijuana. → Read More

5 Long-Term Health Risks of Going Keto

Health experts are concerned about the long-term effects on the body → Read More

Here's Everything You Need to Know About Gut Health

The bacteria in your stomach may influence all aspects of health, from immunity to anxiety and disease. Here's how to get good gut health. → Read More

Are Nipple Injections Safe? The Science Behind the Kendall Jenner–Inspired 'Designer Nipple' Look

Doctors have said that women are coming to them for nipple injections to get the Kendall Jenner “designer nipple” look. Is this procedure safe? → Read More

The Red Growth in This Woman's Belly Button Turned Out to Be a Sign of Aggressive Ovarian Cancer

The strange symptom was diagnosed as a Sister Mary Joseph's nodule, as detailed in this week's New England Journal of Medicine. → Read More

Do Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Really Increase Cancer Risk?

News articles caution that there may be a link between Bluetooth wireless headphones like AirPods and cancer, but not all experts agree on the potenti → Read More

More Young Women Are Having Heart Attacks. This Might Be Why

Doctors are concerned that heart attacks have increased among women ages 35 to 54. Learn what might be causing this trend. → Read More

Jussie Smollett Lied About Being the Victim of a Hate Crime, Police Say. Why Would Someone Do That?

Jussie Smollet claimed to be the victim of a hate crime, but police say they have evidence he paid two men to stage the attack. → Read More

This Weird Bump on a Man's Tongue Turned Out to Be a Rare, Fast-Growing Cancer

A new report in the 'New England Journal of Medicine' features a close-up look at spindle-cell sarcoma, a rare connective-tissue tumor, in a 54-year-o → Read More

'Zombie Deer Disease' Is Infecting Animals Across the Country—Are Humans at Risk?

Chronic wasting disease is spreading among elk and deer in the United States, and now experts are warning that it may one day be transmittable to huma → Read More