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Recent articles by Jessica:

‘This is the beginning’: How our climate crisis threatens human health by spawning drug-resistant superbugs – A

A new analysis warns that "global warming may have played a pivotal role" in the recent rise of a multidrug-resistant fungal superbug, sparking questions and concerns about the emerging public health threats of the human-caused climate crisis. Reporting on the research Tuesday, CNN outlined the h → Read More

After Jeff Epstein's latest sex-crimes arrest, why does Alex Acosta still have a job?

Trump's labor secretary was the U.S. attorney in Miami when accused sex trafficker got "sweetheart" plea deal → Read More

A surprisingly cheap and simple plan could put a huge dent in climate change

Amid record-setting temperatures worldwide and predictions by experts that this year will be among the hottest humanity has ever seen, researchers behind a new study say a rapid global effort to plant billions of trees and the restoration of forests would be the "most effective" strategy for battlin → Read More

The Billionaires Club puts 2020 Dems on notice: Impose a wealth tax now!

Super rich to 2020 POTUS hopefuls: “America has a moral, ethical and economic responsibility to tax our wealth" → Read More

Trump’s cruel new policy would effectively bar Central American refugees from seeking asylum – A

Immigrant and human rights advocates responded with alarm Thursday to a report that the Trump administration "is considering sweeping restrictions on asylum that would effectively block Central American migrants from entering the U.S.," condemning the proposed policy as both inhumane and unconstitut → Read More

"This is about attacking journalism": Press freedom defenders on Assange espionage charges

Government has launched a "war on journalism," advocates say — an "extraordinary escalation" of Trump's attacks → Read More

Commencement speaker pays off $40 million in student debt: ‘A burning indictment of our higher ed system’ – A

Billionaire's gift to nearly 400 graduating seniors of Morehouse College earned him praise—but also sparked criticism of the cost of education. → Read More

Bernie Sanders proposes "Thurgood Marshall Plan" for public education

Sanders' moratorium on for-profit charter schools is just one part of an ambitious "anti-segregation" agenda → Read More

Bombshell report reveals secret memos showing Trump’s EPA ignored its own scientists’ calls to ban asbestos – A

In a report that elicited calls for congressional action, the New York Times revealedWednesday that "senior officials at the Environmental Protection Agency disregarded the advice of their own scientists and lawyers in April when the agency issued a rule that restricted but did not ban asbestos." → Read More

Doctor and activist Abdul El-Sayed: Green New Deal is also a public health breakthrough

Former Michigan gubernatorial candidate and Detroit health director argues Green New Deal is crucial for children → Read More

US-backed forces killed more Afghan civilians than the Taliban and ISIS did so far in 2019: UN report

In an "unprecedented" revelation that highlights the consequences of the seemingly endless war in Afghanistan, the United Nations announced Wednesday that U.S.-backed forces killed more Afghan civilians than the Taliban and other armed anti-government groups did in the first three months of this yea → Read More

Campaign report: Bernie Sanders calls for allowing incarcerated felons to vote

Only two states now allow felons currently serving time to vote. As Sanders notes, Vermont is one of them → Read More

Ahead of global #ClimateStrike, 16-year-old Greta Thunberg nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Swedish high school student whose protest launched a worldwide movement has been nominated for Nobel Peace Prize → Read More

New report shows Trump’s ‘tough on crime’ platform doesn’t extend to ‘lawbreaking corporations’ – A

"Trump, who once asserted that he was 'not going to let Wall Street get away with murder,' now is allowing industry after industry to get away with just about anything." → Read More

‘Testicular Bill of Rights’ would restrict men’s access to Viagra and porn – A

The proposal aims "to show the absurdity when a woman tries to regulate a man's body" as anti-choice legislation regulates women's bodies. → Read More

"A message to corporate CEOs across the country," says Sanders, after Wabtec workers strike victory

The 90-day deal is a win for folks "sick and tired of seeing their standard of living decline as a result of greed" → Read More

Mitch McConnell poised to turn steady stream of Trump’s right-wing judges into a flood – A

Critics warn that even if Democrats regain control of White House and Senate, the flood of judges could mean there will be no more vacancies to fill post-2020 → Read More

NSA halts mass domestic spying program first exposed by Snowden in 2013: GOP aide

"It's time for this mass surveillance program to end permanently," say civil liberties advocates. → Read More

Watch ‘the progressive physician’ stun a Fox panel with ‘one of the best cases for single payer I’ve ever seen’

Amid mounting excitement over new Medicare for All legislation unveiled this week, Dr. Adam Gaffney took on a panel of skeptics at Fox Business Network on Friday, delivering a widely celebrated argument for why U.S. lawmakers need to heed the growing public demands to replace private for-profit heal → Read More

GOP ripped for ‘shameful’ vote after ex-coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler confirmed as new EPA chief – A

Environmental and public health advocates on Thursday sharply condemned Senate Republicans for a "shameful" vote confirming ex-coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). "With Andrew Wheeler-dealer at the helm, it's truly time to rename EPA the 'En → Read More