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Recent articles by Chris:

How Google made its newest Pixel phone so cheap

When Google released the Pixel 3a and 3a XL, they were pretty good deals -- you could pay as little as $399 for a phone with the same clean software and excellent camera performance as the company’s earlier, more premium devices. The strategy paid off: Google sold 3 million Pixel 3a phones in its first two quarters on the market, compared to just 2 million Pixel 4s in the same amount of time. To… → Read More

Google's long-awaited Pixel 4a goes on sale August 20th for $350

After a months-long delay and a steady stream of leaks, Google's Pixel 4a is finally here. Google focused most of its resources on developing a single version of the Pixel 4a, and thanks to its 5.8-inch OLED screen, it physically splits the difference between last year's Pixel 3a and 3a XL. As all those rumors suggested, the 4a looks cleaner than earlier models because Google went with a… → Read More

Apple confirms its new iPhones will be delayed by a 'few weeks'

For years, people have been buying brand new iPhones in September, typically weeks after a splashy press conference at Apple's ring-shaped headquarters. Not so, this year. During a customary post-earnings conference call, Luca Maestri — the company's Chief Financial Officer — confirmed that Apple's new iPhones would be arriving later than usual “As you know, last year we started selling new… → Read More

Apple achieves a quarterly record amid iPhone launch uncertainty

It seems like Apple's steady cadence of product releases in the midst of a pandemic has seriously paid off. The company released its Q3 2020 earnings this afternoon, in which it reported $59.7 billion in quarterly revenue and $11.25 billion in net income -- that's up significantly compared to Apple's performance in the year-ago quarter. According to CEO Tim Cook, healthy growth across Apple's… → Read More

Fox Sports will pack MLB broadcasts with virtual crowds

Major League Baseball's shortened, 60-game season kicks off today, but teams won't be taking the field to the customary roar of the crowds. The idea of silent, empty stands isn't just odd to players -- it's weird for broadcasters too, which is why Fox Sports will be fleshing out stadiums with virtual crowds when it starts airing MLB games this weekend. Fox Sports isn't the only player trying to… → Read More

Samsung's $1,450 Galaxy Z Flip 5G will land in the US on August 7th

Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip is the best foldable we've tested so far this year. What's peculiar is just how quickly Samsung cooked up a new version of its charming foldable flip phone. The company officially announced the Galaxy Z Flip 5G this morning, and as its name suggests, the device packs the next-generation network support the original missed out on. → Read More

The unlocked, 5G-capable Motorola Edge will launch on July 31st

Motorola's Edge Plus is a fascinating option for smartphone shoppers, but there's at least one notable catch: You can only get one if you're a Verizon customer. This morning, Motorola confirmed that it will begin to sell the slightly more modest -- and fully unlocked -- Edge starting on July 31st. You'll be able to buy one direct from Motorola, plus the usual cadre of retail partners, like… → Read More

Everything we know about the Twitter Bitcoin hack

Early in the afternoon (Eastern time) on July 15th, a hacker -- or hackers -- gained control of a series of Twitter accounts owned by Bitcoin enthusiasts, executives and exchanges. Upon gaining control of those accounts, the hackers tweeted messages to those accounts' audiences claiming that they would be "giving 5000 BTC back to the community" and directing users to People… → Read More

Sony will reveal its long-awaited A7s III on July 28th

At the time, Kenji Tanaka, Senior General Manager of Sony’s Digital Imaging Group, told the publication that the company had embarked on a "complete redesign of the whole system, including the image sensor." Unfortunately, Tanaka's conversation was a little light on the technical detail. In the meantime, Sony Alpha Rumors has been dutifully chronicling new spces and features passed along by… → Read More

Lenovo's new budget AMD gaming laptops start at $660

Lenovo recently went a little wild by cramming a 64-core Ryzen Threadripper PRO into an unassuming workstation, but we assume one of those won't be landing on your desk any time soon. Perhaps the most notable of Lenovo's new US-bound releases is the Legion 5, which comes in 15.6 and 17.3-inch variants. → Read More

Everything you need to know about Google's Pixel 4a

The Pixel 4a is an upcoming midrange smartphone developed by Google. Like the fan-favorite Pixel 3a before it, the Pixel 4a should deliver a clean, frequently updated version of Android 10 and great camera performance on a budget. Competition in the mid-range market is seriously stiff at the moment, however, so Google's latest phone has its work cut out for it. → Read More

Palmer Luckey's startup will build a 'virtual' border wall

It's no secret that Palmer Luckey's Anduril Industries has been developing a "virtual wall" to heighten national security -- he's been at it for the better part of three years. According to a new report from the Washington Post, the Trump administration awarded Anduril a lucrative five-year contract to erect hundreds of AI-powered surveillance towers along the U.S.-Mexico border by 2022. “These… → Read More

Motorola's 5G-capable Edge will sell for $700 unlocked in the US

When we reviewed Motorola's $1,000 Edge Plus, we found it a surprisingly competent smartphone that couldn't quite outclass its premium competition. As a Verizon exclusive, the Edge Plus wasn't really an option for a big chunk of smartphone shoppers, but a slightly toned-down model called the Motorola Edge would cater to everyone else sometime this summer. The Motorola Edge is one of those rare,… → Read More

Watch our live coverage of Apple's WWDC 2020 keynote!

If this were any other year, we’d be getting ready to cover Apple’s WWDC keynote address from the middle of the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose. We might be cozy at home, but it’s hard to imagine things at Apple feeling similarly at ease. → Read More

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 690 chipset brings 5G to cheaper phones

As far as 5G smartphone chipsets go, Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 might be the best known, but there's one issue: It's as expensive as it is powerful. The company's new Snapdragon 690 chipset is a little different — instead of powering new flashy new flagships, it's going into much more reasonably priced phones. → Read More

Motorola's low-cost Moto G Fast and Moto E arrive on June 12th

Motorola swung for the fences earlier this year with a new premium phone, but make no mistake: Reliable, low-cost devices are still the brand’s bread and butter. The $200 Moto G Fast has all the makings of a solid budget phone, but there’s something we really need to address upfront: Motorola’s questionable branding. This year’s Moto G Power has a huge, 5,000mAh battery. → Read More

What does Apple want from a VR events company?

Since 2009 a startup called NextVR has been developing proprietary cameras and striking deals to bring live events -- think sporting events, wrestling matches and concerts -- straight to the VR headset of your choice. The writing was on the virtual wall -- until Apple swooped in with a check. → Read More

Toyota’s 2021 Sienna minivans will all be hybrids

Toyota's new, 2021 Sienna is notable for two reasons. In tandem, the 2021 Sienna produces a maximum of 243 horsepower, which is noticeably less than what you'd find in the current crop's naturally aspirated V6 engines. Toyota's answer to all of the above is "Sure, why not?" → Read More

An iPhone and an ultrasound wand could help doctors spot COVID-19 remotely

Welcome to a new way to diagnose COVID-19. The beauty of Butterfly's approach to telemedicine is that you don't have to know a thing about ultrasound systems to use it. → Read More

Specialized's latest e-bike is a super-light all-rounder

It's pedal-assist all the way here, and Specialized says that at full tilt, the ten-speed Turbo Vado SL’s custom motor will smoothly match 100% of a rider's effort at speeds up to 28mph. → Read More