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Recent articles by Chris:

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Beyond physical fitness, wearable gadgets are taking a keener interest in your mental health. → Read More

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How to send text messages from the comfort of your computer

Why is sending a text message from your own computer still kind of a crapshoot? → Read More

After years of sameness, phones are getting delightfully weird again

Some smartphone makers are turning traditional device design on its head. Here's what they're doing, and how well it's working. → Read More

Your phone has tools to help you use it less. They work.

It's easy to lose hours to a TikTok binge or Wikipedia deep dive. Here's how to use your phone's built-in tools to dial down these distractions. → Read More

Here’s how to keep your phone cool and working in a heat wave

As record-breaking heat waves bake areas of the United States and Europe, here is the Help Desk's tips to keep our hot phones cool. → Read More

The definition of broadband internet may change. Here’s why.

Seven years and one worldwide health disaster later, all eyes are on the FCC to see if it finally changes what "broadband" internet means. → Read More

You can now preview iOS 16’s editable iMessages and more

Earlier this summer, Apple announced a bevy of clever new features for its phones, tablets and computers. Here's how they've been working so far. → Read More

Deleting files isn’t enough. Here’s how to properly erase hard drives.

Recycling, donating, reselling — your old computers don't have to languish around the house. Just make sure the hard drives have been securely scrubbed first. → Read More

A picture-perfect metaverse is years away. Meta’s prototypes prove it.

Meta showcased some prototype headsets that aim to address limitations with current ones but they prove a picture-perfect metaverse is ages away. → Read More

What Europe’s push to simplify chargers means for you

Europe’s push to end cord confusion could extend well beyond its borders. → Read More

Here’s how to preserve your important voice mails

Some of our most important messages only live on as voice mails. Here's our step-by-step guide to preserving them, just in case something ever happens to your phone. → Read More

Apple to show off software (and maybe headset plans) at developer show

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference offers an annual peek at the new software coming to iPhones, iPads, Macs and more. Here are the features most worth looking out for. → Read More

The iPod age is over, but some of you still have questions

The age of the iPod is over. This week, we take questions from some of the people who loved them the most. → Read More

What is Discord, the chat app used by the Buffalo shooter?

Discord is a desktop, web and mobile app for messaging, usually through written chats, similar to workplace communication app Slack. Before he allegedly killed 10 people in a Buffalo supermarket, the suspected shooter left a string of racist writings on the forum. → Read More

Google will take on Apple with a tablet and smartwatch of its own

For years, Google was content making smart home gadgets and the occasional smartphones. Not anymore. → Read More

The iPod: Gone but never forgotten

Apple will sell its remaining stock of Mp3 players and kiss the age of the iPod goodbye. But a new generation of tech aficionados is working to prolong the iPod's legacy. → Read More

Ask Help Desk: How to keep your phone working while traveling abroad

Prepping your phone for a trip overseas can be confusing. Let us help you sort through your options for staying connected. → Read More