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Recent articles by Chris:

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Apple outlines plan to make its AirTag trackers easier to find

Apple outlined a series of changes designed to dial down AirTags' potential for abuse. Here's what will change and when. → Read More

Samsung’s latest tablet may have a bigger screen than your laptop

This week, Samsung officially revealed its first wave of shiny gadgets for 2022, including a new trio of new Galaxy S22 smartphones. But for the first time in over a year, Samsung is taking a big swing at the tablet market, too. → Read More

Internet service plans will soon come with ‘nutrition’ labels. It’s about time.

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5G service just got faster for some people. Here’s why.

After a bit of a lull, 5G is making headlines all over again. Here’s your guide to why, and what it means for you. → Read More

Recycling should be easier. These home appliance start-ups are trying to help.

While it might sound a little easier to keep a couple of dedicated recycling bins around two start-ups are tackling a sort of recycling gap people might not always think about. → Read More

What it’s like at one of the world’s biggest tech trade shows as omicron surges

This year's chaotic CES conference raises valuable questions about the future of giant in-person business events. → Read More