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Recent articles by Alex:

Is the West in decline?

Oswald Spengler may have the answer, which may be more right today than when he first published his famed work a century ago. → Read More

What geometry can teach us about rights, equality and politics

Appealing to self-evidence is no royal road to truth, rather it can lead us astray, into falsehood. → Read More

Cold War 2.0 is just a distraction

It doesn’t exist, unless we turn it into a self-fulfilling prophecy. → Read More

Is modern China the end (goal) of history?

A fully developed and industrialised country – with its people and state sharing the same or similar goals, aspirations and values in rational self-interest – is how Hegel describes the end point of political development, a state that is more or less harmonised, and free of radical polarisation. → Read More

How to get nations to behave

If China is a bad actor in the South China Sea, Britain and the US may be acting much worse in the Indian Ocean, so how about a quid pro quo to get everyone to behave for the sake of world peace? → Read More

The US pot calling the HK kettle black

American politicians should realise they have zero to negative moral authority to tell other people how to run elections, governments and police, given the disgraceful state of their own governance → Read More

Take courage, Mrs Lam, and do what needs to be done

An open letter to Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong SAR. → Read More

Mainland and overseas Chinese may be worlds apart over China

Such diverse groups necessarily have very different political priorities and sympathies, leading to misreading by self-centred Washington and Beijing. → Read More

Why both sides get Benny Tai’s case wrong

His teaching of civil disobedience is perfectly justified but his firing is not about academic interference, rather it’s the fact that he has been criminally convicted. → Read More

It’s the US stirring the pot in South China Sea

Manila and Beijing want to normalise relations, but Washington is standing in the way → Read More

Poor Nixon must be rolling in his grave

Mutual engagement between China and the US remains the only sane option today, something that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is dangerously trying to undermine → Read More

Is China the West’s Frankenstein’s monster?

American politicians, now on a new anti-communist crusade, may not like the ending of the story → Read More

Why Beijing didn’t shut down US consulate in Hong Kong

Targeting US mission in the city would be a major escalation while China prefers to show restraint and not play into the hands of an increasingly hostile Washington → Read More

Who’s the brain behind Mike Pompeo’s anti-China stance?

His principal policy and planning adviser on China, Miles Maochun Yu, harbours some pretty dark thoughts about China and Asia-Pacific. → Read More

Britain, the new vassal state of the United States

Post-Brexit, the UK will have no support from the European Union as a middle power while China, once its best trading prospect, has become an adversary. → Read More

TikTok is the new Chinese threat to US national security

The way some American politicians describe the harmless social app, you would think it’s more dangerous than Huawei, the 5G networks supplier, and nuclear weapons → Read More

Why it’s misleading to call US-China rivalry the new cold war

Most Chinese today don’t suffer from the same repression and material deprivation of those who lived in the Soviet Union; some may even think they will win in their country’s confrontation with the West → Read More

Beijing enjoys greater legitimacy than any Western state

You are free to hate and despise China all you want, but if you think it will collapse by its own weight because its government lacks legitimacy or popular support, you will always be surprised and never understand your enemy → Read More

Dark times ahead for Hong Kong legislature

People in the city now face the choice of a paralysed legislature or a discredited one. → Read More

US plays dangerous game with no end goal

What is perhaps most damaging is that America wants to drag its allies and friends into its fight with China, without defining or understanding what it is they want → Read More