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Recent articles by Terrence:

iRig Keys 2 Mini is a MIDI controller with a headphone jack for your iPhone

iRig is no stranger to the world of portable MIDI controllers. And, frankly, there's no shortage of great keyboards out there that will fit neatly into your backpack. But IK Multimedia was one of the earlier brands to start building music-making gear specifically with the iPhone and iPad in mind. → Read More

New Launchkey MK3 MIDI controllers add a powerful arpeggiator

Novation is updating its Launchkey MID controller lineup with deeper Ableton integration and a powerful new arpeggiator. → Read More

Moog Subharmonicon review: An experimental synth with an iconic sound

The Subharmonicon indulges its experimental side more than other Moog synths. It's inspired by the Mixtur-Trautonium and the Rhythmicon a pair of early electronic music instruments. Those avant-garde roots show and can make it a bit daunting if you’re just looking for a quick fix of that iconic bass sound. But patience and persistence reveal that the Subharmonicon, for all of its complexity, is… → Read More

Roland brings its Zen-core synth engine to your computer

As part of its revamped Roland Cloud service, it’s also launching Zenology as a standalone VST instrument that can be used in your DAW of choice. The full version comes packed with over 3,500 different synth sounds and 80 drum kits. → Read More

Overbridge 2 tears down the wall between your PC and your synth

But now Overbridge 2 is finally and officially here. → Read More

ZOIA review: A complex and rewarding modular effects pedal

Empress Effects ZOIA is unquestionably a one-of-a-kind effects pedal. Its interface can be daunting at times, but it puts an almost limitless number of sounds at your feet. → Read More

Eyesy is a Raspbery Pi-powered video synthesizer

Critter & Guitari gave its Organelle music computer a major upgrade last year. This year, it's turning its attention its line of video synthesizers. The ETC visualizer is being replaced by Eyesy, a Raspberry Pi-powered computer that turns sounds and music into Atari-esque pixelated animations. Like the ETC before it, the Eyesy runs visualization programs called "Modes" written in Python -- a… → Read More

A beginners guide to buying a synth

Before you buy a synth Let me begin by suggesting that if you're just looking to explore and see if synthesizers are for you, get some free soft synths and a MIDI controller. It'll be cheaper and let you try out different styles of synthesis before you go out and drop a bunch of money on dedicated hardware. If you're ready to make the leap to a physical synth, then let's set some ground rules… → Read More

Model:Cycles review: An affordable and approachable FM groovebox

Fair or not, Elektron has a reputation for making complex and kinda pricey electronic music gear. Last year though, it made a serious play for the entry l... → Read More

Yamaha’s tiny wireless guitar amp gets everything right but the price

Yamaha's THR10 II Wireless desktop guitar amp looks great and sounds great, but costs much more than the competition. → Read More

The Iowa app debacle is a bad omen for modernizing our elections

The American electoral system is a weird arcane thing. And primary politics even more so. Honestly, I could spend the next 2,000 words trying to explain t... → Read More

What to buy if you want to start producing music at home

Setting up a home studio doesn't have to be hard or expensive. → Read More

Google CEO Sundar Pichai calls for 'sensible regulation' of AI

Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai takes his sweet time getting to the point in a new Financial Times editorial. But when he gets there, he leave's little ro... → Read More

Finally: A guitar pedal you’re supposed to spill beer on

I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on the history of guitar pedals. But, I'm fairly confident in saying there has never been a pedal quite like Rainger FX... → Read More

Behringer’s synth clone train keeps rolling with modular System 100

Regardless of your opinion of Behringer, you can't deny that the company is tireless in its efforts to bring affordable versions of classic synths to the masses... → Read More

MicroFreak update adds new oscillator and modes for simplified noise-making

Arturia adds a noise source and player-friendly features in first major Microfreak update. → Read More

The Moog Subsequent 25 offers classic synth bass with modern amenities

Anytime Moog releases a new synth it's worth getting at least a little excited about. And the Subsequent 25 (or Sub 25) is no exception. It's the successor to t... → Read More

Akai's MPC One is a (reasonably) affordable music production machine

It's been a few years since Akai's iconic MPC line has seen a significant new entry. But at NAMM 2020 the company is not only introducing a new model, but speci... → Read More

Roland's Zen-Core engine lets instruments share synth sounds

Roland basically abandoned pure analog synths. Instead it's been focused on improving its digital instruments and software that pay homage to the past, while em... → Read More

KeyStep Pro aims to be the MIDI command center of your home studio

Arturia's KeyStep is pretty beloved among hardware synth enthusiasts and bedroom producers alike. It's an affordable, versatile and impeccably built MIDI contro... → Read More