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Recent articles by Terrence:

The best multi-effects pedal for new guitarists

The best multi-effects pedal for beginner guitarist needs to be affordable, easy to use and, above all, it has to sound great. → Read More

Drone motors make wonderfully grungy synth music

Gamechanger Audio’s Motor Synth makes wonderfully grungy music using, well, motors. → Read More

Soundtrap for Storytellers is Spotify's latest play for podcasters

Spotify has been snatching up companies left and right. One of the odder acquisitions was Soundtrap, an online music production tool. It just didn't really seem... → Read More

The best coding kits for kids

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Part of the reason I write about technology for a living is that I couldn't cut it as a coder. It's not that I... → Read More

Elektron turned its Digitone groove box into a proper synth

If you're into synths and grooveboxes at all, chances are you're familiar with Elektron's Digitone. It's part of it's mid-range "Digi" line of instruments, and... → Read More

Arturia's MicroFreak is an affordable synth that lives up to its name

Arturia already has a compelling low-cost analog synth in the MicroBrute. And an affordable analog drum machine in the DrumBrute Impact (that FM drum sounds bon... → Read More

Elektron is making its powerful music-making sequencers more affordable

Elektron has a reputation for building high-end synths, samplers and grooveboxes with matching high-end prices. It's "affordable" options -- the Digitakt and Di... → Read More

Teenage Engineering is making modular synths for the masses

Teenage Engineering aims to make modular synths affordable and compact with new Pocket Operators. → Read More

Korg Minilogue XD synthesizer review

When Korg introduced the Minilogue in 2016 it was a game changer. It's a true analog polyphonic synth for around $500 and frankly, there isn't much else lik... → Read More

Korg introduces Volca Modular and Volca Drum synths

Korg's popular Volca line is getting larger and weirder with two additions: Modular and Drum. The affordable and portable line of battery powered synths has co... → Read More

I want a wireless charging pocket in my next bag

Look, it's hard to get excited about a backpack. But, I have to admit, the Targus Mobile ViP+ Backpack is actually pretty damn cool. Most importantly, it's a so... → Read More

Greetings from CES 2019!

It feels like CES only just ended, but we're back in Las Vegas for the 2019 edition and we couldn't be more excited. Just like always, there will be plenty of c... → Read More

Scarlett Johansson says fighting deepfake porn is 'fruitless'

Scarlett Johansson knows better than most how horrible a place the internet can be. She's been the victim of leaks before where private photos have ended up pub... → Read More

The Pixel 3 has 2018’s best smartphone camera

Let's be honest. We're a generation obsessed with taking and sharing photos. In recent years, our phone cameras have become so capable they've essentially kille... → Read More

Drinkworks Home Bar is a literal Keurig for cocktails

I have seen countless companies claim to deliver the Keurig of (fill in the blank). The "Keurig of cocktails" market in particular is crowded with wannabes that... → Read More

ThinkPad X1 Extreme review: Big on power and price

Full disclosure: I have something of a complicated relationship with ThinkPads. Once upon a time, I was what you might call a "fanboy." Over the course of... → Read More

FL Studio gets its own dedicated music-making hardware

The Akai Fire gives FL Studio the dedicated music-making hardware it deserves. → Read More

Google Podcasts is pretty but basic

Google has a long and disappointing history with podcasts. With Apple and iTunes, they were always an integral part of the experience. For Android, though, it w... → Read More

PicoBrew moves beyond beer to tackle coffee, kombucha and more

You've got to hand it to PicoBrew: The company is ambitious, if nothing else. After years of trying to perfect an automated, counter-top beer brewing mach... → Read More

Fisher-Price’s wearable baby monitor is an unreliable rash machine

Spoiler alert: This does not end well for Fisher-Price. For several months now I've been using the company's Sproutling wearable "baby monitor." And you'll not... → Read More