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Past articles by Rania:

When It’s Real, You Won’t Feel Anxious About It

They will embrace who you are with all your quirks and imperfections. → Read More

Why Some People Get Mad When You Start Loving Yourself More

Some people get mad because they miss the old version of you. → Read More

Those Who Love You Will Show It And Those Who Miss You Will Say It

It’s time to stop extending yourself to those who don’t even try. → Read More

5 Toxic Mindsets That You Need To Get Rid Of To Live A Better Life

Toxic mindsets are beliefs about our lives or ourselves that we develop from unfavorable circumstances, traumas, unresolved childhood issues, and failure. → Read More

I’m No Longer Holding Back The Parts Of Me That Are Meant To Shine

I’m no longer accepting half-hearted love or mediocre relationships. → Read More

You Never Know What God Has In Store For You, But It’s Always Better Than You Think

You never know why God tested you with the things that meant the most to you or the things you thought you couldn’t live without, but you should know that every time you think you lost something sp… → Read More

The Truth About Second Chances And Whether Or Not They’re Worth it

You are not trying to change who you are for someone else. → Read More

This What Happens When Your Coping Strategy Is To Emotionally Detach

You’re safer not expecting love or support from anyone because the last time you did, they disappointed you. → Read More

The Wrong People Will Never Love You The Right Way

They’ll push you away instead of trying to meet you halfway. They’ll always take your feelings lightly. → Read More

Maybe I Lied And Said I Forgive You

The truth is, you can’t truly forgive someone who never tried to fix what they broke. → Read More

Sometimes It’s A Blessing That You Didn’t Get What You Prayed For

Now you know what's right for you and what you deserve and that’s something God knew all along. → Read More

I’m Slowly Learning That The Red Flags You Ignore Now Will Wound You Later

The more red flags you ignore, the more time you’ll waste because trust me, ignoring the red flags just because you like someone will only make you feel unworthy and unloved and you deserve a lot m… → Read More

I Finally Outgrew Our Story

I finally outgrew the version of me that fell in love with someone like you. → Read More

Please Stop Rewarding The People Who Keep Hurting You

They don’t deserve all these compromises. They simply won't do the same for you. → Read More

It’s Time To Stop Judging Women Who Don’t Want Kids

Some women don’t want kids because they know they can’t handle that kind of commitment for the rest of their lives. → Read More

To Anyone Who Has Ever Made You Feel Replaceable

There comes a moment after when you walk into an interview and you feel like you’re being appreciated and treated with the respect you deserve. → Read More

The Art Of Moving On

In a way, they complete each other but you can’t truly heal by letting go alone, you have to move on because moving on means releasing all the physical and emotional attachments you harbored, it’s … → Read More

What Is A ‘Trauma Bond’ And How To Know If It’s Impacting Your Relationships

Many people are aware that they’re in toxic relationships but they still don’t have the courage or the confidence to leave so they choose to forgive or stick around in hopes that it may all change … → Read More

Dating After Divorce: How To Do It Right

Dating after divorce is tricky because there’s no manual for it, however, there are some key tips that you have to consider that may make the whole process a lot easier for you and your new partner… → Read More

Trust Me When I Say You Can Survive Any Kind Of Betrayal

Trust me when I say someday you will thank these people for their betrayal because they opened the door for you to become more self-aware and self-sufficient. → Read More