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Recent articles by Gordon:

Cooperate with China or World War 3: Kissinger

What is the best indication that Kissinger is wrong? Beijing at the moment is waging a concerted propaganda campaign to push his views as widely as possible. When your enemy wants you to do something, it is almost always not in your interest. → Read More

Wall Street Wants More Frauds from China

Why do Chinese companies pillage American investors? Because American rules — more precisely, exceptions to them — essentially invite them to do so. → Read More

Gordon Chang: Here's how China is interfering to smear Trump ahead of 2020 election

It appears Beijing’s ongoing anti-Trump effort will exceed Russian meddling both this year and in 2016. → Read More

Gordon G. Chang: Trump right to stop funding World Health Organization over its botched coronavirus response

The WHO, President Trump correctly said Tuesday, failed its “basic duty and must be held accountable.” → Read More

Gordon G. Chang: Trump right to attack WHO on coronavirus – UN agency deserves even harsher criticism

The World Health Organization bears responsibility for helping China spread the coronavirus far beyond China’s borders. What should have been merely a local outbreak that began in China became a worldwide pandemic as a result of the actions of Beijing and the WHO. → Read More

China Should Pay a Financial Cost For Its Coronavirus Lies

China committed a crime against the world, and somehow it must pay. → Read More

Donald Trump Can't Cooperate with China on Coronavirus

The time for engagement with Beijing is over. → Read More

Gordon G. Chang: China falsely blames US for coronavirus pandemic

China is falsely accusing the United States of being responsible for the coronavirus pandemic, an effort to ignite hatred against the U.S. and deflect blame from Chinese leaders. → Read More

Coronavirus Is Killing China’s Factories (And Creating Economic Chaos)

"Walmart, which essentially forces suppliers to manufacture in China, told consumers to “save money, live better.” Yet how can they live better if store shelves are bare?" → Read More

China Adopts Malicious "Cybersecurity" Rules

After all these "cybersecurity" rules are in place, no foreign company may encrypt data so that it cannot be read by the Chinese central government and the Communist Party of China. In other words, businesses will be required to turn over encryption keys → Read More

In Hong Kong, It’s Now a Revolution

“In Hong Kong, revolution is in the air. What started out as an unexpectedly large demonstration in late April against a piece of legislation—an extradition bill—has become a call for democracy in the territory as well as independence from China and the end of communism on Chinese soil.” → Read More

U.S. Deal with China Saves Huawei, Threatens America

This is the worst possible time in what is called the "cold tech war" to give relief to Huawei. Huawei is vulnerable to American measures for only a short period, so this is the time for the Trump administration to exert leverage. hen it comes to → Read More

China's Debt Debacle

Beijing must now rein in debt, and reining in debt has scary consequences. → Read More

Trump's Huawei Reprieve Is a National Security Debacle

Huawei is in no position to resist Beijing's demands to illicitly gather intelligence. For one thing, Beijing owns Huawei. The Shenzhen-based enterprise maintains it is "employee-owned," but that is an exaggeration. Founder Ren Zhengfei holds a 1 percent → Read More

Trump’s Visit to North Korea is an Alarming Message to China

Beijing is nervous about the latest mini-summit. → Read More

Trump Bows to Xi Jinping's Huawei Demands at G20

Selling American chips to a company branded as a security risk was only one of the areas where Trump gave ground. → Read More

Gordon G. Chang: Could Hong Kong protests topple China's Communist rulers?

Xi Jinping may appear strong now but demonstrators in Hong Kong are forcing their leader to capitulate and China’s leader has to be concerned what happens next. → Read More

U.S. Must Put a Ban on Google Helping China Develop a Global Digital Dictatorship

Google’s decision to help China is paving the way for Beijing’s ‘digital dictatorship.’ Ultimately, Washington must make a political decision to criminalize such collaboration. → Read More

How Chinese Theft Becomes a Global Menace

Huawei, accused many times over of stealing secrets, is poised to control next-gen cellular technology worldwide. → Read More

The Chinese government will have eyes and ears on all of us someday if the FTC gets its way

The national security of the United States, whether we like it or not, rests on the success of Qualcomm. So why is the Federal Trade Commission siding with China in a case against it? → Read More