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Recent articles by Gordon:

CHANG: ‘Rainbow Fentanyl’ Is Designed To Addict And Kill America’s Youth. Here’s How The US Can Stop It

Are these measures extreme? Perhaps, but close to 100,000 Americans each year overdose on fentanyl and related opioids, and soon many more will be children. → Read More

Do we have the wrong nuclear weapons to deter Russia and China?

Once nuclear deterrence breaks down, the worst can occur quickly. → Read More

Is China sparking stealth war in the air?

China has engaged in a series of troubling intercepts of aircraft in recent months. → Read More

We should be restricting, not expanding, trade with China

It is time for America’s trade policy to align with its values. → Read More

In Shanghai, COVID-19 has become China’s political disease

To please one person, Chinese communism is destroying a great city — and a great people. → Read More

Why India is 'shaky' on Ukraine

Don’t expect India to come around to America’s side anytime soon. → Read More

China's nuclear threats are following on the heels of Russia's threats and should be a US wake-up call

China’s Ministry of Defense on Thursday threatened to impose the "worst consequences" on countries helping Taiwan defend itself. → Read More

Biden Ignoring Budapest Memorandum Commitments to Ukraine

It is now time for the United States to remember the promises made—those in writing and those made informally...Putin, after all, will not stop at Ukraine. → Read More

Will Xi Jinping’s ‘End of Days’ Plunge China and the World into War?

Virulent anti-Americanism suggests Xi Jinping is establishing a justification to strike America. The Chinese regime often uses its media to first warn and then signal its actions. → Read More

China celebrates genocide and death at Olympics

The Chinese regime is hiding no more. At the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, a proud – and arrogant – ruling group is flaunting an image the world abhors. → Read More

China is making sanctions on Russia irrelevant

The announcement of the new Russia-China oil and gas arrangements makes Washington’s warnings seem hollow, or at least behind-the-times → Read More

As Kazakhstan models China's brutality, will China model its protests?

Events in neighboring Kazakhstan are unnerving the leadership of the seemingly mighty Chinese state. → Read More

What America must do about China in 2022

China’s regime attacks America every day, and every day America’s political leaders, and especially its president, refuse to react. Why? → Read More

China Planning the Ultimate Genocide; Biden Responding with Empty Words

President Joe Biden on December 15 "smirked and walked away" when a reporter wanted to know why he has not asked Beijing "to do more to be transparent on the origins" of COVID-19.China's coronavir → Read More

'Allies' China and Russia are ganging up on America

The United States has not had to confront two peer competitors since the end of the Second World War and has not faced a united China and Russia since the last days of the 1950s. → Read More

Peng Shuai Is Making China Panic

The tennis star’s explosive rape allegation threatens the Chinese regime’s hosting of the Winter Olympics. → Read More

Biden-Xi summit: Meaningless talk can lead to war

Conflicts are not the result of the absence of conversation, however: They start when democracies waste time in meaningless talk. → Read More

Are supply chain disruptions the beginning of the end of globalization?

Interconnectedness, it is now evident, has a steep price. → Read More

Evergrande's debt crisis: Time to ditch China

A Chinese debt crisis will — either now or in the near future — bring down China’s economy, and the U.S. must delink from that country to reduce the damage to itself. → Read More

Gordon Chang: China-Taliban connection – we must hold Beijing accountable for Afghan militants' crimes

China has supplied weapons and logistical support to the Taliban for decades, and American presidents have ignored Beijing’s ties to the group, even when those weapons were used against U.S. forces. → Read More