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Past articles by Darren:

After 60 Years Of Trying, Geologists Finally Pried Rocks From Earth's Upper Mantle

After 60 years of trying, geologists finally pried rocks from Earth's upper mantle. That's huge for so many reasons. → Read More

A College Student Just Solved a Notoriously Impossible Math Problem

And the answer came from an incredibly unlikely place. → Read More

Highly Maneuverable UFOs Defy Physics, Says Pentagon Study

"Highly maneuverable" Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) defy conventional physics, says a study from the Pentagon and Harvard University. → Read More

Humans Are Easily Able to Have a Third Thumb, Study Shows

Humans of all ages are remarkably capable at adapting to a third thumb, according to new research. → Read More

Elon Musk Building Anti-Woke AI to Rival ChatGPT: What It Means

Elon Musk is interested in creating a ChatGPT rival that will likely “anti-woke.” → Read More

The Pentagon's Hypersonic Rocket Engine: Here's What We Know

The Department of Defense is hungry for all things hypersonic, including its new rocket engine. Here are the details. → Read More

NASA Wants to Mine the Moon Before China: The New Space Race

NASA is desperately trying to mine the moon before China gets there. The new space race is on. → Read More

Scientists Discover How to Speed Up, Reverse Time: What It Means

Researchers have discovered that it’s possible to speed up, slow down, or reverse the flow of time in a quantum system. → Read More

Problems With Microsoft's New Bing AI Chatbot: What Went Wrong?

The Bing chatbot just wants to be loved. That’s a problem. → Read More

Artificial Intelligence Suddenly Evolves to Reach Theory of Mind

In a stunning development, a neural network now has the intuitive skills of a 9-year-old. → Read More

Aliens Are Probably Using Black Holes As Quantum Computers

Have we been looking in the wrong place this whole time? → Read More

The Radical Plan to Cool Earth With Moon Dust: What Will It Do?

It involves space cannons. And it’s 100 percent legit. → Read More

Polar Vortex on the Sun: Why It's Seriously Confusing Scientists

It’s doing something really weird, and scientists have no idea why. → Read More

Wireless Charging for Electric Vehicles Is Starting Very Soon

The first public test of an electrified road could change everything. → Read More

Why Does Bill Gates Want More Transmission Power Lines?

Bill Gates wants to build more high-voltage power lines. It’s the best way to support high electricity demand, he says. But there's a big problem. → Read More

Air Force’s Hypersonic Scramjet Missile Passes Final Test

The mighty missile provides a glimpse at the military’s Mach 5+ future. → Read More

AI Successfully Imitates Human Evolution: Here's What That Means

A language model AI created proteins as good as ones honed over a million years of evolution. The implications are staggering. → Read More

The Air Force’s Next Hypersonic Aircraft: Quarterhorse Updates

Quarterhorse, the Air Force's next hypersonic aircraft, has taken an epic leap. The SR-71 Blackbird successor is a step closer to breaking the airspeed record. → Read More

Singularity: Here's When Humanity Will Reach It, New Data Shows

When will the singularity occur? According to new research, humanity may achieve singularity within just 7 years—much sooner than we originally thought. → Read More

Scientists Are Turning Abandoned Mines Into Gravity Batteries

This might be the coolest energy storage solution yet. → Read More