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Past articles by Justin:

Trump Budget Cuts Size of Federal Government, but Bolder Reforms Needed

President Donald Trump’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2021 would reduce the size and reach of the federal bureaucracy significantly by shifting government responsibilities back to constitutional priorities and empowering state and local governments. These reforms, contained in the request Trump sent Monday morning to Congress, would put the budget on track to balance and represent a… → Read More

Funding by Crisis Doesn’t Have to be the Status Quo

Missed deadlines and general dysfunction have become the norm in the federal budget and appropriations process. → Read More

Biennial Budget Won’t Avert Looming Debt Crisis

It’s been 25 years since Congress last followed each step of the budget process. In that time, the federal debt held by the public has increased nearly fivefold. Clearly, lawmakers need to revive the budget process and reduce spending. → Read More

The Budget Is at a Crossroads. Which Path Will Congress Take?

Without significant reforms to major entitlement programs, most Americans over the next 30 years will take home less money as federal debt rises. → Read More

Massive Budget Deal Would Add Huge Debt on Trump’s Watch

Suspending the debt limit gives the government carte blanche to rack up as much new debt as it wants over the next two years. → Read More

Improper Payments Are Costing Taxpayers a Fortune

The government annually wastes hundreds of billions in taxpayer dollars through improper payments. → Read More

4 Takeaways From a New Report on the National Debt

If lawmakers fail to act, they may not pay the price, but future generations of Americans will. → Read More

To Whip Congress Into Shape, Withhold Their Pay

Many lawmakers seem to think they deserve a pay raise. → Read More

To Whip Congress Into Shape, Withhold Their Pay

Politicians should not be held to a lower standard than the people they represent. → Read More

America’s Achilles Heel

The unmatched power and recently strong economic growth of the United States masks a dangerous hazard that could lead to our collective downfall... → Read More

America’s Achilles Heel: Our Debt Catastrophe

To defend against the risks of high national debt, the country must be protected from the federal government’s proclivity for unfunded spending. → Read More

Republican Study Committee Offers Bold Vision for a More Prosperous Future

The committee’s budget is a strong rebuke of the status quo, and would return the federal government closer to the limited role envisioned by our Founders. → Read More

How Did the Feds Spend Your Taxes?

It's nice to have more money in your pocket. And thanks to the 2017 tax cuts, the typical American is now paying less in taxes. But that's not to say we're not still sending a hefty sum of money to Washington. Tally up all the payroll and other taxes on earnings and income, and you'll find that the average American household forks over more than $26,000 to the feds each year. Last year,… → Read More

In 1 Chart, How Your Taxes Are Spent

Unless Congress fixes health entitlements and Social Security, they—and interest payments on the national debt—will consume every dollar of taxes paid by 2041. → Read More

House Democrats Pursue a Reckless Spending Deal, Not a Budget

Democrats’ plan to raise spending caps is the latest attempt to divert more activities that the federal government shouldn’t be involved in. → Read More

What's Good, Bad, and OK in the Omnibus Bill

The bill doesn't do much on border security, and it gives federal workers yet another raise. → Read More

CBO Budget Projections Show Hill Must Stop Deferring Spending Reforms

Even if Congress abides by the budget caps, that won't suffice to avert the long-term budget crisis. It should consider more effective fiscal restraints. → Read More

House Democratic Rules Package Could Mean More Spending, Higher Taxes

In one proposed change, the House would turn a blind eye to the damage its own policies inflict on the economy. → Read More

Three Ways Washington Can Save a Nickel for Every Dollar in 2020

In October, President Donald Trump sent a strong message to his cabinet: “Get rid of the fat, get rid of the waste. → Read More

Trump’s Proposed 5% Cut Would Be a Win for Taxpayers

President Donald Trump went bold last month when he directed Cabinet members to cut spending by 5 percent for their upcoming annual budgets. → Read More