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Recent articles by Eric:

Why the official story of Shep Smith’s abrupt departure from Fox News doesn’t add up – A

Shepard Smith’s sudden departure from Fox News signaled that the drawbridge has effectively been raised, and all Trump nonbelievers belong on the other side of Rupert Murdoch's cable castle. No longer a place where any serious dissension—or Trump fact-checking—is allowed, Fox News has embraced its c → Read More

Democratic candidates are finally punching back against corporate media’s shoddy press coverage – A

Democrats running for president have a new message for the news media: We’re not going to take it anymore. No longer willing to stoically suffer through bad, misleading press coverage, Democrats are borrowing a page from Republicans by going public with their complaints and demanding journalists → Read More

Major newspapers show stunning cowardice as they refuse to call on Trump to resign

Openly colluding with a foreign government to dig up dirt on his political opponent, while offering up the assistance of the Department of Justice. Freezing U.S. foreign aid to make sure the overseas dirt gets dug. Hiding transcripts of presidential calls on secret servers in hopes of covering up th → Read More

Confused Fox News not sure how to spin Trump’s admitted Ukraine collusion – A

Fox News has never cared about having a coherent and consistent message. As a propaganda and disinformation network, it's not Fox News' job to make sense: It's Fox News' job, these days, to cover for Donald Trump. Yet in the wake of the unfolding Ukraine collusion scandal, where Trump has admitted t → Read More

Why Trump’s new press secretary is actually more dangerous than Sarah Sanders – A

Add it to the list of long-standing norms that the Trump White House has shredded: Press secretary Stephanie Grisham has aggressively positioned herself not as an administration conduit for the press corps, but as an open and hostile enemy of newsgathering, in a way that even surpasses Sarah Huckabe → Read More

Watch CBS News try to normalize Trump after white nationalist terror attack

Speaking from the White House on Monday, Donald Trump prayed for the wrong Ohio city in the wake of a weekend gun rampage. Reading prepared comments (that somebody else obviously wrote for him) from a teleprompter, Trump ended his uninspiring address by saying, "May God bless the memory of those who → Read More

Why the media’s coverage of impeachment would likely be a disaster – A

Last week, former special counsel Robert Mueller's congressional testimony confirmed once again that Donald Trump has engaged in serious wrongdoing, including likely obstruction of justice. It also raised the possibility that Trump could be charged with crimes after he leaves office. Mueller’s testi → Read More

Here’s how The New York Times’ obsession with white voters helps amplify Trump’s racism – A

Forever committed to shining a constant, glowing spotlight on members of Donald Trump's political base with a series of endless updates that closely examine their unwavering support, The New York Times has carved out a completely new political beat during the past two years. The Times' white voter o → Read More

How the press can atone for its Mueller coverage this week

Former special counsel Robert Mueller's upcoming public testimony before Congress Wednesday not only provides a key opportunity to educate the public on his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, it also allows the Beltway press a chance at redemption. It gives news organizati → Read More

Trump launched his campaign four years ago today. The media still hasn’t figured out how to cover him – A

At 11 AM on June 16, 2015, Donald Trump rode down the escalator inside Trump Tower to announce his presidential campaign. With paid actors cheering him on, Trump instantly lied about the size of the crowd as he kicked off a meandering, 45-minute hate speech that was carried live by all three nationa → Read More

The campaign press is obsessing over white working-class Trump voters — again

As 2020 campaign coverage shifts into high gear, the press is already reviving a beloved 2016 storyline: White working-class voters from Midwest, and specifically men, are the voters who matter most. There’s the collection of blue-collar Trump supporters; the interviews conducted inside roadside → Read More

How corporate media helped Jim Jordan whitewash his role in Ohio State sex abuse scandal

The sprawling Ohio State University sex abuse scandal has been hanging over the head of Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan for the past year. An ultra-conservative member of the Freedom Caucus and a relentless defender of Donald Trump, Jordan has been accused of turning a blind eye to rampant sexual ab → Read More

The New York Times gets caught peddling another bogus a GOP smear on a Democratic candidate

If you were to create a Top Ten list of the biggest journalism sins of the 2016 campaign, The New York Times' alliance with the partisan Republican Clinton Cash author who pushed the fake Uranium One story would surely be lodged near the top of that inventory of failures. The Times spent the 2016 el → Read More

Why refusing to call Trump a liar will haunt the New York Times

At a recent Wisconsin rally, Donald Trump plunged to new depths with regard to a woman's right to choose. Regaling his loyal supporters with a gruesome, fictional account of what happens in a delivery room, Trump insisted that doctors and mothers often conspire to "execute" healthy newborns. Beyond → Read More

Why is the press is still giving Republicans a pass on the Mueller report?

It's only Tuesday, but the New York Times has already published two front-page stories this week depicting Democrats as being tied in a political pretzel over the issue of Donald Trump's possible impeachment following the public release of the devastating report delivered by special counsel Robert M → Read More

Fox News is doing to Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez exactly what it did to Hillary Clinton

For decades, Fox News' programming has revolved around the need to identify and target Democratic demons, who are then used to frighten Republican viewers. And for most of the network's existence, Hillary Clinton has served as a perennial rogue, depicted as a villainous, criminal scoundrel who can't → Read More

Tucker Carlson might not survive at Fox News — here’s why – A

Ranting that he'd never give in to "the mob," Fox News' Tucker Carlson last night angrily responded to recently unearthed audio clips of him uttering jaw-dropping, hateful commentary during radio interviews that he regularly gave over a five-year period. Deeply homophobic, xenophobic, racist, and → Read More

Why did all the Sunday morning network shows ignore the Trump massage parlor scandal?

News that the former owner of a Florida massage parlor recently raided as part of a sex trafficking ring has been selling access to Donald Trump to Chinese business executives wasn't deemed newsworthy enough to be mentioned on the Sunday network news programs this past weekend. The blackout represen → Read More

The case for revoking Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ pay – A

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has hosted just one press briefing in the past 81 days, obliterating all records for media non-compliance. This accelerated strategy to choke off press briefings is part of a historic, incremental effort by the Trump administration to lock out the p → Read More

Trump is not stable — and that should be a huge news story – A

If over the weekend you saw a rambling madman give a frighteningly incoherent, sweaty, two-hour shoutfest of a speech at a right-wing summit, then you viewed a president coming unglued on national television in a way that has probably never been seen before in United States history. And that is extr → Read More