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Past articles by Eric:

Embracing Trump's Big Lie May Cost Murdoch Billions In Libel Lawsuits

Rupert Murdoch for years has enjoyed a Trump-like ability to avoid responsibility for the avalanche of lies he promotes. That all may be changing thanks to a pair of billion-dollar defamation lawsuits surrounding Trump’s Big Lie campaign. → Read More

How Does Trump Get Away With Shredding Everything?

We just witnessed another textbook example this week of how Trump gets away with bending rules in his favor, and without having to pay a price from the press or the Beltway establishment. It’s maddening to watch → Read More

Biden Boom Hits New Heights, As Press Buries The Good News

When the Commerce Department on Thursday announced that the economy just grew at the fastest rate in nearly 40 years, posting robust growth numbers not seen since the Reagan era, none of the network newscasts treated the announcement as a big deal. → Read More

Biden's Getting Doomsday Press Coverage — Just Like Obama Did

The Beltway media remains in groupthink mode, with everyone eagerly hitting the same points regardless of the facts. → Read More

ABC News Still Refuses To Own Up To Edited CDC Clip

Why is ABC News still hiding from its botched Covid story? → Read More

Why The January 6 Committee Keeps Dragging Fox News

For the second time in three weeks, Fox News has been shoved into the insurrection spotlight by the House select panel investigating Trump’s coup attempt. It probably won’t be the last time the Congressional body sets its sights on Rupert Murdoch’s propaganda network. The unprecedented glare is high → Read More

More On Fox News And Those J6 Texts...

The Jan. 6 committee keeps dragging Fox News, because they deserve it. → Read More

The Impeccable Timing Of Chris Wallace's Departure

Forget about the homeless man who burned down Fox News’ metal Christmas tree last week. The network’s real troubles began December 13, when longtime host Chris Wallace announced his resignation on live TV, in order to jump to rival CNN. → Read More

Ugly Truth: Spreading Covid-19 Is Now The Top Republican Priority

Waging war on the country’s well-being, the GOP, fueled by the right-wing media, has set its sights on Covid nihilism. And they’re doing it in the name of partisan warfare. → Read More

Furor Over ‘Critical Race Theory’ Exposes Massive Malpractice By News Outlets

Trying to pull off an upset in the Virginia governor's race next week, Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin continues his push with an unlikely pledge at the center of his campaign: If elected he would immediately ban the teaching of critical race theory in Commonwealth classrooms. → Read More

Critical Race Theory Outrage Highlights Massive Press Failure

What the media have uniformly failed to do in Virginia, and nationwide as deep-pocketed, right-wing activists march on with their manufactured outrage over CRT, is forcefully point out that it’s not taught in schools. → Read More

Big Media Failure: Voters Have Little Idea What’s In ‘Build Back Better’

Leaning into the doomsday narrative that President Joe Biden's agenda and presidency is slipping away as Democrats work to pass both a huge infrastructure bill and even bigger social spending bill, dubbed Build Back Better, the Beltway press continues to do a great job ignoring its contents. → Read More

Beltway Press Can't Wait For Trump To Return, Really

There’s nothing Trump could do at this point that would invalidate him in the eyes of the political press. → Read More

Did CNN And GOP Concoct A Capitol Hill Drama On Afghanistan?

In a stunning rebuke of the Biden administration, and proof that legislators are still fuming over the U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, a bipartisan group of lawmakers "stormed out" of a classified briefing session because "officials failed to answer their basic questions." → Read More

Media's Shameful Afghanistan Blame Game

New York/DC media diligently did the GOP’s bidding by omitting key context in its rush to pin the blame for a 20-year, extraordinarily complex and heartbreaking military and foreign policy failure on a single man who took office just seven months ago. → Read More

Why The Press Urged Cuomo To Resign — But Not Trump

Reprinted with permission from Press Run Rushing in to inform readers that in the wake of damning investigation into his history of sexual harassment, New York's Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo is no longer suited for office, the New York Times editorial page waited barely 24 hours to reach its sweeping conclusion — "Governor Cuomo, You Should Resign." [EDITOR'S NOTE: Cuomo offered his resignation… → Read More

Remember When DeSantis 'Won The Pandemic'?

Reprinted with permission from Press Run Florida has become a Covid-19 debacle, again. Now accounting for one-in-every five new cases nationwide, the Sunshine State under Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has emerged as a beacon of irresponsibility. Not that he seems to care. Off visiting Texas recently to take part in more GOP photo-ops at the border, DeSantis often brushes off the pandemic bad… → Read More

Why Don't Journalists Tell Trump To “Go Away” — Like They Did Hillary?

Sexist double standards don't come any brighter, or more well defined, than the eager, nonstop coverage Trump continues to receive months after losing his White House election, compared to how the Beltway press gleefully tried to run Hillary Clinton out of town after her 2016 loss. → Read More

There's A New Big Lie In Town

Trump media and their GOP acolytes are moving quickly to peddle the next Big Lie, claiming that the January 6 insurrection never happened. → Read More

Why Is Tucker Carlson Still On The Air?

Most advertisers have dumped Tucker Carlson — why he’s still on TV ? → Read More