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Washington, DC, United States

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Past articles by Lauren:

The Best Books and Journals to Ease Your Anxiety in 2020

The new year is filled with possibility, but if you suffer from anxiety, a fresh start can also lead you down the path of dwelling on the past. Trust me: I've → Read More

Why I Refuse to Diet

Since childhood, I've known that I didn't have the stick-thin body type you see in magazines. It never used to bother me until other people decided that it → Read More

15 Comforting Pasta Recipes to Make All Winter Long

During the cold months of Winter, there's not many things I like to do more than spending evenings at home trying out new pasta recipes. Not only is pasta → Read More

I Miss My Dog More Than I Miss You

I was never sure about you. But I was sure about him. → Read More

I Miss When Love Was Easy

I miss when the hardest thing about love was the question of timing. I miss when the biggest problem we ever had was when we were going to see one another again. When the only fight we had was who … → Read More

Why Falling Out Of Love Is Scarier Than Falling In Love

Falling in love and being in love is the part that everyone wants. It’s the part that makes a love story, a fairytale. But fairytales end in happily ever after. Fairytales end in magic. And r… → Read More

If I’m Being Honest, I’m Terrified Of Liking You

You see, you made me have butterflies again. It seems like a tiny thing. Like something so mundane, it wouldn’t even matter. But it matters to me. Butterflies matter to me. You matter to me. → Read More

I’m Slowly Learning To Let Go Of The Past

I’m learning to let go of the people who are no longer in my life. To let go of the friends who aren’t here for me anymore. I’m learning to let go of the fact that I may have said… → Read More

Read This If You’re Scared Your Anxiety Will Push Them Away

Anxiety is just a piece of you. A tiny part. It is not all of you. It is not your whole entire being and mind. → Read More

I Want A ‘Best Friend’ Kind Of Love

I want the kind of partner who is firstly my friend. Who will back me up when I believe in something that no one else does. A friend who will listen to me talk on and on about my worst day at work.… → Read More

If It’s Not Hard, It’s Not True Love

Love is being so, so beautiful together, but it’s also about being just as wonderful apart. → Read More

11 Ways People With Anxiety Interact Differently With The World

We are our own worst enemies. And when we fail or get broken hearted, we blame it on ourselves and put ourselves down to the extreme. We are our own worst critiques and tell ourselves truly terribl… → Read More

25 Tiny Excuses You Keep Making That Are Ruining Your Life (Without You Even Realizing It)

It’s too late to do that or to date him or to change careers. It’s too late for me. → Read More

Why Men Who Marry Old Souls End Up The Happiest

Old souls are not to be played with. They aren’t naive. They aren’t stupid. They just know what they deserve and who they deserve. → Read More

11 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You Have Low Self-Esteem

You absolutely hate the thought that you could give a wrong answer or say the wrong thing. So, you keep quiet when you’re around your friends and family. You nod your head, and agree with the… → Read More

25 Life Changing Beauty Lessons I’ve Learned By 25

There IS such a thing as using too much makeup. You don’t have to use all that foundation when you’re going on one errand during the day. → Read More

If I’m Being Honest, I’m Happy We Didn’t Last Forever

You were gone. But I wasn’t going to let you kill me. Your leaving taught me that I was stronger than I could have ever anticipated. Your leaving taught me that I could be an independent woma… → Read More

Even Though I Want To, I Understand Why We Don’t Talk Anymore

I want to ask you everything. I want to ask how your love life is. I want to ask about who you are now. Because I don’t know you anymore. And maybe you want it to be like that. But it’s… → Read More

20 Things I Wish I Knew Before Falling In Love For The First Time

Always remember, you were something before you were his nothing. → Read More

8 Of My Favorite Hidden Drugstore Gems That Are Perfect For Your Next Date Night

Sally Hansen Leg Makeup: This may seem like a step you would want to skip, but believe me — this baby is a game changer. For spring and summer dates, this ‘tan in a bottle’ type product… → Read More