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Past articles by Zaron:

The NASA Genius Biohacker Trying to Bring Gene Editing to Your Living Room

Josiah Zayner downs a shot of scotch and begins his presentation. His audience is roughly 30 attendees from the SynBioBeta SF conference and a digital... → Read More

A Timeline of Spike Lee’s Oscar Snubs and Racial Progress (or Lack Thereof) in America

This nation has never been ready for Spike Lee. For the last four decades, he’s dragged the cultural conversation on race in America forward, despite... → Read More

The Perfume Expert’s Expert Wants to Help You Smell Like You

“Fragrance is like buying a great shirt, a great pair of sneakers or having your first custom suit or coat. Why wear a watch? Why... → Read More

Killer Mike on Anarchy, Bernie, Keanu, the Parkland Kids and Why Gun Control Is Inherently Racist

When James Baldwin spoke at San Francisco State College on October 22nd, 1960, he attempted to warn the nation about what he sensed was coming... → Read More

Any Billionaire’s Morning Routine Is Weak Compared to a Single Mom’s

This is how billionaire Mark Cuban starts each morning: “My rise and grind is to get up every morning knowing how I am going to... → Read More

The High Cost of Being a Black Entrepreneur in the Cannabis Industry

Until very recently, it was a serious and often life-ruining crime to possess pot in America. That’s all changed obviously. In 2012, Colorado and Washington... → Read More

There's Drama Brewing in the World of Paranormal YouTube

In March, we tried to warn you that there were “time travelers” among us. And now, eight months later, there are scads more. They’re multiplying... → Read More

The Problems with the ‘Miracle’ Cure of Sucking Carbon Out of the Air

No doom, no gloom, just hard facts: Our planet’s climate is changing fast. A big problem is no one knows exactly how fast. “Scary fast”... → Read More

What ‘Having a Woman’s Back’ Means to Men All Across the Country

It’s a phrase I keep seeing on Twitter over and over again: To have a woman’s back. It’s certainly not a partisan slogan. It’s not,... → Read More

Thanksgiving Is the Official Start of Baby-Making Season

We celebrate all sorts of traditions when we gather for our Thanksgiving feasts, most of them reminiscent of family time. Football, for example, comes quickly... → Read More

Scenes from the Parking Lot of Dennis Hof’s Casino Memorial

I’ve come to a casino in the capitol of Nevada for the memorial of a dead pimp. Smart money says he’s also about to be... → Read More

How to Kill a Black Man Twice in America: The Botham Jean Story

On September 6th, a warm Thursday night in Dallas, Botham Jean was shot and killed by his neighbor — a cop. There’s no good way... → Read More

Ben Carson’s Former Campaign Head Is Exploiting #MeToo to Scare Black Voters

You probably don’t know GOP Rep. French Hill, who’s running in Arkansas’ Second Congressional District. But you may have heard a radio ad supporting him... → Read More

The Angler Gangsters Getting Rich Off Fish Bladders — The Cocaine of the Sea

Oscar Parra Aispuro, aka “El Parra,” is an alleged hitman for the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico. The cartel, however, has fallen onto hard times recently... → Read More

The Group That Wants to Hijack (and Rewrite) the Constitution Is Only Six States Away From Making It Happen

Try this nightmare on for size: A group of the 1 percent gather in secret, sent by all 50 states to amend the Constitution. But... → Read More

Terminal Lucidity: The Researchers Attempting to Prove Your Mind Lives On Even After You Die

One of the strangest stories of death you’ll ever hear is the tale of Anna Katharina Ehmer, a wildly deranged, developmentally delayed German woman who was raised in a mental institution. Anna was… → Read More

Bourbon-Flavored Jellyfish Chips, Squid Like Pulled Pork and Octopus Like Butter

How food science is hunting down what you’ll be eating in the future → Read More

Big, Black and Beautiful: The Vital Virality of #BigBoysAreCute

For Virgo Vonnie, it all started with the magical, rejuvenating, glow-inducing power of coconut oil and a single hashtag (#BIGBOYSARECUTE). A week later, on August... → Read More

The Sad, Strange Life and Death of Devonte Hart: The Crying Black Boy Who Famously Hugged a Cop

We don’t yet know if 15-year-old Devonte Hart died when his adoptive white mother, Jen Hart, 38, stomped on the gas pedal and drunkenly, intentionally,... → Read More

"A Wrinkle in Time" and Its Female Hero Are Relatable to Both Girls and Boys

Leading up to the premiere of “A Wrinkle in Time,” some were skeptical about young boys being interested in the film. Why wouldn’t boys relate to the film just because the hero is a young girl? → Read More