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Past articles by Mike:

Column: Dodging recession could whiplash markets: Mike Dolan

Recession of some sort next year is fast becoming consensus - to such an extent that financial markets could find themselves whiplashed if it doesn't materialise. → Read More

China Lift, Rates Shift, Crypto Crunch

By Mike DolanLONDON - A look at the day ahead in U.S. and global markets from Mike Dolan. → Read More

Morning Bid: China lift, rates shift, crypto crunch

A look at the day ahead in U.S. and global markets from Mike Dolan. → Read More

Column: Murmurs of 'sterling crisis' no longer fanciful: Mike Dolan

Even though fears of another "sterling crisis" have been wide of the mark for decades, they are harder to bat away this time around as a fourth British prime minister in six years takes the helm. → Read More

Column: Quadruple real rates? Ageing may turn to market headwind

If you were hoping this was all a bad dream, take a deep breath. → Read More

Column: Full force of central banks siphoning world liquidity: Mike Dolan

Coordinated or not ahead of this month's G7 summit, global central banks are accelerating interest rate hikes but also actively draining the giant pool of cash swilling around world markets and buoying currencies to stymie imported inflation. → Read More

Column: ECB sowing messy 'some of what it takes' signal

The European Central Bank's 'whatever it takes' commitment to bind the euro zone is wearing thin as it tries to 'normalise' monetary policy and give inflation hawks more say in how it goes about it. → Read More

Column: Elusive bond risk premium misses its curtain call

If not now, when? Investors typically demand some added compensation for holding a security over many years to cover all the unknowables over long horizons - making the absence of such a premium in bond markets right now seem slightly bizarre. → Read More

Column: China may balk at unnerved reserves seeking yuan :Mike Dolan

China's yuan is in no great position yet to absorb a sizeable chunk of global central bank reserves if other central banks were to be unnerved by the freezing of Russia's overseas assets. → Read More

Column: Russia central bank freeze may hasten 'peak' world FX reserves: Mike Dolan

An end to the era of foreign currency stockpiling may be nigh. → Read More

Column: After dire decade, Emerging Markets face Fed liftoff again: Mike Dolan

Whether emerging economies have already done enough to pre-empt the global central bank tightening cycle may dictate whether investors in them can escape yet another dire decade. → Read More

Column: Like Tortoise vs Hare, ECB may 'normalize' before Fed :Mike Dolan

If the world's big central banks are convinced the economic emergency is over and policy should start to return to pre-pandemic settings, the ECB is likely to beat the Fed to it. → Read More

Column: BoE hike would expose Treasury/Central Bank tangle: Mike Dolan

With markets primed for a Bank of England interest rate rise as soon as next week, UK policymakers now start to face an uncomfortable entanglement of monetary and fiscal policy bequeathed by central bank bond buying, or 'quantitative easing'. → Read More

Following Pandemic, Cyber Vaccines Needed Protect Digital Economy: Viewpoint

A surge in cyber attacks and ransomware hacks since the start of pandemic lockdowns is alarming for a world of finance moving headlong into digital money → Read More

Column: Virus to virus: pandemic to cyber threat

A surge in cyber attacks and ransomware hacks since the start of pandemic lockdowns is alarming for a world of finance moving headlong into digital money and remote working longer term. → Read More

Column: Inflation warnings are mostly ‘just in case’

As grandees of the investment world fall over themselves to warn of long-absent inflation up ahead, financial markets appear ever calmer about the risks of that new regime unfolding. → Read More

Column: German Greens shifting market calculus

Five months is a long time in German politics but a mould-breaking surge in support for the Green party ahead of September's Federal election has markets crunching numbers to assess its likely role in the next ruling coalition. → Read More

Column: Is that it? Markets relax about inflation pop

Just as long-dormant inflation finally rears its head again, there are some signs that financial markets may already have overestimated the impact - or at least the response. → Read More

Column: Britain's interest rate vulnerability

Bank of England bond buying may actually increase the speed with which future interest rate rises make UK government debt unbearable and is one glimpse into why central banks need to tread lightly around post-pandemic debt piles for many years. → Read More

Column: Sterling revival faces Highland headwinds

Scottish secession from the United Kingdom has for many investors always been the second big risk to Britain from Brexit. The next few months may test that thesis. → Read More