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Past articles by Sarah:

We are all spending too much time online

Why the normalisation of endless screen time has to stop. → Read More

We’re talking about “burnout” wrong

Through overuse and misuse, the term has lost all meaning. → Read More

Your therapist shouldn’t be on TikTok

On social media, therapists are turning consultation room conversations into memes. It’s a sinister trend. → Read More

The Molly Russell verdict proves it – social media must be regulated

A ruling has found social media companies played a part in the death of a British teenager. Intervention must be dramatic and swift. → Read More

Politics is not a joke. But middle-class Brits treat it like one

Mock the Week and Have I Got News For You gave rise to a chummy, point-scoring attitude that harms us all. → Read More

Don't use cancel culture and JK Rowling to explain Salman Rushdie's attack

Having a bounty placed on your head by an ayatollah isn’t the same as being mocked on Twitter. → Read More

The real problem with Instagram is not the photo vs video debate

This narrow binary between glossy, aesthetic photos or TikTok-style video overlooks a crucial, broader change in our digital habits. → Read More

The problem with Instagram's new "child recognition" software

Age verification AI raises questions about reliability, bias and privacy. → Read More

Reviewed in short: New books by Calum Jacobs, Lara Williams, Alex Rowson and NoViolet Bulawayo

A New Formation edited by Calum Jacobs, The Odyssey by Lara Williams, The Young Alexander by Alex Rowson and Glory by NoViolet Bulawayo. → Read More

Reviewed in short: New titles by Elizabeth Wilson, Michael Grothaus, Jonathan Katz and Whitney Goodman

Playing with Fire by Wilson, Trust No One by Grothaus, Gangsters of Capitalism by Katz and Toxic Positivity by Goodman. → Read More

Boomer mathematics: why older generations can’t understand the millennial struggle to buy a house

What makes the likes of Kirstie Allsopp insist that millennials are financially inept? They inflate the cost of young people having fun. → Read More

Why have governments been so slow to remove illegal social media posts?

More than three years after a beheading video galvanised a campaign to better regulate social media, Denmark has planned new legislation. Is it too little, too late? → Read More

How Married At First Sight became the biggest reality franchise in the world

Why the TV show is a breakout hit in 14 different countries. → Read More

Reviewed in short: New books by Mary Hollingsworth, Jessica Nordell, Michaela Coel and Michael Bracewell

Conclave 1559 by Mary Hollingsworth, The End of Bias by Jessica Nordell, Misfits by Michaela Coel and Souvenir by Michael Bracewell. → Read More

“Toxic” relationships, “burnout”, “productivity dysmorphia” – why do we medicalise societal problems?

Real structural political challenges are being dressed up with medical language and turned into pop psychology. → Read More

How 9/11 internet culture created a blueprint for modern conspiracy theories

It was a chilling image: a man visiting New York on a sunny autumn morning on 11 September 2001. He goes to the top of the World Trade Center – like many tourists did – to take a photograph on the building’s observation deck. The picture is snapped just as the first plane is about to hit the tower. It was an image that circulated on message boards in the weeks following the 9/11 attacks – the… → Read More

Shon Faye wants a “deeper conversation” about trans liberation

Sometimes Shon Faye has to remind herself that what she’s doing isn’t normal. It’s a thought that struck her as she recorded the audiobook for her non-fiction debut The Transgender Issue: An Argument for Justice, while reading aloud stats on the murder rates of trans sex workers, or comments that have been made about her face and body by bloggers and journalists in the → Read More

Why we have to change the way we talk about incels

Among the social media posts that appeared in the first 24 hours after the mass shooting in Plymouth on 12 August, one in particular received an avalanche of attention. On his now-suspended Twitter account, one man, Andrew Gatley, wrote that, to stop violence perpetrated by “incels”, single men aged 18-25 could be “designated” a woman. Gatley’s proposal came following the news that the shooter… → Read More

The debate around office returns misses an opportunity to make work better

A view that is whispered among remote-working advocates after a year and a half away from the office is that, while better than the alternative, home-working isn’t always that great. Electricity bills are higher than ever and our backs ache from sitting at the kitchen table or a cheap home office chair. Even if you’re lucky enough to have the space to work productively, → Read More

Young people are the real victims of the loneliness epidemic

The video was tweeted with the simple caption: “This is the most depressing shit I’ve ever seen.” The clip, lifted from TikTok, was of two young men in their mid-twenties who live in Canada, speaking from a rocky river bank in the middle of an empty park. “Do you live in the Moncton-New Brunswick area and are looking for more friends?” the clip begins. “Well I’ve got good news for you, we’ve got… → Read More