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Stick a Tennis Ball on the End of Your Broom to Make a Super-Powered Floor Cleaning Tool

This technique is safe for use on all kinds of hard flooring. And it's so handy that you may just keep the tennis ball on your mop handle for good. → Read More

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12 Top-Rated Amazon Finds for Cleaning and Storing Your Cast Iron Skillet (Starting at $3!)

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6 Ways to “Go Shopping” Without Actually Spending Any Money

If you're working on spending less and you want to get off the roller coaster of shopping followed by buyer's remorse, that shop-a-holic habit has got to go. Rather than quit cold turkey and set yourself up for failure, here are some ways to scratch that shopping itch without spending a dime. → Read More

This Might be the Quickest, Most Satisfying Weekend Project You Take On All Year

The item you declutter just needs to be sent out of your home, but it doesn't matter where or how. It can be thrown in the trash, recycled, given to a friend, or donated, depending on what it is. The idea is to get it out of your space. → Read More

There’s One Important Area at Home That Doesn’t Get Decluttered or Organized Enough

The worst time to discover you're out of cough medicine is when you wake up in the middle of the night hacking and barking. Be prepared for your next health incident by knowing what you have and what you don't so you can stock up as necessary. → Read More

3 Organizing Staples I Always Buy During Back to School Sales

If store sales intersect your list of need-to-buy items, here are some finds you may want to look for during back-to-school season. → Read More

There’s One Spot It’s Easy to Miss When You Vacuum—Here’s How to Clean It

If you lift your rug, you're likely find a line of dirt under the rug, resting alongside the edge of the rug pad. But today's the day we finally get it. Here's how. → Read More

7 Easy Mistakes You Can Make When Cleaning the Bathroom

Here are a few bathroom cleaning mistakes that, when corrected, will leave you with a speckless and functional washroom with far less work. → Read More

The $14 Amazon Tool That Made My Least Favorite Chore 100 Times More Tolerable

I recently tried out a tool that promises to simplify the most awkward cleaning task. It's under $15, and it claims to be the "fast and easy way to clean your baseboards and moldings." → Read More

We Have the Perfect Weekend Project to Celebrate National Book Lovers Day

August 9 is National Book Lovers Day, a day that "harnesses all the excitement bibliophiles feel about books into one celebration." Celebrate National Book Lovers Day by finding or creating a comfortable spot for reading. → Read More

I Discovered a Wildly Simple Way to Get the Inside of Your Fridge Sparkling Clean

Turns out you can use something that's right next to me in the kitchen to wash my refrigerator shelves: the dishwasher! And it's not only the shelves that can get washed in the dishwasher; you can add all the drawers and bins from the fridge that will fit. → Read More

9 Useful Ways to Use Up Food Coloring Outside of the Kitchen

Here are nine useful or fun ways to use your food coloring and bring the rainbow to projects outside of the kitchen. → Read More

The 10 Easy Habits You Should Steal from Impossibly Clean People

These 10 guidelines can apply to any area you want to tackle, and will make every cleaning endeavor go just a little bit more smoothly. → Read More

The 21 Best Travel, Laundry, and Packing Hacks of All Time

Here are 21 of the best hacks of all time—for packing your clothes, stowing your delicate jewelry, and doing laundry on the go—that will help you squeeze every drop of joy from those golden vacay days. → Read More

There’s One Laundry Step I Always Skip, And it Cuts My Folding Time in Half

It doesn't matter if you're doing laundry for two or seven, there's one nagging thing that turns the task into a Chore and something that takes longer than it needs to: inside-out clothes. → Read More

Weekend Project: Clean Your Washer/Dryer, Dishwasher, Or Another Appliance

This weekend we'll take the opportunity to dig in on an oft-forgotten spot: Your home appliances. Here are some suggestions for what to clean and some resources for how to do it. → Read More

29 Plant Hacks to Upgrade Your Green Thumb, Practically for Free

Whether your thumb is green or black, whether you have one plant or a jungle's worth, here are some plant-care and gardening tips that can help keep your greenery not only alive, but lush. → Read More

You Have a Cord Problem (Who Doesn’t!)—Here’s How to Fix It in 5 Steps

It sounds daunting, but organizing your cord clutter shouldn't take more than a half hour or so. To get your wired life in order once and for all, follow these five steps. → Read More

I’m Changing the Way I Think About Dining Out—And It’s Helping More Than Just My Budget

I like our money-saving plan from two different angles: First, it makes eating out more rare. The biggest way to cut down on our dining out spending is to eat out less. It also keeps us more prepared to eat at home even on nights when we "have nothing to eat" or we don't feel like cooking. → Read More