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The Twice-a-Year Home Safety Checkup You Might Have Skipped Recently

One thing you might have intended to do when the time changed recently, but didn't quite get to, is changing your smoke detector batteries and testing your alarms. This weekend, we're going to make sure this critical task gets checked off the list. → Read More

3 Steps You Need to Take Before You Can Do Your Spring Cleaning

Making a plan for your personal spring cleaning is just like making a plan for anything else; it's the momentum that makes the thing take shape, turning it from a nebulous idea into a concrete thing that's at first doable and then done! → Read More

The 41 Best Hacks and Tricks for Organizing a Small Bathroom

The first step to bringing order to a disorganized bathroom (after decluttering!) is making sure that every single item has a designated spot. These 41 hacks are as fun as they are functional. → Read More

8 Things You Can Get Rid Of Before Spring

Getting rid of stuff makes it so much easier to clean when spring cleaning time rolls around. → Read More

How to (Finally!) Wash the Filthiest Thing in Your Bathroom

Bath mats that have no rubber backing are the easiest to clean and can be washed just as you'd wash towels. But bath mats with rubber backing require a bit more care. → Read More

11 Simple Cleaning Habits That Are Obvious to Experts, But Maybe Not to You

Here are a few things cleaning experts do without a second thought—practices that you can adopt to shave years off the development of your own house cleaning expertise. → Read More

If You Read This Sleep Tip Tomorrow, It’ll Be Too Late

This weekend, we're going to take matters into our own hands so that the inevitable lost hour doesn't catch us unawares. Choose one clock to set an hour ahead. This way, you'll ease yourself into your new schedule gradually over the weekend and, hopefully, more gracefully. → Read More

I Stole a Storage Idea From Emily Henderson and My Kitchen Has Never Looked Better

When I saw Emily's utensil crock tucked into a tall pull-out drawer, I was inspired to transfer my kitchen tools into our pots-and-pans drawer that's right next to the oven. → Read More

5 Ways to Get Yourself Out of the “My House Is a Mess” Rut

Most of us find ourselves every once in a while in a messy house that "looks like a tornado whipped through it." It's so overwhelming that you don't even know where to start. This is when you need a strategy. Here are some of the best ways to bootstrap yourself into a tidy home. → Read More

7 Things You Should Never Do With Paper Towels

When it comes to reducing paper towel use, one of the easiest ways to cut back is realizing that some areas are best left untouched by the controversial paper towel, no matter where you fall on the usage spectrum. → Read More

Use the “Outside-In” Trick to Quickly Clean All Your Biggest Messes, From Now Until Forever

Nothing motivates quite like small wins, and the outside-in method harnesses their power in a very visual way. Each step in this strategy offers visible results that encourage you to keep up the good work. → Read More

This Simple Once-a-Year Habit is the Secret to Rugs that Last Forever

Whether you've saved for an heirloom, or you buy the cheapest rug you can, I bet you want to keep your rug looking nice for as long as possible. Here's one simple routine to help make that happen. → Read More

I’m a “Cleaning Rag” Person, But Here are 3 Times I Still Reach for Paper Towels

Cleaning cloths, over paper towels, are my preference from both a waste and an efficiency standpoint. As much of a rag person as I am, however, there are times that I do reach for paper towels. → Read More

There’s Only One Person You Need to Make Time for This Weekend

Rather than being a merry-maker for others, we're going to focus some energy on making ourselves feel happy with some self care. → Read More

7 Things I Decluttered and Resold Recently to Make a Quick $50

Saying goodbye to things is even easier when I'm gaining not only space, but a few dollars, too. It's like getting paid to declutter and that's a win win win. → Read More

8 Simple, Free 10-Minute Refreshes That Will Make You Fall In Love With Your Home Again

Whether you already have romantic plans or Galentine's plans or children you'll be making Valentines with, there are always more ways to give and receive love. → Read More

I Tried a Pot Holder Storage Tip from Emily Henderson

Poring over the details in Emily Henderson's storage-savvy mountain house kitchen was not only eye candy; it was inspiring. She found the perfect spot for her oven mitts! I love storing something without taking up any space. → Read More

There’s a Scuzzy Filth Haven on Display in Your Living Room—Here’s How to Clean It

We're going to cut to the chase here: Your throw blankets are probably "scuzzy," to use my mother's useful and highly descriptive word, and you should wash them. → Read More

A Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning the Kitchen, and Everything in It

From the cabinets to the small appliances to the dirty dishes, here's a step-by-step guide to cleaning the kitchen. Includes what to clean, how to clean it, and in what order. → Read More

I Think February is Actually the Best Month to Declutter—For 2 Good Reasons

Like many people immersed in the homekeeping world, I love to ride that cleaning wave that crests in January. But I actually find that February is the very best month for me to get my biggest-impact, deepest-level decluttering accomplished. → Read More