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Past articles by Branko:

The Left Has a Lot to Celebrate After the Surprising Midterm Results

After the midterm elections, more left-wing insurgents are going to the House, Bernie Sanders has two strong allies in the Senate and progressive ballot measures passed everywhere. → Read More

Don’t Look Now But Progressives Are About to Expand Their Ranks in Congress

A lot is uncertain about the midterms, but there's one thing we do know—the House will have the largest left cohort in decades. → Read More

The Remarkable and Entirely Underappreciated Achievements of the EPA

The Supreme Court's is gutting an agency that has a measurable history of saving lives. → Read More

The Buffalo Attack Is a Reminder That Mass Surveillance Doesn’t Protect Us

We were told we had to sacrifice privacy for security and accept the most radical surveillance state in human history. Yet time and again, mass surveillance proves ineffective for preventing attacks. → Read More

ICE Is Tracking Your Every Move

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has become known for both mass deportations and unmarked-van snatchings of peaceful protesters. ICE also turns out to be operating a vast intelligence system that tracks the movements of hundreds of millions of Americans. → Read More

Biden’s Little-Publicized Medicare Privatization Scheme Is Starting to Raise Alarm Bells

The Biden administration hasn’t stopped trying to privatize Medicare. But a pushback is gaining steam. → Read More

The US Dollar May Be the Next Casualty of the Ukraine War

From the IMF to Goldman Sachs, concerns that US sanctions on Russia could undermine the dollar’s global dominance are growing. → Read More

Occupied Palestine Is as Entitled to the World’s Solidarity as Occupied Ukraine

We could soon see another brutal Israeli war on Palestinians after this weekend’s shocking attacks on Ramadan worshippers by Israeli forces. Yet the Western solidarity that’s rightly been forthcoming for Ukraine is now nowhere to be seen. → Read More

Joe Biden Is Quietly Pursuing the Creeping Privatization of Medicare

The Biden administration has quietly decided to continue a Trump administration scheme whose ultimate goal is the privatization of Medicare. Americans would be outraged — if anyone knew about it. → Read More

Holding Putin Accountable Would Require an Actual Rules-Based World Order

Washington’s long-standing hostility to the International Criminal Court undermines any future war crimes prosecutions over Ukraine. If for no other reason, the US must join the rest of the world in accepting the court’s jurisdiction. → Read More

The Biden Administration Fed the Press Dubious Intelligence About Russia

White House claims that Putin was considering using chemical weapons in Ukraine were based on weak evidence, US officials have disclosed. The revelation should remind us all about the dangers of uncritically reporting government statements. → Read More

Turning Ukraine Into Another Afghanistan Would Be a Disastrous Idea

Some influential voices are calling for a policy aimed at turning Ukraine into an “Afghanistan-style” quagmire for Russia. It's a disastrous idea that would prolong Ukrainian suffering and ignores the lessons of countless foreign misadventures. → Read More

Russians From All Walks of Life Are Opposing Putin’s War

If Vladimir Putin thought domestic support for his war on Ukraine would be universal, he seems to have miscalculated. From teachers and lawyers to artists, journalists, and the clergy, Russians have taken immense risks to speak out against the war. → Read More

Four Ways to Counter Russian Aggression That Don’t Risk Nuclear War

The world needs to punish Vladimir Putin for his illegal war and deter similar behavior in the future. Here are four options that don't require the West to get into a shooting war with Moscow. → Read More

With Putin’s Ukraine Incursion, Hawks in Washington Got Exactly What They Wanted

The latest escalation in the Ukraine crisis requires us to hold two ideas at the same time: that Vladimir Putin bears much responsibility for the immediate crisis, and that the long-standing US refusal to accept limits to NATO expansion helped bring it about. → Read More

Joe Biden Is Quietly Pursuing the Creeping Privatization of Medicare

The Biden administration has quietly decided to continue a Trump administration scheme whose ultimate goal is the privatization of Medicare. Americans would be outraged — if anyone knew about it. → Read More

The CIA Is Still Spying on American Citizens and Lying About It

The CIA has operated above the law and resisted accountability throughout the century, and now we find out it’s been operating an illegal domestic spying program for years. → Read More

Censoring Joe Rogan Is No Solution to Vaccine Misinformation

There’s a campaign underway to kick podcast host Joe Rogan off Spotify for spreading COVID misinformation. But Rogan at his worst couldn’t do as much damage to public trust in science as the political and scientific establishment has during the pandemic. → Read More

The CIA May Be Breeding Nazi Terror in Ukraine

The CIA has been secretly training anti-Russian groups in Ukraine since 2015. Everything we know points to the likelihood that includes neo-Nazis inspiring far-right terrorists across the world. → Read More

Congress Is Day-Trading While the World Burns

It was a hell of a year for the professional day traders who moonlight as members of Congress. Collectively they traded hundreds of millions of dollars worth of stocks and related securities — usually from industries that are closely regulated by Congress. → Read More