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Recent articles by David:

A Bright Spot Amid Biden’s Middle-of-the-Road Approach

On antitrust and Big Tech, advocates changed the conversation. That has invalidated the same old corporate-friendly personnel. → Read More

Unsanitized: Being Thankful in a Pandemic

Out of the tragedy comes a few distinct advances. This is The COVID-19 Daily Report for November 25, 2020. → Read More

Biden Can Echo Trump’s Favorite Phrase: ‘You’re Fired’

The president-elect has the power to get rid of Trump loyalists in a number of agencies on day one. → Read More

Unsanitized: We’ve Given Almost Nothing to States and Cities for Vaccine Distribution –

How you get a drug manufactured, stored, and shipped to every corner of the globe, to be administered, twice, to virtually everyone on the planet is not small matter. At some point the science gives way to a logistics operation on a scale nobody has ever seen before. → Read More

Unsanitized: Lack of Economic Relief Is Costing Lives

Plus, the latest on vaccines. This is The COVID-19 Daily Report for November 18, 2020. → Read More

Republican Coronavirus Nonchalance May Have Cost Them a Key Appointment

Two missing senators leaves Judy Shelton, a hard-right nominee for the Federal Reserve, short of votes. → Read More

How Biden Could Give Everyone Medicare on His Own

Okay—he won’t, but the creative application of existing laws that would allow it reflects exactly how a Biden administration needs to be thinking. → Read More

Unsanitized: Republicans Boldly Decide to Stop Letting People Die –

Some Republican leaders are showing the true cynicism of their political strategy by implementing restrictions they savaged Democrats for doing. → Read More

House Leadership Keeps Inexplicably Rolling Along

In the accountability-free zone in the Capitol, nobody has managed to challenge those responsible for the disappointing electoral result. → Read More

Unsanitized: What Will It Take to Shock People Out of Their Routines?

There’s no political leadership as the virus spread worsens. This is The COVID-19 Daily Report for November 13, 2020. → Read More

Unsanitized: Slice the Money Cannon Into Money for the People

Plus, can vaccinated people still spread the virus? This is The COVID-19 Daily Report for November 12, 2020. → Read More

Unsanitized: Donald Trump’s Terrible Coup Attempt Is Killing Americans

It’s pulling focus from the most dangerous moment of the crisis. This is The COVID-19 Daily Report for Veterans Day, 2020. → Read More

Biden’s First Appointees Are a Mixed Bag

The transition’s agency review teams look good for financial regulation; they look bad for the agency that controls practically all regulations. → Read More

Unsanitized: Donald Trump’s Terrible Coup Attempt Is Killing Americans –

Every moment Donald Trump tries to steal the election is a moment that he’s not paying any attention to the most harrowing moment of the coronavirus crisis. → Read More

Unsanitized: Vaccine News Should Make People More Cautious of COVID

Plus, Biden kicks off his task force. This is The COVID-19 Daily Report for November 9, 2020. → Read More

Hope Lives in Georgia

The American Prospect depends on reader support If you are scraping by right now, please don’t give us anything. But if you have the ability to support independent, non-profit journalism, we are so grateful. Your voluntary contribution helps keep this website paywall-free. You can sign up as a subscriber with a range of benefits, including an opt-in to receive the print magazine by mail. → Read More

Unsanitized: What Does the Election Mean for Stimulus?

It means a smaller set of relief, unfortunately, though that’s better than gridlock. This is The COVID-19 Daily Report for November 5, 2020. → Read More

Policy Matters

Divorced from candidates and to a degree from partisanship, policies that make a tangible difference in people’s lives once again performed well at the ballot. → Read More

Unsanitized, Election Edition: Donald Trump Has Been Good for Democracy

Millions of Americans got engaged during this presidency. That’s a positive for the nation. This is The Election 2020 Daily Report for Election Day, 2020. → Read More

Unsanitized, Election Edition: The Most Important Races Other Than President

A look around the country on election eve. This is The Election 2020 Daily Report for November 2, 2020. → Read More