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Recent articles by Andrew:

Trump Warrant Furthers Justice Department’s January 6 Investigation

The Mar-a-Lago search warrant has been unsealed, and it is an open-ended license to grab any item that might be relevant to the Justice Department’s Capitol-riot investigation. → Read More

Steve Bannon Convicted, of Course: What to Watch for Next

A federal jury in Washington, D.C., has convicted Steve Bannon on two counts of contempt of Congress for defying subpoenas issued last autumn by the House January 6 committee. → Read More

Trump Has Himself to Blame for the One-Sided January 6 Committee

That’s not to say Kevin McCarthy doesn’t deserve what he’s getting. → Read More

Liz Cheney Is Winning the January 6 Committee

She has used her platform to make a powerful showing that Trump is unfit and that Republicans would be on a suicide mission if they nominated him again. → Read More

The January 6 Committee’s Futile Prime-Time Political Ad

The House January 6 committee hearings can better be understood as a 90-minute political ad, slickly produced by a former top ABC executive. Their objective is unabashedly partisan. → Read More

What the Hell Has Happened to the FBI? Chapter 342,872…

It is disheartening to watch, day after day, how infection by partisan politics has degraded a great American institution. → Read More

Sussmann Makes the Right Call in Opting Not to Testify

It was prudent of the defense not to take the risk. → Read More

Why Did Sussmann’s Attorneys Put Robby Mook on the Witness Stand?

To prop up his defense. It’s a ridiculous defense, but it’s all he’s got. → Read More

Judge Jackson Won’t Say Dobbs Leak Is Wrong and Won’t Object to Protests at Her Soon-to-Be Colleagues’ Homes

Progressive Supreme Court justices could do their institution a great service by rebuking the leak and the illegal actions patently intended to intimidate justices. → Read More

DOJ’s Silence on the Left’s Lawless Intimidation of Supreme Court Justices

Legally, the Justice Department has the same obligation to protect the Supreme Court as it does to protect the Congress. → Read More

Biden’s Thug Government

Democrats cannot condemn progressive political violence because it is deemed righteous, seen as devotion to the cause. Leftists who engage in violence are lionized, not condemned. → Read More

With Biden Reckless and Congress AWOL, Will the Supreme Court Save ‘Remain in Mexico’?

Chief Justice Roberts wonders why the catastrophe at the southern border should be the Supreme Court’s problem, but it stems from the hash the political branches have made of things. → Read More

Sussmann Will Not Claim Trump–Russia Back Channel Data Were Accurate

Michael Sussmann will not contend that data he proffered to government agencies, supposedly showing a covert communications back channel between Trump and the Kremlin, were accurate. → Read More

Durham’s Investigation Is Finally Getting Interesting

Durham’s charging documents and court submissions strongly intimate that the Hillary campaign is the fons et origo of the Trump/Russia “collusion” farce that dizzied the country and hamstrung a presidency for two years. → Read More

Biden and Dems Ready Their ‘Ghost Gun’ Theater

The administration’s ghost-gun push is anti-gun theater that will have utterly nothing to do with tamping down violent crime. → Read More

Text message makes case ‘materially’ worse for Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann

On a Sunday night just weeks before the 2016 presidential election, top Democratic lawyer Michael Sussmann allegedly texted his old friend, the FBI’s then-general counsel James Baker, to say that h… → Read More

Does Hunter Biden Face Indictment?

Probably. → Read More

Judge Jackson’s ‘Methodology’ vs. Interpretive Philosophy

She has spent time preparing for this judicial-philosophy line of questioning. Her counter is to pivot to her “methodology” when the question of interpretive philosophy comes up. → Read More

Senator Hawley’s Disingenuous Attack against Judge Jackson’s Record on Child Pornography

There are strong philosophical arguments for opposing Judge Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court. But the implication that she has a soft spot for “sex offenders” who “prey on children” because she argued against a severe mandatory-minimum prison sentence for the receipt and distribution of pornographic images is a smear. → Read More

Reinstatement of marathon bomber's death sentence exposes Democrats' need to hide radicalism

Biden and the progressive lawyers he is nominating as judges know they cannot defend politically what they want to do legally. → Read More