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Past articles by Ali:

Experimental therapy may mimic a key metabolic effect of exercise — mouse study

In a recent mouse study published in the journal 'Nature,' a team developed an experimental therapy to confer physical movement’s health-promoting effects. → Read More

Can dry scooping boost performance? Experts explain the viral workout hack

Adherents believe dry scooping is an easy gateway to peak performance and gives an instant energy boost. But sports nutritionists, physicians, and athletes caution against the practice. → Read More

Scientists discover biological reason why stress makes your hair turn gray

In a new study on mice with black coats, researchers discovered exactly why stress makes hair turn gray. → Read More

What is your “wisdom profile?” Scientists find a key difference in men and women

In a recent study, published in the journal 'Frontiers in Psychology,' researchers found wisdom manifests differently across gender lines. → Read More

The brain’s boss: 3 hacks to retrain your brain and find focus in 12 minutes

By analyzing a variety of populations in high-stress scenarios, scientist Amishi Jha discovered a simple, ancient practice that can increase focus: Mindfulness training. → Read More

How to shut off your brain: 4 science-backed tips to stop thinking and relax

Can't stop thinking? Does brain chatter keep you up at night? Here are four strategies from psychologists to help shut off your brain. → Read More

Male sex hormone levels may be linked to a deadly brain condition —study

According to a recent study analyzing nearly 160,000 middle-aged men, testosterone levels can govern individuals’ risk of developing a deadly brain condition: dementia → Read More

Grape-seed study reveals antioxidant compound may boost longevity

A new discovery, published in the journal 'Nature Metabolism,' suggests a key component of grape seeds called PCC1 can increase the health and lifespan of mice. → Read More

Covid-19 misinformation: Doctors reveal the other pandemic we're losing

Oncologist and science communicator Shikha Jain shares what it's like to spread basic scientific facts, and face harassment, bullying, and threats online. → Read More

5 Netflix nature documentaries that will get you through winter

It's possible to get nature's mood-boosting effects from your couch. Start with these 5 nature documentaries currently streaming on Netflix. → Read More

4 essential strategies to reboot your life in 2021

Leadership capacity expert Robert Glazer outlines four core strategies to elevate your life and unlock your full potential. → Read More

Using lab-grown muscle, scientists discover exercise combats inflammation

Researchers discover exercising muscle has a "self-defense mechanism" that chronic inflammation. → Read More

Will the national mask mandate stop Covid-19? What scientists predict

Public health experts say Biden's national mask mandate is both symbolic and practically meaningful in fighting Covid-19. → Read More

Neuroscience study reveals why the brains of musicians are different

Scientists find learning music early in life actually makes the brain more structurally and functionally connected. → Read More

Why do our minds wander? Brain study shows benefits of daydreaming

Researchers outline the cognitive benefits of daydreaming, developing a way to detect different trains of thought in the brain. → Read More

Covid-19 may harm male fertility in 4 ways, sexual health report finds

In a review of Covid-19 studies published in the journal "Open Biology," researchers outline how the disease may influence men's reproductive health. → Read More

Are depression and intelligence related? Scientists say the answer is in our genes

Scientists combed through a massive genetic dataset and discovered depression and intelligence have a "dual relationship," with mixed effects. → Read More

Studies show 1 brain hack can stop addiction cold

Neuroscientist Judson Brewer explains how to leverage your brain mechanisms to overcome even the most addictive habits. → Read More

Gut microbiome imbalances influence the likelihood of 'long-Covid'

New research suggests gut microbiome disturbances may influence Covid-19 severity. → Read More

Why a specific view of masculinity gave rise to Donald Trump — study

Psychology researchers discover one type of masculinity drives Trump supporters more than others. → Read More