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Recent articles by Nicole:

Turns out Uber and Lyft rides are not eco-friendly at all: study

A "typical" ride-sharing ride is "about 69 percent more polluting than the trips it replaces," researchers say → Read More

Bernie Sanders wins big in Nevada: On the Las Vegas Strip, casino workers voiced their support

Here's what it was like in Vegas on caucus day, when Sanders solidified his Democratic frontrunner status → Read More

At Bernie's caucus eve rally: Why these Nevadans are betting on Sanders

At a 2,000-strong rally in Las Vegas, Salon speaks to Sanders supporters about why they're with him → Read More

At Joe Biden's eleventh-hour rally in Nevada, many union members remain uncommitted

Salon spoke to union workers at a labor-sponsored barbecue where Joe Biden made a last-minute pitch → Read More

Naomi Klein: Bernie Sanders' Green New Deal plan is our best hope

"[Sanders'] Green New Deal is not a climate policy — it is a system upgrade," Klein told the audience in Nevada → Read More

In Nevada, Culinary Union members make last-minute turnout push

Even though union members aren't endorsing a specific Democrat, they are eager to drive turnout and defeat Trump → Read More

In Nevada, Culinary Union Members Make Last-Minute Turnout Push

Even though union members aren't endorsing a specific Democrat, they are eager to defeat Trump. → Read More

University of California President Janet Napolitano threatens to fire striking grad students

In the gentrified college town, underpaid graduate students struggle to survive on tiny wages — leading to a wildcat strike that is infuriating management → Read More

Kickstarter's union victory signals a shift in how tech workers perceive their bosses

Big Tech has been adept at making workers believe management has their best interest at heart. As the Kickstarter union attests, that is finally changing → Read More

How far would you go to save your favorite water bottle?

As reusable bottles become ubiquitous, more people are feeling "water bottle attachment syndrome" → Read More

Influential Culinary Union declines to endorse a candidate before Nevada caucus

The union did issue a statement seemingly pushing back against Sanders' and Warren's Medicare for All proposal → Read More

Quarantine and chill? The internet is giving quarantined people a social outlet

In the midst of the largest quarantine in history, those directly affected are taking to social media for comfort → Read More

Santa Cruz graduate students striking for a living wage are met with threats and batons

Campus police crack down on the student strikers struggling to survive in a gentrified college town → Read More

Scientists probe a mysterious repeating radio signal from outside our galaxy

Nearly 500 million light years away, a mysterious radio signal is repeating itself. It's a new piece in the puzzle of fast radio bursts (FRBs) — short bursts of radio waves that are so powerful that scientists are able to detect them on Earth, despite their extragalactic origins. Fast radio burst → Read More

Endangered wolf's 8,700-mile journey for love ends in heartbreak

OR-54, one of only a dozen wolves in California, wandered thousands of miles in search of a mate → Read More

Scientists pinpoint mysterious repeating radio signal from outside our galaxy

Only two fast radio bursts have been detected that actually repeat. What they are is still unknown → Read More

Why the charcoal toothpaste trend needs to die

Goth toothpaste isn't doing your teeth any favors, and raises questions about the regulation of "health" products → Read More

Trump says the economy is great. Millennials disagree

Trump's boasts about the economy aren't impressing millennials, many of whom are struggling and mired in debt → Read More

Comet chameleon? Here’s why this nearby comet keeps changing colors

Two years of data from the ESA's Rosetta spacecraft revealed that Comet 67P changes between red and blue → Read More

Rust Belt residents aren't as enthusiastic about fracking as the media depicts

A new poll finds Pennsylvania voters think the environmental risks of drilling outweigh the economic benefits → Read More