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Nicole Karlis

San Francisco, CA, United States

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Past articles by Nicole:

Why sleep scientists think Standard Time is best

People love the extra hour of sunlight at night, but there’s a cost to that → Read More

Plastic particles could cross over from mother to unborn fetus, experts say

A study of pregnant rats found nanoplastics in their fetus' livers, brains and kidneys → Read More

Cosmetic use of Ozempic for weight loss means those with diabetes are having more trouble finding it

The drug is being used off-label for cosmetic purposes, causing a shortage for people with type 2 diabetes → Read More

Despite record-breaking snow and rain, California is still in a drought. Here's why

Snow in LA doesn't mean the state has recovered from a drought just yet → Read More

Why Republicans are spreading the lie that whales are being killed by wind farms

Recent protests about wind farms killing whales seem to be more about stopping renewable energy than protecting whales → Read More

A mysterious cloud near the Milky Way's central black hole is on the verge of destruction

A "cloud" at the center of the Milky Way is approaching our galaxy's supermassive black hole — and has until 2036 at the latest → Read More

An alarming study suggests prenatal alcohol exposure changes the shape of your baby's face

But one OBGYN cautions jumping to an extreme conclusion. Here's why → Read More

In an era in which women's rights are under siege, the PUMP Act is a rare victory

A lawyer explains how more rights will be extended to lactating women postpartum with its passage → Read More

Idaho lawmakers want to criminalize mRNA vaccines. Here's what happens if their bill passes

Anti-vax Republicans lawmakers in Idaho are taking a page from abortion bans — and public health experts are worried for the state → Read More

From vinyl chloride to isobutylene, how a non-scientist can assess the danger of a mystery chemical

Few people had heard of vinyl chloride or ethylhexyl acrylate before the East Palestine accident. Here's how anyone can assess any chemical's danger → Read More

Sleep patterns changed in the past 200 years. Some experts think we were better off before

Human sleep patterns changed after the industrial revolution. Some researchers think we were better sleepers before → Read More

In a post-Roe world, the quest to create a male birth control drug has a renewed urgency

A new drug being tested would work on-demand and wear off within hours → Read More

A new post-Roe reality: What will medical abortion look like if Trump judge bans mifepristone pill?

A decision on a lawsuit in Texas could lead to nationwide mifepristone ban → Read More

NASA's James Webb telescope discovers new galaxy that "mirrors the early Milky Way"

"The Sparkler" looks like the Milky Way when it was a baby → Read More

What happens when a cat lover falls for a cat loather?

Got felines: What happens when cat allergies get in the way of a relationship? → Read More

The marriage conundrum: Research suggests single people live shorter lives

Why are married people bound to live healthier, longer lives? → Read More

Astronomers find a potentially habitable exoplanet right in Earth's galactic backyard

Just 31 light-years away, Wolf 1069b is among the nearest and most likely to be habitable exoplanets → Read More

Certain foods increase your risk of ovarian cancer — but there's a surprising way to prevent it

Processed foods appear to significantly raise your risk of ovarian cancer. The Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance publicizes a surprising prevention measure → Read More

Parents are increasingly taking babies to the chiropractor. Is it safe?

Baby chiros claim adjustments help with issues like tongue tie, constipation, fussiness, colic and more → Read More

These are the only 8 animals that can recognize themselves in the mirror (besides humans)

How unique is humankind? Only eight of our animal peers can recognize themselves in the mirror → Read More