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Recent articles by Ishaan:

Turkey’s awkward role in the Russia-Ukraine war

Sweden and Finland’s accession into NATO was supposed to be straightforward. But then Turkey entered the stage. → Read More

The Orbanization of America: How to capture a democracy

Many experts fear the United States is coming to look like Hungary, where Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his allies have captured the mechanisms of democracy. → Read More

The Orbanization of America: Florida shadows Hungary’s war on LGBTQ rights

“Maybe Florida is becoming our American Hungary,” conservative commentator Rod Dreher mused last month. → Read More

The Orbanization of America: The U.S. right walks in Hungary’s path

To right-wingers in the United States, steeped in anti-liberal grievance, Hungary offers a glimpse of culture war victory and a template for action at home. → Read More

Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit: Biden pivots to Asia as Ukraine war rages on

The Biden administration aims to show that its heavy involvement in the Ukraine war is not a distraction from its priorities to the East. → Read More

How the Rajapaksa family wrecked Sri Lanka

There are falls from grace and then there’s what’s happening to Mahinda Rajapaksa in Sri Lanka. → Read More

Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos-Sara Duterte election: In the Philippines, nostalgia for strongmen trumps democracy

Online disinformation and fitful struggles of Philippine democracy over the past three decades have left many Filipinos with little problem returning a Marcos to power. → Read More

Russia’s Victory Day marks a war of competing nationalisms

It’ll be difficult for Russian President Vladimir Putin to declare mission accomplished on Monday. That’s why, on Victory Day, the Russian leader will likely look to the past. → Read More

The global stakes behind the United States' abortion fight

Advocates fear regression on abortion access in the United States would give momentum to illiberal forces elsewhere. → Read More

Scorching heatwave in India and Pakistan comes as climate action stalls

South Asia is at the forefront of places in the world where experts believe life could literally become unbearable before the end of the century. → Read More

Ukraine war boosts Belarusian opposition against Alexander Lukashenko

The Belarusian opposition wants to see tougher sanctions placed on Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, including asset freezes on cronyism allies and state firms along the lines of what the West has deployed against Russia. → Read More

Soviet flags keep rising over Russian-occupied Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin cloaks himself as the bearer of all sorts of mythic, historical legacies that stretch back beyond the Soviet era. → Read More

Strict lockdowns in Shanghai, China bring the pandemic full circle

Shanghai, now nearing its fifth week of an asphyxiating lockdown, is the latest showcase of China’s relentless “zero covid” policy. → Read More

Amid talk of World War III, diplomacy is losing steam for Russian war in Ukraine

On Tuesday in Moscow, Russian leaders hosted U.N. Secretary General António Guterres, whose desperate entreaties for an immediate cease-fire and an “end” to the war “as soon as possible” appeared to make little impact. → Read More

French Centrist: President Macron’s victory halts Europe’s far right, for now

Critics say French President Emmanuel Macron, whose centrist movement has co-opted elements of France’s much-diminished traditional center-left and center-right factions, is walking an impossibly fine line. → Read More

Russia’s war in Ukraine is a ‘watershed moment’ for climate crisis

Even as the United States and European countries slowly move to decarbonize their economies, they are driving billions of dollars in new, near-term investment in fossil fuels. → Read More

Macron and Le Pen: The French election takes Europe to the brink, again

President Emmanuel Macron staked his rule on placing France at the heart of a strengthened European project, while Marine Le Pen is a skeptic of the continent’s defining geopolitical institutions — the European Union and NATO. → Read More

The war in Ukraine underscores a moment of democratic crisis

A new report found that only six of 29 countries spanning from Central Europe to Central Asia managed to maintain a “consolidated” democracy, while most others drifted toward authoritarianism or a bleak “gray zone” where the trappings of democracy truss up illiberal or autocratic political project. → Read More

Patriarch Kirill: The Christian nationalism behind Putin’s war

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church is casting the war in Ukraine as a religious and national drama, an existential battle of good and evil, a clash between Russo-Slavic tradition and values and the corrupting foreign influences festering at Russia’s border. → Read More

In clash with Russia, U.S. and Europe revive Cold War ‘containment’

Russia was once dismissed as a “regional power" with limited influence and capacity. Now, the White House sees it alongside China as a primary adversary. → Read More