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Recent articles by Ishaan:

Is a U.S.-China Cold War already underway?

Officials in Washington and Beijing insist they don't want a new Cold War, but the geopolitical head winds seem to blowing in that direction. → Read More

In a time of global crisis, should the world cancel poor countries’ debts?

Two left-wing U.S. lawmakers issue a call for debt forgiveness for poor countries as the coronavirus emergency continues. → Read More

Sweden’s coronavirus strategy is not what it seems

The Scandinavian country's more relaxed approach to the virus was not crafted with economic imperatives in mind. → Read More

The shadow of World War II hangs over the coronavirus age

The coronavirus pandemic has reminded us of how much World War II is hard-wired in the West’s political imagination. → Read More

The U.S. and Britain’s coronavirus calamities

For all the talk of the special bonds that unite both countries, they share a new ignominious honor as the two nations with the highest coronavirus-related death tolls. → Read More

A Bay of Pigs-style fiasco in Venezuela

Questions surround a botched invasion of Venezuela by a group of army defectors and a handful of former U.S. special forces. → Read More

The top U.S. diplomat turns pandemic bully

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appears keener to escalate confrontation with Iran and China than help shepherd a global response to the coronavirus. → Read More

The risk of rich countries neglecting poorer ones during the pandemic

The pandemic is already placing strains on the international humanitarian system, and exposing the gulf between rich nations and the world's poorest. → Read More

Brazil’s Bolsonaro sits on a ticking coronavirus time bomb

As the country's leader battles his political demons, experts fear Brazil could be the hidden hotbed of the pandemic. → Read More

Israel nears a point of no return

Israel's "unity" government, with Trump's de facto blessing, is weighing annexing portions of the West Bank as soon as this summer. → Read More

The world doesn’t want to pick between the U.S. and China

No matter the talk of a new “Cold War,” the pandemic is a reminder that, for much of the world, neither American supremacy nor a newfangled Pax Sinica hold much appeal. → Read More

The pandemic and the waning of American prestige

Some analysts view the U.S.'s systemic and political struggles in dealing with the coronavirus outbreak as a clear mark of its decline. → Read More

The pandemic could be a call to action on climate change

"A good way to think about the coronavirus pandemic is that it is like climate change at warp speed." → Read More

Trump uses the pandemic to push far-right agenda

Citing coronavirus fears, the White House wants to suspend all immigration to the United States. → Read More

Trump wants to lift lockdowns. Other countries’ attempts show why the U.S. isn’t ready.

Other countries that are starting to reopen their economies are ahead of the United States in their ability to conduct widespread testing and trace possible coronavirus infections. → Read More

Trump aligns with the world’s ‘ostrich’ leaders

There's an “ostrich alliance” of would-be strongmen with their proverbial feathered heads in the sand over the coronavirus pandemic. The U.S. president may be one of them. → Read More

Trump’s pandemic response underscores the crisis in global politics

The U.S. has abandoned any pretense of global leadership, appeals to international solidarity ring hollow, and the institutions that underpinned the geopolitical status quo are all starting to fray. → Read More

The pandemic is ravaging the world’s poor, even if they’re untouched by the virus

Even if the virus doesn’t spread in slums and teeming cities in the developing world where effective social distancing is impossible, the pandemic will have already exacted a bitter price. → Read More

It’s not just Trump who’s angry at China

Throughout the world, governments and politicians have either directly challenged China or are becoming more wary of engagement with its regime. → Read More

Where Germany had success in fighting coronavirus, Britain stumbled

Britain's early stumbles in mobilizing its coronavirus response are underscored by Germany's relative success. → Read More