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Past articles by Robert:

Disaster Isn’t Always Around the Corner for America

Foreign policy is haunted by catastrophic predictions that rarely come true. → Read More

What if autocracies are incompetent and failing?

For all the fears of a rising China, its weakness may pose as great a risk. → Read More

Biden tarnished his democracy speech with partisan rhetoric

Biden’s listing of his administration’s legislative achievements and his agenda added to the speeches unnecessary partisan tinge. → Read More

The troubling question haunting US foreign policy

We are at an inflection point in history, with all the balls of global order in the air. A little clarity would go a long way. → Read More

The World Trade Organization is not dead yet

At a time of growing protectionism and economic nationalism, the World Trade Organization (WTO), often described as moribund, is showing important signs of life. → Read More

No longer ‘Groundhog Day’ in North Korea

Not all problems have solutions. Some, like North Korea, can only be managed. → Read More

Does Biden’s ‘democracy v. autocracy’ framework make sense?

A dynamic, prosperous, reconciling America is the best weapon against autocracy. → Read More

Ukraine: Sleepwalking into chaos?

Ukraine has now become a war of grinding attrition. Serious diplomacy is unlikely until the military advantage tips on one direction or the other. → Read More

Locking China Out of the Global Order Could Backfire

Washington is wrong to assume Beijing is incapable of accommodation. → Read More

What if the post-American Middle East actually works?

The evolving new geopolitical patterns, suggest that the new Middle East might actually work, despite, or perhaps because of, a less prominent U.S. role → Read More

The weaponization of interdependence — and other consequences of the war in Ukraine

Overnight, Germans discarded 70 years of a pacifist culture, doubling its defense budget and sending weaponry to Ukraine. → Read More

Advice for Xi Jinping on China's Ukraine choice

Biden should make clear to Xi that decisive help in ending the war and reaching a sustainable resolution will open new possibilities for U.S.-China ties. → Read More

Putin's war in Ukraine is an inflection point

Putin's barbaric assaults on Kharkiv and Kyiv may mark a turning point in the war. → Read More

Ukraine, Taiwan and the credibility dilemma

The U.S. military has an unrivaled military and force projection capability and an unprecedented global network of allies and partners. → Read More

Is the US capable of shaping a rules-based international order?

All told, unforced errors have put the U.S. in an awkward position to shape the rules-based order it seeks. → Read More

Kim Jong Un won't be ignored: What North Korean missile tests mean

Kim’s goal is to be accepted as a nuclear state, like Israel or Pakistan, and treated as a normal nation. → Read More

What Kazakhstan says about the autocracy question

In this populist era Putin may be sitting over powder kegs more than client states. → Read More

Is China's power peaking? And other top national security questions for 2022

2022 will be a bit like 2021, only more volatile, as many problems brewing this year may come to a boiling point. → Read More

The truths and fallacies of Biden's Summit for Democracy

The U.S. must get its own house in order before it can reclaim its moral authority and soft power and usher in a democratic renewal writ large. → Read More

The dangers of anarchy in space

In this era of populist nationalism and major powers competing for dominance, fashioning new regimes or codes of conduct for space appears highly problematic. → Read More